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Andrew Bogut

February 05, 20165

Chasing 73: How many losses remain on the Warriors’ schedule?

The Warriors are 45-4 (.918), so they’d have to finish a slightly less ridiculous 28-5 (.848) to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record for regular season wins. Which sounds surprisingly

February 02, 201635

Warriors would be insane not to pursue Kevin Durant

This fairly slow sports time of the year (Super Bowl corporate hype fest, NBA teams looking forward to the All-Star Break, NHL completely irrelevant outside Canada, college basketball regular season,

sad cavs fan
January 18, 20163

Warriors get back to being the Warriors, shut Cleveland up

Cleveland, the factory of sadness and excuses, talks too much. Kyrie Irving said his team, if fully healthy, would’ve defeated the Warriors in the Finals. Cavs fans spent the offseason

Kobe Bryant Lakers
January 15, 201612

Warriors lollygag their way to 18-point win in Kobe Bryant’s last game at Oracle

This game was pretty weird. For anyone who’s been attending games at Oracle for any length of time, especially fans lucky enough to watch one of the several rollicking Warriors/Lakers

January 12, 20161

“Damn, I miss that.” – Warriors beat Heat, who remember what it was like to be this good

The Warriors are 36-2. That’s the best start in NBA history, which says it all. Except now, as injured players filter back onto the active roster, they look as deep

November 16, 20155

Warriors’ fantastic four: they defend, they pass, and sometimes they even score!

It’s nuts that the Warriors, who were dying for a superstar — ANY SUPERSTAR — for so many years, suddenly have the best “next Jordan” since Jordan retired. “Like Michael

October 09, 201514

Sour grapes: A handy guide of quotes dismissing Golden State (plus Warriors responses)

If at any point you find yourself startled by the way the Warriors attack the 2015-16 season — namely, why they keep blowing out teams after finishing last season with

Draymond Green 2015 Media Day
September 29, 20151

Draymond Green on NBA champs: “We’re still hungry”

This season will be thick with clichés. The Warriors will have to fight against what Pat Riley described as “the disease of more.” They’ll get “everyone’s best shot.” Instead of

Charles Barkley Lake Tahoe
July 17, 20158

Charles Barkley: “In the playoffs, (the Warriors) didn’t play against dominant big men.”

Charles Barkley took a break from grounding one-handed tee shots out of bounds at the celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe to go on CSN Sports Talk Live, and Jim

Festus Ezeli Andrew Bogut Golden State Warriors
June 18, 201512

Andrew Bogut interrupts Festus Ezeli interview, makes it much better (video)

It was pretty cool that Andrew Bogut, who played just three minutes over the last three games, seemed so happy in the locker room after the Warriors clinched their first

hb mjax
June 11, 201510

Mark Jackson on Harrison Barnes: “He never bought in” last season

Mark Jackson replaced Harrison Barnes in the starting lineup with Andre Iguodala at the beginning of last season, which would end up being Barnes’ worst as a professional. Barnes has talked

June 09, 201518

Forget the Refs: Warriors getting out-worked, out-played, out-hustled by Cavs

They’re only down 2-1. A win in Game 4 would turn things around immediately, as the Warriors would have home court advantage in a best-of-three. But it sure feels like

June 09, 20152

Warriors need to stop avoiding the paint in Game 3

I went back and reviewed every second of Game 2, paying closer attention to the Warriors’ offensive possessions. Since the Warriors held the Cavs to under 33% shooting and were “horrible”

June 07, 201516

Curry’s worst game of the season sinks Warriors in Game 2, but his confidence remains

LeBron James out-scored, out-rebounded and out-assisted everyone else on the floor. Sure, he only made 31.4% of his shots, but he was positively brilliant compared to the NBA MVP in Game

June 05, 20153

Kyrie Irving’s injury doesn’t take anything away from Warriors’ title run (IF they win)

Steve Kerr’s comments last night weren’t all that different from what we hear from coaches and players all the time, but the way he insisted that he was being sincere

June 04, 20152

Led by Andre Iguodala, Warriors win phenomenal Game 1 of NBA Finals in OT

It was a game that could’ve gone five more overtimes and no one would’ve minded, but the Warriors outscored the Cavaliers 10-2 in the extra session to win 108-100 and take

Warriors Stephen Curry
June 02, 20152

Inexperienced Warriors know they’ll be nervous, soak up advice from coaches with rings

The Golden State Warriors are favored by six points heading into Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a game they’ve been thinking about for several days. However,

Andrew Bogut Warriors
June 01, 20157

Andrew Bogut on Klay Thompson: “Pre- and post-concussion symptoms, same.”

We can safely assume that Klay Thompson will be in the starting lineup and ready to go for Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday.

Warriors Western Conference champs Riley Curry Stephen Curry
May 28, 20152

“The Bay Area has been waiting 40-plus years. I think it’s time.”

Now we get to look forward to eight days later. That’s when we’ll see the start of what looks to be a fascinating, star-studded NBA Finals between one team that’s

Steph Curry Klay Thompson trap James Harden
May 21, 20153

It’s a Trap: Warriors win Game 2 on last possession with their best defensive play of the year

After the Warriors jumped out to a 16-point lead in the second quarter, it didn’t seem feasible that they’d be forced to make one final stop at the end to win 99-98.

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