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February 05, 20166

Kevin Hart challenges Draymond Green to 3-point shooting contest

Kevin Hart, listed at 5′ 4″ by Google, is challenging a man who’s over a foot taller to a 3-point shooting contest. Since the guy he’s calling out rarely backs

February 05, 20165

Chasing 73: How many losses remain on the Warriors’ schedule?

The Warriors are 45-4 (.918), so they’d have to finish a slightly less ridiculous 28-5 (.848) to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record for regular season wins. Which sounds surprisingly

February 02, 201635

Warriors would be insane not to pursue Kevin Durant

This fairly slow sports time of the year (Super Bowl corporate hype fest, NBA teams looking forward to the All-Star Break, NHL completely irrelevant outside Canada, college basketball regular season,

January 28, 20160

Draymond Green and Klay Thompson named All-Star reserves

Even though the Warriors are the defending champs and own the best record in the league (and a better record through 46 games than any team has ever had), that

January 27, 20161

Warriors vs. Mavericks: the “oh yeah, Klay Thompson” game

Klay Thompson didn’t even play poorly against San Antonio. He was pretty good, actually — especially in the beginning, when he scored the Warriors’ first four points. He challenged Kawhi

Draymond Green GS Warriors
January 26, 20167

Draymond Green is the locksmith

Steph Curry isn’t just the overwhelming favorite to repeat as league MVP, he could also be the NBA’s most improved player. Curry averaged 26.2 points per 36 minutes in 2014-15.

curry hop
January 26, 20162

“Cocky” Warriors assert their dominance with 30-point win over Spurs

What do we have to look forward to now? The first round of the playoffs? The Warriors jumped out to a big first quarter lead, maintained their blistering speed and

Craig Sager Gregg Popovich
January 25, 20163

Gregg Popovich pregame chat: Spurs head coach is just a wee bit sarcastic

Q: Eat well? Fine wine? Pop: All day and all night. For two days. Accompanied by wine choices. Worked out, too. Q: What did you say to Steve Kerr the

Steph Curry Warriors
January 23, 20167

Curry peaking as Warriors prepare for most important regular season game in NBA history

The noteworthy part about Friday night’s game was the return of Steve Kerr. That lasted about, oh, 30 seconds. After the crowd cheered Kerr during pregame intros (Kerr waved the

January 22, 201614

Windhorst: To spite Blatt, Cavs “boycotted” game in Portland after losing to Warriors

The Cavaliers fired David Blatt today, replacing him with Tyronn Lue. This wasn’t a surprising development to anyone who watched the Warriors obliterate the Cavs on Monday, especially when they

January 22, 20162

Warriors welcome Steve Kerr to the sideline tonight, but the team grew in his absence

The walking talking deterrent to having back surgery … is back. After spending the last four months holed up in a dark room watching Spurs tape while claiming that his

sad cavs fan
January 18, 20163

Warriors get back to being the Warriors, shut Cleveland up

Cleveland, the factory of sadness and excuses, talks too much. Kyrie Irving said his team, if fully healthy, would’ve defeated the Warriors in the Finals. Cavs fans spent the offseason

Kobe Bryant Lakers
January 15, 201612

Warriors lollygag their way to 18-point win in Kobe Bryant’s last game at Oracle

This game was pretty weird. For anyone who’s been attending games at Oracle for any length of time, especially fans lucky enough to watch one of the several rollicking Warriors/Lakers

January 12, 20161

“Damn, I miss that.” – Warriors beat Heat, who remember what it was like to be this good

The Warriors are 36-2. That’s the best start in NBA history, which says it all. Except now, as injured players filter back onto the active roster, they look as deep

Stephen Curry Draymond Green
January 05, 20160

Draymond Green’s latest triple-double highlighted almost everything great about the Warriors

Draymond Green, his teammates and coaches, and 17,000+ fans all knew what was going on inside Oracle Arena, along with several thousand viewers across the globe. Green came into last

December 25, 20155

Bay Area Santa Guy: Christmas presents for every local pro team’s fans

Even though they haven’t all been good this year, I’m going to play the role of Santa Claus today and slide down the chimneys of every professional sports franchise in

December 24, 201515

Team Improv: Steve Kerr and Luke Walton embrace the beauty of creativity, chaos

The Warriors have two of the top-five head coaches in the NBA. They won’t after this season, because some team (the Lakers seem like an obvious choice, if they can

draymond green oj mayo
December 19, 201516

Warriors worried a lot about how Bucks acted, but defense and rotations should be a concern

The Milwaukee Bucks are the second-youngest team in the league, only older than the one-win Philadelphia 76ers. The Bucks are the kind of team with enough talent to make things

December 17, 20153

Klay Thompson shooting lights-out since Harrison Barnes’ ankle injury

Klay Thompson is having a December to remember, which is remarkable for a few reasons. Thompson didn’t look like himself early in the season due to back pain. We’re barely

December 10, 20153

Warriors have no shortage of bulletin board material for tomorrow night

The Warriors go for 24-0 tomorrow night in Boston. The Celtics are 13-9 after beating the Bulls last night, and people are getting excited for this game. Crazy, right? People

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