July 22, 20149

Report: Giants interested in trading for Bartolo Colon

Update: According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, maybe we should pump the brakes on this whole Colon-to-the-Giants thing. I guess this isn’t THAT surprising, since Brian Sabean

July 22, 20140

Larger than average group of MLB scouts watch Lee get rocked, Giants win

They were there to watch Cliff Lee. Several scouts were tasked with documenting Lee’s every move — or at least the movement on his pitches — to see whether he was back

July 21, 20144

Giants take a flier on Dan Uggla

The Giants have signed former Brave Dan Uggla to a minor league contract. Brian Sabean has struck again with what seems like the most “Sabeany” type of move possible, giving a

Tim Lincecum Giants sweaty
July 20, 20144

Giants lose 3-2, concussion sends Belt to DL, just say NO TO PIERZYNSKI

In April and May, when the Giants season seemed like one long montage set to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang, you couldn’t go more than a couple days without

Brandon Belt marlins
July 20, 20141

Giants back in first, Brandon Belt keeps getting hit by baseballs

The recipe for success rarely calls for a trip to Miami, but the Giants suddenly look like a competent team. And with a 5-3 win over the Marlins, they’re in

Matt Cain San Francisco Giants
July 19, 20144

As offense comes back to life, Giants face several tough decisions

My wife made plans for us to go out to dinner with another couple last night, but when they came to pick us up at 6:30 the Giants already had

Hunter Pence San Francisco Giants
July 16, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 100!): All-Star Break Giants check-in with Grant Brisbee

McCovey Chronicles main man Grant Brisbee joins Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy discussing the Giants season at the halfway mark. After the break, the guys dive

Posey Bumgarner
July 13, 20147

Giants slam door shut on great, terrible and historic first half

As someone who watched his first Giants game on television since Saturday (not yesterday — last Saturday), I have to wonder what you’re all complaining about. This team is great!

Kauai rooster
July 11, 20143

Ramblings from a blacked out mainlander

I can’t believe I’ll be heading back to San Francisco tomorrow. I’d say I was happy to be returning home, but that would be a lie. Life on the north

July 08, 201419

Giants fall again to A’s, Angel Hernandez

Hey, at least the Giants got a run tonight. Tyler Colvin’s solo homer in the seventh inning was the lone positive moment in yet another uninspiring performance by the Giants,

Radio Wars
July 08, 201411

95.7 The Game’s ratings trending upward, KNBR still on top

The Nielsen numbers were released today. If I’m not mistaken, the San Francisco figure posted by 95.7 The Game is the highest since we started posting the sports talk ratings for

Giants A's hat
July 08, 20146

A’s find out just how easy it is to shut out Giants these days

It’s not like we really needed any further proof, but it wasn’t hard to tell on Monday night which Bay Area team is the best in baseball and which is in

Michael Morse HR
July 05, 20141

Against all odds, Giants come back and win a game Tim Lincecum didn’t start

I had an entirely different post ready to go in the top of the ninth. Can you blame me? The Giants were down 3-2, they had only two hits, and

Gregor Blanco SF Giants
July 03, 201415

Giants only have one good outfielder right now, which is a problem

Angel Pagan has a bulging disc in his back, and the Giants hope an epidural injection today will help speed along the healing pain-tolerance process. Pagan has already received multiple

Tim Lincecum SFG
July 02, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 99): Do we care about “the face of the franchise”?

Bay Area Sports Guy and Bay Area Duck Guy debate who the face of the Giants franchise is, and what “the face of the franchise” really means (or if it

Tim Lincecum WS Parade
July 01, 20142

With the Giants at their lowest, it’s Tim Lincecum to the rescue

You know you shouldn’t believe in this stuff. Baseball games aren’t affected by what month it happens to be. Seasons don’t turn on one inning. So let’s just accept the fourth

Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Race 2013 Spring Training
July 01, 20141

Brewers fans crushing Giants fans in All-Star balloting – will Giants get more than one All-Star?

Stuffing the ballot box is sooooo 2012. That’s the apparent mindset of Giants fans, who pissed everyone off a couple years back when they voted three Giants (Melky Cabrera, Buster Posey

Brandon Belt Giants HR
July 01, 20143

Brandon Belt keeps destroying minor league pitching, so don’t expect the Giants to be patient for long

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things. Turns out Brian Wilson, who pitched to a 0.96 ERA with 10 strikeouts over 9.1 innings in June, isn’t done yet. I

June 29, 20144

Giants no longer in sole possession of first place (or a decent offense other than Posey)

Getting no-hit again by Homer Bailey would’ve been preferable, if only because it would’ve brought this whole thing full circle. Instead, it’s just another lousy offensive performance and the strongest

Matt Cain SF Giants
June 28, 201414

Romo blows save, Posey ties game, Giants lose 7-3 in 11 innings, Krukow questions Bochy

This one had it all. A return of vintage Matt Cain. Multiple Sergio Romo hanging sliders, which led to a two-run home run and two almost-homers. Buster Posey coming off

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