February 09, 20090

Bashing Cleveland fans and Mark Jackson, along with some links

I know I haven’t been posting enough links lately, so it’s high time we again gave some shine to some of the other websites that make this little thing called

February 07, 20092

Alex Rodriguez was juicing in 2003, according to SI

Sports Illustrated is reporting Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two performance enhancing drugs in 2003, a revelation sure to create a media firestorm in the coming weeks even though we

January 27, 20096

BASG Interview with Dustin Pedroia

Test Excerpt

January 22, 20091

Get your stroller out of my way

Back after a videogame tour of California, and boy are my thumbs tired. They’re tired from playing videogames, not repeatedly hitting the space bar, or thumb wrestling. Let’s just move

January 15, 20097

My embarrassing brush with Rickey Henderson

***After Rickey Henderson got elected to the Hall of Fame on Monday, I debated whether or not to tell my Rickey story. After nearly a week of deliberation, I’ve decided

January 04, 20090

To Manny or not to Manny (cost/benefit analysis)

The San Francisco Giants have always toed the line between striving for a World Series title and running a profitable business. Such is usually the case when a team is

January 02, 20090

2008 BASGY’s: Part 2

On the first day of 2009, it’s official: we can all look back on 2008 and laugh. Sure, by all accounts 2008 wasn’t exactly the best year in many respects,

November 16, 20085

I’m Back!

October 18, 20084

Why the Giants shouldn’t sign Manny Ramirez

At least the Giants know the secret to signing him. “I want to see who is the highest bidder,” Manny told the L.A. Times. Sure, get mad. What a jerk

August 19, 20082

Nate Schierholtz collides with Chinese catcher

Nate Schierholtz absolutely blew up China’s backup catcher Yang Yang (and it’s taking every ounce of my being not to put a joke in here … I just don’t think

August 08, 20085

The Olympics: Good…The Opening Ceremonies: Lame

Have you ever been busy doing nothing? That’s the world of sports around here, with more inconsequential events this evening than there are veins in Dara Torres’ neck. The A’s

August 07, 20084

Tired of Brett Favre? It’s going to get worse

Are you ready for a lot of Thomas Jones? How about Jerricho (Don’t call me “Crotchery”) Cotchery? Does listening to John Madden talk about the wisdom of signing Alan Faneca

August 04, 20082

Eric Chavez has shoulder surgery to avoid watching the A’s

July 16, 20080

We’re believing Tim Lincecum…this time

June 30, 20081

Roid Rage Much?

June 29, 20080

Giants gave up a run…and still won!

Jonathan Sanchez committed the sin of giving up a run to the Oakland A’s in the second inning on Jack Cust’s homer. Joe Blanton was perfect through the first three

June 29, 20081

Link Parade

June 29, 20080

Was that so hard?

June 28, 20080

Giants pitchers to blame for A’s dominance

June 25, 20082

To serve and protect you from toilet humor

I have so many thoughts racing through my mind right now, maybe because I drank too much coffee. Whatever it is, I’m bouncing off the walls like Tim Lincecum during

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