Buster Posey walk-off celebration Giants
August 28, 20144

Buster Posey hits walk-off HR to cap milestone night for Tim Hudson and Bruce Bochy

It’s not quite accurate to say Buster Posey is carrying the Giants, even over the last two games. Madison Bumgarner, Tim Hudson and a host of other contributors have helped

desmond hague dog
August 27, 20146

Centerplate’s dog-kicking CEO Desmond Hague gets wrist slapped

Centerplate’s board of directors issued the following statement on CEO Desmond Hague, who was caught abusing a dog in an elevator. The dog was later found in a crate without

Madison Bumgarner SF Giants
August 26, 201413

Bumgarner (one-hitter) and Posey (two homers) come through when Giants needed them most

Jinxes don’t exist, but I feel kind of guilty after how tonight went. Generally it’s standard practice to keep conversations on Twitter’s direct message feature private, but I’m guessing @LOLKNBR

Levi's Stadium Santa Clara
August 26, 201440

49ers issue statement regarding Centerplate CEO abusing dog

Centerplate CEO Desmond Hague was captured on video abusing a dog in an elevator. The video is pretty disturbing, so I don’t blame anyone who’d rather not watch this guy

Bruce Bochy Jake Peavy Doug Eddings
August 26, 20141

Giants waste opportunities, commit four errors, blame Doug Eddings

It’s not a winning formula: committing four errors along with a balk with a guy on third; going 1-for-6 with RISP; stranding a guy who hit a one-out triple; grounding

Matt Cain SF Giants
August 25, 20147

It’s always something with these Giants, so how do we take them seriously?

The A’s and the Giants both lost by a lot of runs yesterday. One difference worth noting, however: the A’s had already won the first two games of their series

Joe Panik SF Giants
August 22, 20141

Giants end Nationals’ 10-game winning streak with 10-3 beatdown starring Joe Panik

The Washington Nationals came into this game riding a 10-game winning streak, with walk-offs in five of their last six. So when Buster Posey threw a little high to second

Buster Posey Brandon Belt
August 22, 20144

Posey’s future is at first base, not third (and what that could mean for Belt, Sandoval, etc.)

The beat writers had a nice, long chat with Bruce Bochy before this evening’s game with the Nationals. I’m not in Washington D.C., but based on a few tweets from our

Chicaco Cubs grounds crew Wrigley Field tarp
August 22, 20144

Apologies to the grounds crew – apparently the Chicago Cubs are total cheapskates

A common question posed after Tuesday night’s debacle in Wrigley Field went along the lines of, “How does this sort of thing happen in a multi-billion dollar industry?” Based on

Madison Bumgarner Giants
August 21, 20141

Giants win weird, controversial, entertaining and exhausting series in Chicago

This series had a rain delay that lasted almost 20 times longer than the rain shower that caused it, a protest, spiders in the broadcast booths, a great game from

Brandon Belt Giants
August 21, 20141

Brandon Belt: “I’m definitely planning on playing this season and … being there when we go to the playoffs.”

During today’s edition of Brandon Belt’s weekly segment on 95.7 The Game, the first baseman described his current symptoms and his visit to Pittsburgh to consult with concussion specialist Michael “Micky” Collins. When

Joe Panik
August 21, 20140

Giants outscore Cubs 1-0, lose

Despite the best efforts of the bullpen and Joe Panik, the Giants fell short in the final four innings of their rain-shortened protested and suspended game. Panik drove in Adam Duvall

jon miller dave flemming spider face
August 20, 20140

Peavy and Ishikawa lead Giants to victory, just like Sabean and Bochy planned it all along

The Giants needed a game like this. After the debacle that was last night, when a 15-minute cloudburst turned into a four-hour rain delay and a loss, and a protest

Brandon Belt San Francisco Giants Spring Training
August 20, 20147

Giants win tarp protest, may lose Belt for the season

Good news first, and this was unexpected: Source: Giants prevail in protest of tarp-snafu game. Game to be resumed at 4 pm Thursday before reg scheduled games. To start B5.

Jon Miller Mike Krukow Giants Cubs rain-shortened game
August 20, 20144

Game called due to incompetence of Cubs grounds crew, Giants will probably protest

The above picture shows my favorite part of Tuesday/Wednesday’s debacle: Mike Krukow looking angry enough to declaw a lion with his own teeth, while the grounds crew effortlessly drags the

Cubs Giants rain delay Wrigley Field tarp fail
August 19, 20143

Wrigley Field grounds crew lollygags, Mike Krukow calls it a “staged” effort to give Cubs rain-shortened victory

Update No. 2: Mike Krukow was no less upset during his segment on KNBR this morning.  “I’ve never been so pissed off in my entire life, at a ballgame. Watching

brian wilson hair
August 19, 20142

Now’s the time for the Giants to gain ground on the Dodgers (hey, stop laughing!)

If you feel bad about giving up on the Giants at around 2:30 pm on Saturday, don’t. The Phillies had a 5-1 lead in the fifth inning. Tim Hudson was already

Sergio Romo SF Giants
August 17, 20145

Sergio Romo still trusts stuff, himself

Sergio Romo is a relatively simple pitcher. He became a reliever in 2006 with the Augusta GreenJackets, and from there he worked his way up through the organization before reaching the pinnacle in

Michael Morse SF Giants
August 16, 201413

“We came alive.” – Giants come back from four down, win 6-5

Jeremy Affeldt gave up a two-run home run in last night’s extra innings loss to the Phillies. After the game, Gregor Blanco got a talking-to from Bruce Bochy for screwing

Bruce and Kim Bochy
August 14, 20142

BASG notes: Hawk does Hawk things, hang with Bochy, Warriors schedule and more

Before we get into the notes, jokes and curmudgeony comments, it’s time to update your calendars with a cool event taking place in a couple weeks — Bruce and Kim Bochy are

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