August 04, 20082

Eric Chavez has shoulder surgery to avoid watching the A’s

July 16, 20080

We’re believing Tim Lincecum…this time

June 30, 20081

Roid Rage Much?

June 29, 20080

Giants gave up a run…and still won!

Jonathan Sanchez committed the sin of giving up a run to the Oakland A’s in the second inning on Jack Cust’s homer. Joe Blanton was perfect through the first three

June 29, 20081

Link Parade

June 29, 20080

Was that so hard?

June 28, 20080

Giants pitchers to blame for A’s dominance

June 25, 20082

To serve and protect you from toilet humor

I have so many thoughts racing through my mind right now, maybe because I drank too much coffee. Whatever it is, I’m bouncing off the walls like Tim Lincecum during

May 26, 20080

Live, from AT&T Park: their Oakland Athletics?

While the San Francisco Giants were across the continent losing two games to the Florida Marlins, I was sitting in right field watching the Oakland A’s complete their sweep of

May 02, 20080

Jose Canseco puts things into perspective

Just had a little mishap on my bike on the way to BART. I was switching gears kind of stupidly, getting a little ahead of myself riding through the city

May 01, 20085

Top 10 ballpark food options in the Bay Area

Even though it goes against all logic to spend copious amounts of money on refreshments when you’ll only be at a location for two to four hours, it’s almost impossible

April 03, 20080

Beane Meltdown … guaranteed!

Are the A’s really moving to Fremont or not? Everyone seems to be in agreement that Billy Beane has been whittling his team down to Eric Chavez and a bunch

March 28, 20080

How Long Until A-Rod Gets the Bonds Treatment?

Those who hate Barry Bonds will no doubt take pleasure in his upcoming federal trial, even though it won’t be televised. Just knowing the face of steroids is getting what

March 26, 20080

Best Baseball Team in the Bay? Look East, My Friend

Billy Beane is certainly not perfect. While he has let several players go over the years, with mixed success, Beane did go all in on Eric Chavez, who starts this

February 23, 20082

Fantasy Baseball: Be Like Beane on Draft Day

Billy Beane’s best quality is one that would serve many fantasy general managers well: he knows when one of his players is overvalued, and either trades them away or lets

January 25, 20080

Red Sox Ads – Sox Sells!

Now Batting, Microsoft Ramirez! The Boston Red Sox announced yesterday that they would be testing uniforms with advertising in Japan exhibitions March 22 and 23 against the A’s. It’s not

January 03, 20080

Beane’s the boss

Every general manager knows that one terrible trade can sink his career. Except Billy Beane. Even though he has fewer resources to spend on players, he might hold the biggest

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