Warriors clinch Pacific Division
March 25, 20150

Warriors clinch their first Pacific Division title in three-point line era

We’ve gotten to the part of the season where the Warriors start clinching things. Team achievements, individual awards, they’re all heading our way. Well, the Warriors’ way, since they’re the

Portland Trail Blazers Rip City logo t-shirt Warriors
March 24, 201516

Warriors call out Blazers for borrowing (and profiting from) “The City” logo

The Warriors only used their “The City” logo for two seasons (1969-70 and ’70-71), but it remains an iconic look that has stood the test of time. Not only have

GS Warriors Bogut Curry Lee Thompson
March 24, 20152

Warriors hold Wizards to 5.6% third quarter shooting, win by 31

On one hand, it’d be a shame to take these games for granted. The Warriors are going to win more than 60 of them, and they collected their 57th victory on

March 23, 20154

Stephen Curry’s MVP odds, magic numbers, ranking Warriors catchphrases

Things are going fairly well in Golden State. Actually, that’s an understatement on par with “it hasn’t rained all that much in the Golden State” lately. The Warriors have the

leandro barbosa we gonna be championship
March 22, 20154

Leandro Barbosa came up with a catchphrase after last night’s Warriors win that’ll stick around a while

The Warriors’ magic number to clinch the top seed in the Western Conference is six. They have the best record in the NBA, three games better than the Atlanta Hawks. We’re

russ lee
March 21, 20151

Warriors know their probable first round matchup, and it could mean a role for Holiday

The Western Conference playoff picture is getting clearer by the day, and the Warriors should have a pretty good idea who they’ll face in the first round. Hint: it probably

Festus Ezeli Warriors
March 20, 20150

For Warriors and Festus Ezeli, patience is paying off at the right time

Remember when the Warriors were supposedly interested in JaVale McGee as possible insurance for Andrew Bogut? Chris Broussard had a source and everything! McGee’s contract demands might have made that

March 19, 20159

No Klay, no problem: Iguodala and Barnes lead Warriors in rout over Hawks

Mike Budenholzer is a smart coach, with a very good team that follows instructions. After seeing that Klay Thompson would miss Wednesday night’s game against the Hawks with a sprained

March 14, 20154

The 2014-15 Warriors, represented by one play

The Knicks ended the first quarter with a one-point lead, as the Warriors toyed with their prey like a cat pretending to let a wounded mouse escape. Golden State squashed

Draymond Green Golden State Warriors 2013
March 11, 20153

Cool story, Pistons: Tonight’s Warriors foe could target the guy who teased Doc (Glenn) Rivers yesterday

It’s easy to see why the Detroit Pistons might be interested in the services of one Draymond Green. They’re a team without much talent and, with Greg Monroe likely to bolt via free

stephen curry suns
March 10, 20156

Curry renews MVP push, Draymond pushes buttons, Warriors get 50th win

It’s weird to go from reading about the 49ers’ incessant craziness to watching the Warriors’ pleasant dominance in the same day. After finishing their longest, coldest, toughest road trip with

March 07, 20155

Golden State Warriors’ dream playoff scenario (and teams to avoid)

The Golden State Warriors had their way with Dallas Mavericks last night, winning 104-89. The final score wasn’t surprising, given how the games between these two clubs have gone throughout this

Matt Steinmetz
March 06, 20151

BASGcast (Ep. 128): Matt Steinmetz talks Draymond Green, Warriors

Matt Steinmetz takes a break from Sal and Steiny to join Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy to talk about the Warriors and media. Topics include: What

Steph Curry not looking at three
March 05, 20154

Warriors are tiny terrors, Fitz mispronounces, Livingston dunks, FTs are missed, Curry makes no-look three

These rumors about Javale McGee are funny, especially after watching a game like tonight’s 102-93 win over the Bucks. This isn’t about McGee’s “Shaqtin’ the Fool” appearances, either. Lately, the best

Jim Barnett Bob Fitzgerald Golden State Warriors
March 04, 201585

Greg Papa compliments Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, Bob Fitzgerald doesn’t seem all that impressed

There was an amusing and slightly awkward situation on CSN Bay Area’s broadcast after the Warriors beat the Bucks at Oracle Arena. Immediately after the Warriors won 102-93, sideline reporter

andrew bogut dunk mason plumlee
March 02, 201510

Warriors get Jacked up by Jarrett’s game-winner, despite 30 points from Bogut + Ezeli

This was one weird game, for a few reasons. 1. Klay Thompson was horrible offensively. Simply awful. He shot 3-for-17, made 1-of-9 threes, and it seemed worse. 2. Besides Stephen

Curry flex
March 01, 20151

Warriors go small, come back from 26-point deficit to win in Boston

The Warriors haven’t played many close games all season, and in a year where wins have seemed surprisingly easy to come by at times, on Sunday night they still managed to

Curry Wall
February 24, 20154

Warriors win in D.C., Stephen Curry is ridiculous

So much for Stephen Curry’s foot injury derailing the second half MVP surge we all saw coming from the moment he started torching the Spurs on Friday night. Curry scored

Stephen Curry ankle
February 24, 20152

More worrisome: Stephen Curry’s injury or Golden State’s offense when he sits?

It’s been a few days since we’ve written about the Warriors, unless you count Ruthless Sports Guy’s recap of the Twitter feud/discussion/tiff with Matt Steinmetz on Sunday morning. Later that

February 22, 201526

Draymond Green calls Matt Steinmetz a “clown”

It’s always fun when we get to pull out the popcorn for the purposes of watching athletes and media figures in the Bay Area trading jabs with one another. 95.7

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