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Oracle Arena Game 1 Warriors Blazers confetti
May 01, 201612

Maybe the Warriors are even better than we thought

Confetti shower No. 4 — Bay Area Sports Guy (@BASportsGuy) May 1, 2016 The Warriors’ 118-106 victory over Portland in Game 1 was clinical, and sent a few messages.

Oracle Arena Rockets Warriors confetti Game 5
April 28, 20166

Warriors knock out Rockets with Game 5 rout, gain confidence without Stephen Curry

Leave it to the Warriors to turn what looked like a catastrophic injury to Stephen Curry into a rallying point, a reminder to play within themselves, and a confidence-booster to

April 24, 20165

Curry leaves with sprained knee, Warriors respond by tearing out Rockets’ hearts

Steph Curry slipped on a wet spot at the end of the first half, sending his left leg skidding hard left and forcing his right knee to twist at an

April 19, 20166

Smarter, deeper Warriors beat Rockets in Game 2 (but what’s the nature of Curry’s injury?)

Neither game in this first round series has been in doubt, even slightly, even though Game 2 was much closer throughout. With the way the Warriors kept the Rockets guessing

Steph Curry RUN TMC hat
April 16, 201611

Curry expects to play in Game 2 after ankle “tweak” in blowout Game 1 win

The Rockets tried to get under Steph Curry’s skin from the jump. Curry saw it coming, too. Their little tactic didn’t work. After Patrick Beverley got tangled up with Curry,

73 wins Warriors
April 14, 201614

Warriors go where no other *TEAM* ever has before: 73-9

It seems wrong to mention Kobe Bryant this early, but I promise there’s a point to this. The Golden State Warriors won their 73rd game of the season, a dominant

April 07, 20165

Warriors cap monster Bay Area sports day with win No. 70

So much for the Warriors being too distracted, fatigued, or whatever they supposedly were. The chase for 73 is still on … we think … after they beat the Spurs

March 19, 20166

Loss to Spurs means only good things for Warriors (and us)

Admit it. You expected the Warriors to fall behind by 15 in the second quarter and pull their starters. Wait, that was just me? I probably should’ve learned my lesson

March 10, 20163

Apparently the team with a .905 winning percentage is fine

That boredom phase sure didn’t last long. The Warriors have largely been carried by Steph Curry since the All-Star break, and on a night when he shot 4-for-12, two role

mo speights
March 04, 20161

“We have a deeper team.” – Warriors overwhelm Thunder late, sweep season series

It’s gotten to the point where no second half deficit seems to matter, as long as the Warriors kept the game close in the first two quarters. They were down

Warriors Draymond Green
March 02, 20160

Without Curry or Iguodala, Warriors show inner strength with OT win over Hawks

NBA teams aren’t supposed to care this much. Not during the regular season, when games supposedly can be ignored until the final two minutes, and distinguished coaches like Gregg Popovich

February 22, 20162

Preserving Draymond Green: Warriors sign Anderson Varejao

The Warriors pounced on recently waived center Anderson Varajao yesterday, signing him to the prorated veteran’s minimum (provided he passes a physical in Atlanta later today). Golden State waived Jason

February 05, 20165

Chasing 73: How many losses remain on the Warriors’ schedule?

The Warriors are 45-4 (.918), so they’d have to finish a slightly less ridiculous 28-5 (.848) to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record for regular season wins. Which sounds surprisingly

February 02, 201635

Warriors would be insane not to pursue Kevin Durant

This fairly slow sports time of the year (Super Bowl corporate hype fest, NBA teams looking forward to the All-Star Break, NHL completely irrelevant outside Canada, college basketball regular season,

sad cavs fan
January 18, 20163

Warriors get back to being the Warriors, shut Cleveland up

Cleveland, the factory of sadness and excuses, talks too much. Kyrie Irving said his team, if fully healthy, would’ve defeated the Warriors in the Finals. Cavs fans spent the offseason

Kobe Bryant Lakers
January 15, 201612

Warriors lollygag their way to 18-point win in Kobe Bryant’s last game at Oracle

This game was pretty weird. For anyone who’s been attending games at Oracle for any length of time, especially fans lucky enough to watch one of the several rollicking Warriors/Lakers

January 12, 20161

“Damn, I miss that.” – Warriors beat Heat, who remember what it was like to be this good

The Warriors are 36-2. That’s the best start in NBA history, which says it all. Except now, as injured players filter back onto the active roster, they look as deep

November 16, 20155

Warriors’ fantastic four: they defend, they pass, and sometimes they even score!

It’s nuts that the Warriors, who were dying for a superstar — ANY SUPERSTAR — for so many years, suddenly have the best “next Jordan” since Jordan retired. “Like Michael

October 09, 201514

Sour grapes: A handy guide of quotes dismissing Golden State (plus Warriors responses)

If at any point you find yourself startled by the way the Warriors attack the 2015-16 season — namely, why they keep blowing out teams after finishing last season with

Draymond Green 2015 Media Day
September 29, 20151

Draymond Green on NBA champs: “We’re still hungry”

This season will be thick with clichés. The Warriors will have to fight against what Pat Riley described as “the disease of more.” They’ll get “everyone’s best shot.” Instead of

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