March 05, 20153

Spring Training performances: How excited/depressed should we get?

All you will ever hear from baseball people about Spring Training is that “it doesn’t mean anything.” While this is mostly true, it’s not 100% true. Tell me it meant

Oakland A's Reddick Crisp clinch AL West
March 02, 20150

The Oakland Athletics’ delicate duo

With numerous question marks surrounding the Oakland A’s this spring, two areas of the diamond already seem to be in order. Coco Crisp is the everyday center fielder and Josh

Radio Wars
February 27, 201516

95.7 The Game extends partnership with Oakland A’s through 2018 (plus Feb ratings)

I’m over a week late with the ratings, which upset a lot of you. Some of the nasty emails and tweets I received … do you kiss your mothers with those

Carlos Quentin Rick Tittle
February 26, 20153

How about Carlos Quentin in left field?

After all the wheeling and dealing by Billy Beane this winter (and by the way, he’s never actually done doing such a thing), the A’s have found themselves bereft of

rick tittle marcus jensen
February 23, 20152

New A’s hitting coaches (and welcome home, Marcus Jensen)

When hitting coach Chili Davis left the A’s within days after the end of last season to seek a significant increase in pay from the Boston Red Sox, it left

A's Zeets
February 19, 20153

Oakland A’s pitchers and catchers in new digs today (including Barry Zito)

Today marks the beginning of a new era in Oakland A’s baseball as they will open Spring Training at their facilities in Mesa, Arizona.  Many improvements have been made to

February 16, 20153

Why I’m excited about Brett Lawrie

On November 29th, the baseball world was shocked to learn that Oakland had traded Josh Donaldson to Toronto. The All-Star third baseman still had four more years under team control

Vogt Gomes basketball official
February 12, 20154

Ideas for A’s promotional giveaways

The A’s recently revealed all the promotional items they’ll be handing out this season for selected games at the Coliseum. It used to be pretty mild when it came to

Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants World Series Parade 2014
February 10, 201513

The first Bay Area pro team power rankings

I thought this might be a fun idea, since this is a regional sports blog website and we try to cover all the professional teams. College is tough, since the

Oakland A's Reddick Crisp clinch AL West
February 09, 20157

A’s FanFest impressions and interviews: Josh Reddick on Chili Davis, Country Breakfast on WS, reasons for optimism

Yesterday over 15,000 folks braved lousy weather and showed up to the Oakland Coliseum complex for A’s FanFest, an event meant to sell tickets and acclimate fans to new players,

February 05, 20154

Billy Beane: Please do not trade Matt Olson

Billy, throw us a bone here. Let us have one minor league stud to follow and drool over his talent. Allow A’s fans the anticipation of seeing in the Green

February 02, 201514

Oakland A’s FanFest is not for the faint of heart

This Sunday the A’s will hold their annual FanFest at the Coliseum complex, although I use the term “annual” liberally here. It was only a few years ago that this

January 29, 20154

Hate the player?

“Daric Barton.” Just saying that name can send some A’s fans into a blind rage. Others may feel sympathy, pity, disdain, etc. But what exactly was his crime? He accepted

January 26, 20157

Bud Selig will not miss Oakland

Rob Manfred officially became the Commissioner of Major League Baseball on Saturday. Alan H. “Bud” Selig will now spend his retirement as a part-time history professor and a full-time advocate

January 22, 201536

The curious rivalry of the A’s and Giants

As a Bay Area native, I’ve found it curious how the perceived rivalry between the A’s and the Giants has now reached such a bellicose state. Growing up in the

Oakland Coliseum
January 19, 201545

There’s nothing wrong with the Coliseum for baseball

There’s nothing wrong with the Oakland Coliseum. (I will NEVER refer to a stadium as its stupid, temporary sponsor name, by the way.) For me, it has all I need.

January 15, 201520

What I will/won’t miss about A’s players sent packing after roster shake-up

Firstly, I would like to say that it is with great pleasure that I have accepted the role of Oakland A’s columnist for Bay Area Sports Guy for the 2015

January 10, 201510

A’s trade Jaso, Robertson and Powell to Tampa for Zobrist and Escobar

The A’s have put the finishing touches on their brand new infield, trading for the multi-positional Ben Zobrist and shortstop Yunel Escobar according to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle. Oakland is

Oakland A's All-Stars 2014
December 19, 201433

Bye now, you’re an All-Star: an updated look at Billy Beane’s trades

Updated (12/19): Derek Norris was dealt to the ridiculously active Padres last night, leaving the A’s with two 2014 All-Stars.  When Billy Beane dealt Yoenis Cespedes and their 2015 Competitive

jung-ho kang
December 15, 20148

Giants and A’s might bid on Jung-Ho Kang this week

Korean shortstop Jung-Ho Kang, who in 117 games hit 40 home runs in the VERY hitter-friendly* Korean Baseball Organization in 2014, was posted today as expected. Jung-Ho Kang posted, MLB

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