May 01, 201530

Panik walks off the Angels, plus a goodbye letter from Ruthless Sports Guy

The Giants walked off their 2015 interleague debut with what turned out to be an awesome pitcher’s duel/really weird late inning pie fight with the Angels on Friday night. Both Chris

crew wedding2
April 29, 201515

Jon Miller is killing it on Instagram

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jon Miller? 2010 Ford C. Frick award winner, enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame? Longtime beloved

SF Giants Madison Bumgarner
April 29, 201515

Bumgarner is Bumgarner again: Giants’ ace outpitches Kershaw, yells at Dodger

This was one of those games where any fan who was wearing orange and black in the Dodger Stadium stands will brag about how they were in attendance for the rest of

April 28, 20159

Giants’ weaknesses on full display in loss to L.A.

It’s way too early to look at the Giants’ record (8-12 after Monday night’s 8-3 loss to the Dodgers) and project a .400 winning percentage throughout the entire season. Buster Posey’s

April 25, 201519

Casey at the bench: It’s time to move McGehee to the DL

This is a bit overdue, unfortunately. I wanted to post something on what we’re seeing from Casey McGehee last night, but I only had time for this: Casey McGehee has grounded

panik walk off
April 23, 20159

Good vibrations: Giants win Bumgarner vs. Kershaw showdown with Panik’s walk-off sac fly

The bottom of the ninth was so very, very Giants, the kind of walk-off win that would’ve seemed routine last April. Madison Bumgarner was good but he wasn’t perfect, San

Giants Timmy Twins
April 22, 201521

Thanks to Maxwell heroics and Lincecum double plays, Giants rout Dodgers 6-2

There is no such thing as a “must win” game in April, but losing Tuesday night’s game would’ve been rough. And it wasn’t the standings as much as the idea that

Travis Ishikawa SF Giants HR NLCS walk-off
April 15, 20157

Unlucky 13: How much longer can the Giants keep an extra pitcher?

The Giants are actually 13th in Major League Baseball in batting average, which means they’re in the upper half. Hooray! Yet they’re hitting .231, and it’s a punchless .231 at

Madison Bumgarner horse World Series flag 2014
April 13, 20154

Madison Bumgarner throws bullpen, rides horse

After all that Madison Bumgarner did last October, he deserved one more day in the sun. Before 1 pm the clouds parted at AT&T Park, and Bumgarner received the loudest

April 12, 201511

Giants’ rotation is what we thought it was (except not really at all)

The Giants owe a debt of gratitude to Clayton Kershaw, both for keeping their business model (“We’re the opposite of the A’s, because our shit works in the playoffs”) looking

knbr 68 warriors
April 10, 201523

680 or 1050: Lengthy Warriors playoff run could put KNBR in tough spot

KNBR 680’s teams make a hell of a trio. As the flagship station of the San Francisco Giants, “The Sports Leader” has aired three World Series-clinching games in the last five years.

Hunter Pence Chris Heston Giants
April 09, 20156

Giants beat D-Backs, and Chris Heston can pitch

There would’ve been no reason to throw in the towel after the first series of the season if the Giants got routed in this game, especially since none of their injuries

ross boss
April 08, 20155

Why Cody Ross is a perfect fit for the A’s (and not the Giants)

Last night Susan Slusser reported the Oakland Athletics’ interest in Cody Ross, who’s famous around here for hitting five home runs in the 2010 postseason, including two off Roy Halladay.

April 07, 20158

Giants lose another player, lose 7-6 to D-Backs

The good news is that the soul of this team hasn’t vanished. This is the same group of fiery, talented players that we remember from October, and they gave Arizona

April 07, 20152

Bumgarner and new look offense lead Giants to Opening Night win

So far, so good … once the game started. The Giants released a worrisome Matt Cain update before the game, along with the expected announcement that Ryan Vogelsong would start in place of

Matt Cain Batkid first pitch SF Giants AT&T Park Batman
April 06, 20157

Cain had MRI (forearm tightness), Giants skipping Peavy’s start tomorrow

The above photo shows Matt Cain before last year’s home opener. He was scheduled to start next Monday’s home opener against the Rockies, but that is very much in doubt after today’s

AT&T Park
April 06, 20157

2015 San Francisco Giants preview

Now that we know what the 25-man roster looks like (for a week or two, anyway), we can let you know exactly how this season is going to go. First, here’s

April 06, 20156

Lon Simmons had one outstanding trait that’s a requirement around here

Lon Simmons passed away over the weekend at the age of 91, which means he lived a long and full life, but the news was still jarring in a way. While

lon and bill
April 06, 20158

A personal memory of Lon Simmons

I was all set to write a column today about Opening Night and whether the A’s could break the hex of losing their first game seemingly every year, but I

A's Giants
April 04, 201517

The experts have spoken, and they think the 2015 Giants and A’s are mediocre

The last time the A’s and Giants were shut out of the postseason in the same year was 2011. Most experts think that’ll happen again in 2015. According to a

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