Brandon Crawford San Francisco Giants
November 17, 20155

Brandon Crawford 6-year extension: great news for a key player, nice cost-certainty for Giants, luxury tax hit in 2016

In a move that didn’t come as much of a surprise, especially after Buster Olney reported that the Giants would try to lock him up this winter a day earlier,

November 12, 20154

Awards over last two days should tell Giants one thing: Get these guys another ace … now.

Yesterday was defensive awards day. Brandon Crawford won his first Gold Glove. Buster Posey was named a Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for his work behind the plate. Today

November 11, 20153

Reports from national writers raising Giants fans’ hopes sky-high

Last year’s free agency period progressed in odd ways for the San Francisco Giants. After Pablo Sandoval professed his desire to return to the team that drafted him (and pestered

November 06, 20153

Giants decline options on Aoki and Byrd, and that money probably won’t go to a top outfielder

We all knew the Giants were going to decline the option on Marlon Byrd, because at the end of the season they stopped playing him every day. (That had to

October 21, 20158

Why Giants fans should be happy that the Cubs lost

1. The 1998 play-in game If the 1997 season didn’t end disappointingly enough (Thanks, Devon!), a year later the Giants lost 5-3 at Wrigley Field in Game No. 163. The

October 07, 201510

10 offseason questions for the San Francisco Giants

At the Giants’ postmortem press conference, Larry Baer, Bobby Evans and Bruce Bochy answered questions for 24 minutes. Then the two executives stuck around and talked to reporters for several

Larry Baer Virgin America trophy tour SF Giants
October 05, 201517

Luxury tax will impact what Giants do this offseason

When considering whether to sign an ace like David Price or Zack Greinke to a nine-figure deal, the Giants won’t just consider the number of years they’d be paying a

Jeremy Affeldt NLCS
October 02, 20158

Jeremy Affeldt will live forever

The news that Jeremy Affeldt would retire after this season didn’t come as much of a surprise. He mentioned the possibility a week ago, and Dave Flemming told Gary Radnich

October 01, 201511

MLB talent level at its nadir

Have you ever watched a professional sporting event and been shocked at the level of play from the athletes? That’s nearly a nightly experience when it comes to Major League

Madison Bumgarner SF Giants
September 30, 20152

Dodgers clinch NL West, end Madison Bumgarner’s season, give Giants “fuel for next year”

It was surprising that it lasted this long, but it’s over now. The Dodgers, riding one of the better outings of Clayton Kershaw’s already-brilliant career, halted their four-game losing streak

giants walk-off
September 29, 20154

Giants still alive after walk-off win in 12th

Not done yet — Ahmed Fareed (@AhmedFareedCSN) September 29, 2015 The San Francisco Giants are still one loss in the next three days away from having to watch their

September 28, 20151

Coliseum weekend of warm smiles and cold reality

I was at the Coliseum on Saturday for the Barry Zito vs. Tim Hudson matchup. It was something unlike I’d ever witnessed at a professional sporting event. The whole encounter

September 26, 20152

Zito vs. Hudson reminds everyone that baseball is very hard

Barry Zito had already allowed four runs, and was pulled after walking Buster Posey to start the third inning. Tim Hudson was removed from the game after hitting two A’s,

September 24, 20155

Zito vs. Hudson gimmick is all we have left …

… but it’s better than nothing. In a season filled with promise on both sides of the bay, the local baseball franchises will spend the playoffs like the rest of

barry zito
September 23, 20155

A day of teasing: Giants give fans hope, then bullpen tosses hope into Candlestick trough urinal

The standings took most of us by surprise at some point over the last 24 hours. Six games. Just six games! That’s less than a week’s worth of baseball! Then

September 21, 20150

Beware the perils of batting practice

A’s catcher Josh Phegley received a concussion after being struck in the head by a bat during batting practice before Oakland’s game at Houston on Friday. It left the team

September 18, 20154

MLB end of season awards: Will the Giants win any?

When the team falls short, individual recognition is all that’s left. With the Dodgers still 7.5 games ahead in the NL West (Magic Number: 10) and the Cubs 8.5 games

September 17, 20154

Barry Zito is back

Many times in the entertainment world, an actor or singer is denied the opportunity to have one last hurrah. And in sports, oftentimes athletes suffer the same fate of never

big three
September 16, 201575

Billy Beane needs to get over himself and let Barry Zito start against Tim Hudson

This shouldn’t be all that difficult, but this is Billy Beane we’re talking about. It’s always got to be about him. It made too much sense for the A’s to

September 16, 20159

Giants DFA Daniel Carbonell, promote Mac Williamson a day too late

It was lunacy. It was also something the Giants supposedly weren’t going to do anymore, since the collective audience oohed and ahhed, then gasped and tsk-tsked, after seeing the team’s

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