March 06, 20090

I knew Monta Ellis was pissed…and other links

When I was writing a recap of the Warriors/Thunder game we attended a couple weeks ago, I wrote a long paragraph detailing how angry Monta Ellis looked when he was

March 05, 20092

Mike Piazza’s bacne means Rick Reilly’s wrong…again

When it comes to steroid smoking guns, bacne is right at the top of the list along with a noticeably bigger dome and your name rhyming with Larry Monds. And

March 04, 20095

With guys wide open…

So it’s official, Kurt Warner isn’t just your run of the mill free agent quarterback, he’s Scott Stapp. For those who don’t know or have erased their memories of this

March 04, 20090

The free agent athlete’s anti-Bay Area checklist

Residents of the Bay Area like to say how we live in the best part of the country, partly because it’s true and partly to convince ourselves we aren’t “dumb”

March 03, 20090

The return of Patty and other non-Warner links

In case you missed it, it’s March now, which means college basketball finally matters! I have to admit, I started out this season like a college basketball-loving freight train. I

March 02, 20091

49ers roll out red carpet for Kurt Warner

The Internets are all a twitter about Kurt Warner, because the 49ers look like they’re actually serious about bringing the formerly bearded one to San Francisco. Actually I probably should

March 01, 20092

49ers should go after Jay Cutler

The 49ers are currently in the same spot with Kurt Warner that the Giants are with Manny Ramirez. If the Cardinals really upset Warner by low-balling him or making fun

February 26, 20090

C’mon Manny, put us out of our misery

So we’re waiting…waiting for the inevitibable. Waiting for Manny Ramirez to sign with the Dodgers. It’s pretty much settled, isn’t it? Manny Ramirez loves warm weather, the Los Angeles lifestyle

February 21, 20095

Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Part 2: First Basemen

When I first started collecting baseball cards in 1987, first basemen ruled the Major League landscape. There were six young surefire Hall-of-Famers at first (or so we thought at the

February 20, 20090

Odom and I have at least one thing in common

Lamar Odom and I are quite similar, really. Not physically, since I’m not left-handed or 6’10”. Tony Randolph is however, and that brings us to what Odom and I share:

February 11, 20092

“Hypnotize” (Manny Ramirez Remix)

With Bobby Abreu signing with the Angels and Adam Dunn taking a two-year deal with the Nats, it looks like all the free agent sluggers have a place to play

February 09, 20090

Bashing Cleveland fans and Mark Jackson, along with some links

I know I haven’t been posting enough links lately, so it’s high time we again gave some shine to some of the other websites that make this little thing called

February 07, 20092

Alex Rodriguez was juicing in 2003, according to SI

Sports Illustrated is reporting Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two performance enhancing drugs in 2003, a revelation sure to create a media firestorm in the coming weeks even though we

January 27, 20096

BASG Interview with Dustin Pedroia

Test Excerpt

January 22, 20091

Get your stroller out of my way

Back after a videogame tour of California, and boy are my thumbs tired. They’re tired from playing videogames, not repeatedly hitting the space bar, or thumb wrestling. Let’s just move

January 15, 20097

My embarrassing brush with Rickey Henderson

***After Rickey Henderson got elected to the Hall of Fame on Monday, I debated whether or not to tell my Rickey story. After nearly a week of deliberation, I’ve decided

January 04, 20090

To Manny or not to Manny (cost/benefit analysis)

The San Francisco Giants have always toed the line between striving for a World Series title and running a profitable business. Such is usually the case when a team is

January 02, 20090

2008 BASGY’s: Part 2

On the first day of 2009, it’s official: we can all look back on 2008 and laugh. Sure, by all accounts 2008 wasn’t exactly the best year in many respects,

November 16, 20085

I’m Back!

October 18, 20084

Why the Giants shouldn’t sign Manny Ramirez

At least the Giants know the secret to signing him. “I want to see who is the highest bidder,” Manny told the L.A. Times. Sure, get mad. What a jerk

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