August 10, 20152

Trade candidate? Giants reportedly scouting Chase Utley

The San Francisco Giants’ bench for Sunday’s game wasn’t a pretty sight. Angel Pagan, who was pressed into action in the third inning after Jake Arrieta beaned Nori Aoki Kelby

blanco montero
August 09, 20151

A weekend to forget: Giants get swept, Aoki leaves game after getting beaned

Unlike many Giants fans, I’ve never bashed Hector Sanchez. He’s a backup catcher. His bat isn’t all that great, but every once in a while he gets a hold of

wrigley bomb threat
August 09, 20151

Wrigley Field evacuated after game due to bomb threat

Pretty crazy stuff coming out of Chicago after the Cubs beat the Giants 2-0, as the press box was evacuated due to a bomb threat. Police officer says they get

August 06, 20150

All hail Kelby Tomlinson (and an apology to Ehire Adrianza)

Don’t tell A’s fans, because they’re pretty sensitive about this stuff, but the Giants found their own Eric Sogard this week. Kelby Tomlinson, the bespectacled infielder who was called up

August 04, 20154

Giants’ postseason hopes rest on Matt Cain’s expensive right arm

The Giants blew two save chances last night, so naturally that got people talking about the bullpen. You know, the same bullpen that has a 1.66 ERA and 1.09 WHIP

August 03, 20156

Giants notes: Panik to DL, Pagan still leading off for some reason (whoops, never mind)

#SFGiants at #Braves Pagan cf Aoki lf Duffy 3b Posey c Pence rf Belt 1b Crawford ss Adrianza 2b Cain p — San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) August 3, 2015 The

Madison Bumgarner Yasiel Puig Giants Dodgers
August 01, 201525

Madison Bumgarner isn’t racist, he’s a control freak

Some people believe Madison Bumgarner is racist. They say the evidence speaks for itself. Just use your eyes — he keeps yelling at hitters who flip their bats, and none

July 31, 20153

The Boston media went into full-snark mode this week on Pablo Sandoval

When Pablo Sandoval cited his desire for a new challenge after signing with the Red Sox, the Bay Area turned into an echo chamber. Just about everyone said some variation

July 30, 20159

Giants take Leake … from Reds for Mella, Duvall

The San Francisco Giants didn’t stand pat after all. In fact, after the top three aces all went to American League teams, the Giants went after the pitcher I thought

latos hate sf
July 30, 201523

Giants’ mission — spend Trade Deadline being Dodger-blockers — is now complete

The Giants came really close on Cole Hamels to the point where Hamels waived his no trade to SF according to a Giants source. — Nick Cafardo (@nickcafardo) July 30,

LA Dodgers Oakland A's
July 30, 20154

Postcard from Dodger Stadium

I hate the Dodgers. It has nothing to do with any Giants connection because I’m not a Giants fan (what a shocker.) It has to do with what happened in

July 29, 20159

Giants end homestand with 5-0 win, now it’s time to get David Price

I’ve been really rational about up to this point. The Giants are only screwing around with the Dodgers, I wrote. They should set their sights on Mike Leake, I wrote.

big game
July 29, 20151

James Shields doesn’t make sense for Giants … unless something’s wrong with Matt Cain

The Giants’ mission — to be in the conversation whenever a starting pitcher is mentioned under any context — is going quite nicely this month. And with Tim Hudson and

Tim Hudson
July 27, 20156

A great solution for Tim Hudson if Giants acquire another starter

I heard something in the press box yesterday that was brilliant, only I can’t credit the person who said it. For one thing, it’s hearsay. “You know what so-and-so suggested?”

zob clip
July 27, 20157

The A’s are a bus stop for their players

When I was a little kid, I asked my Dad why the A’s and Giants didn’t play each other. He explained that it was only possible in the World Series,

Buster Posey SF Giants
July 26, 201515

SF sweeps Oakland: Giants rotation, closer aren’t perfect, but they can hit

What else could Giants fans, or the Giants themselves, ask for? They lost two starting pitchers before the season even started. They lost their two best outfielders for extended periods.

July 26, 20151

Giants’ trade deadline dance with the Dodgers gets boost with Cueto headed to KC

What’s similar about these two tweets, other than both came from baseball writers employed by Fox? The five teams to express recent interest in #Phillies’ Hamels, according to sources: #Dodgers,

Brandon Belt McKayla Maroney
July 24, 20152

Brandon Belt, the second half breakout candidate who’s actually been pretty good this season

Another year, another set of questions about Brandon Belt. When is he finally going to break out? Is it time to finally give up and trade him? How many times

Giants Padres argument
July 22, 20152

Heston dominates, Giants solve Despaigne, Hector hurts Padres’ feelings

What good is an unbalanced schedule if you can’t make fun of some of the teams you have to face 19 times? With the Giants usually playing fairly boring, fruitless

hank tim
July 21, 201513

Giants have many starting pitchers, should trade for one more

“This is our rotation, what we have right now,” said Bruce Bochy. “We’re going to run with it.” It was a totally vanilla postgame quote after another snoozer in San

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