tim lincecum
April 29, 201624

Giants might need Tim Lincecum after all

I know my Giants coverage has been sporadic so far this season, thanks to the Warriors being the best team on Earth and my realization that no one reads recaps

Pablo Sandoval San Francisco Giants 2014
April 15, 201615

Giants told hotels to not serve room service to Pablo Sandoval

“If I had signed (with the Giants), I knew I would be under a (weight) regimen for five years, and I’m not going to be happy someplace where I’m under

April 13, 20168

10 big, important questions for the Giants

1. How good has Angel Pagan been? The power of the contract year has thus far proven to be VERY strong with the Giants’ new starting left fielder. According to

April 08, 20164

One Brandon hits walk-off home run, another Brandon signs big extension

It could all come crashing down tomorrow. But, right now, anyway, everything is coming up Giants. Brandon Crawford hit a walk-off opposite field home run in the 10th inning, giving

April 05, 201615

2016 Giants could resemble one of their great teams from the past

Spring Training is finally, mercifully over. For a team like the Giants, who had very few roster questions and included no one on the Opening Day roster who didn’t start

March 22, 201610

San Francisco Giants roster projections – time for a few changes

It’s time for Version 3.0 of my 2016 San Francisco Giants Opening Day roster projections, and there are changes since last time! Oh yes, changes galore. And most of you

March 15, 201615

Projecting the SF Giants opening day roster 2.0

I sort of promised this would be a weekly feature this month, and I almost came through! Just four days late. Since the last time I projected the Opening Day

March 10, 201621

Stay and pay: Oakland Raiders fans feeling like SF Giants fans in 1993

@weddlesbeard we alll waitinggggggg — Bruce Irvin (@BIrvin_WVU11) March 10, 2016 @weddlesbeard come join this party you and the beard! we bout to have it litttt bro all year. Ain’t

March 04, 20168

Projecting the Giants’ Opening Day roster

I thought it’d be fun to project the Giants’ Opening Day roster on a semi-regular (weekly?) basis throughout Spring Training, since I can only write so many stories about which

Tim Lincecum St. Paddy's Day
February 25, 20165

Don’t count out Tim Lincecum return just yet

I haven’t written much about Tim Lincecum’s absence, which at times has seemed strange even to me. When I started this site back in 2008, Lincecum was the only positive

February 23, 20166

Pablo Sandoval keeps showing his true colors in Boston

Thousands of Giants fans predicted this. “He’ll get even fatter after getting paid, and the East Coast media will eat him alive,” they said. I thought this was probably the

February 19, 20161

Righetti thinks return to NL will help Cueto, Samardzija

If there’s an extra bounce to Dave Righetti’s step in Scottsdale, it’s not hard to ascertain why. After watching his starters — other than Madison Bumgarner — struggle to get

AT&T Park sunset
February 10, 201674

Goodbye, Nana

I got the call at 7 am on Monday. My mother’s name was on my phone’s screen, and I knew that had to be a bad sign. She rarely calls.

February 04, 20166

When it comes to starting pitchers, the Giants definitely have a type

Brian Sabean is fond of describing the NL West as a different sort of animal than other divisions, with tight, low-scoring games comprising the majority of each team’s schedule. While

JAB_4478-848x563_jpg__JPEG_Image__848 × 563_pixels_
January 21, 20166

Spring Training battles: for Giants, there will be a few

I’ve been sick for several days, which has led to snoring. Snoring led to consecutive mornings when I woke up at 5 am, looked over, and saw that the other

January 07, 201616

Giants sign Denard Span, an interesting addition for three reasons

It went cold for a few weeks, but after the Royals re-lit the burner by bringing back Alex Gordon, the stove stayed warm and the Giants snagged one of several

December 25, 20156

Bay Area Santa Guy: Christmas presents for every local pro team’s fans

Even though they haven’t all been good this year, I’m going to play the role of Santa Claus today and slide down the chimneys of every professional sports franchise in

December 15, 201520

What Johnny Cueto deal means for Giants and NL West

Some guy on Twitter named @Longball8 replied to my tongue-in-cheek prediction during the 49ers game that Johnny Manziel would compete with Blaine Gabbert for the starting job next year with

December 11, 201526

Giants’ next moves will tell us whom they trust more in 2016: Matt Cain or Angel Pagan

It’s fun when we get to hear from sources, especially when those sources turn out to be correct. But the real party, at least for baseball nerds, would be to

December 10, 201533

The case for Dexter Fowler

The Winter Meetings are full of mixed messages, and the Giants are sending quite a few. #SFGiants are active in OF market. open to any of cespedes, upton, heyward, gordon,

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