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Warriors Western Conference champs Riley Curry Stephen Curry
May 28, 20152

“The Bay Area has been waiting 40-plus years. I think it’s time.”

Now we get to look forward to eight days later. That’s when we’ll see the start of what looks to be a fascinating, star-studded NBA Finals between one team that’s

Steph Curry Klay Thompson trap James Harden
May 21, 20153

It’s a Trap: Warriors win Game 2 on last possession with their best defensive play of the year

After the Warriors jumped out to a 16-point lead in the second quarter, it didn’t seem feasible that they’d be forced to make one final stop at the end to win 99-98.

May 20, 20153

Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut named to NBA All-Defensive teams

The results are in. No surprises here. Kawhi Leonard gets a little more respect nationally than Draymond Green, which comes with the territory after a player is named MVP of the

May 20, 20159

Biggie Smalls: Curry scores 34, Warriors win exciting Game 1

It’s rare that heavily-discussed individual matchups live up to the hype. A certain recent prize fight comes to mind, although in that case everyone should’ve known better. Stephen Curry and

gsw hou
May 19, 20152

Western Conference Finals Preview and Prediction

First, let’s go through this position-by-position. Point guard: It took a couple games for Stephen Curry to play like an MVP instead of playing like a guy who keeps thinking, “Man,

May 15, 201510

Play of the year, game of the year (for now): Warriors advance to Western Conference Finals

Only one play really mattered in this series. Oh, you’ll scoff. You’ll scoff me right off the court with that mess. But as much as it seems like this series

May 11, 20152

Warriors answer several questions with their best game of 2015 playoffs

The sky is blue, water is wet, the sun sets in the west, and tax day is April 15. Everything is back to what it once was, and always should

Warriors Stephen Curry David Lee
May 09, 20154

Divided they fall: Warriors lose 99-89 in Game 3

They say it’s lonely at the top, in whatever you do You always gotta watch motherf—– around you Nobody’s invincible, no plan is foolproof We all must meet our moment

May 08, 20152

Five things that could lead Warriors to a Game 3 win

My post about five things that could lead to a Warriors loss in Game 2 was a little too accurate, so I read the room — no one’s reading this

conley mask
May 05, 20156

Five things that could maybe, probably unlikely but possibly, lead to a Warriors loss tonight

In a little while I’ll pack up my stuff and head to Oracle Arena to watch Game 2 of the second round playoff series between the Warriors and Grizzlies. The Warriors

Oracle Arena Warriors confetti
May 03, 20152

Warriors win Game 1, and outlook is not good for Grizzlies

It’s hard to envision this series going six games, and at this rate five might even be a stretch. The Golden State Warriors jumped out to an early double-digit lead

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Warriors
April 21, 20150

Five funny moments that occurred after Warriors-Pelicans Game 2

There’s nothing funny about losing, but winners get to show off their comedic side. Take the Giants, who are known almost as much for their cute, cuddly characters as their three

April 21, 20159

3D victory: Warriors take 2-0 series lead thanks to defense, depth and Draymond

As far as preparatory tests go, this series might be just what the Warriors needed. After running and gunning their way to a huge lead before squandering most of it in

Chris Paul Stephen Curry
April 01, 20153

Without Draymond Green and after a terrible first quarter, Warriors beat Clippers

The Warriors are the kids in class who’ve already locked up A+ grades, but choose to complete the extra credit assignment anyway. Once you think you’ve seen them prove everything

curry grizzlies
March 27, 20152

Warriors give Grizzlies a dose of reality — Golden State is simply better

Some quick thoughts before I run down to the CSN Bay Area studios to talk about this game on Yahoo SportsTalk Live. — Golden State’s defense was ferocious. They had 15

Warriors clinch Pacific Division
March 25, 20150

Warriors clinch their first Pacific Division title in three-point line era

We’ve gotten to the part of the season where the Warriors start clinching things. Team achievements, individual awards, they’re all heading our way. Well, the Warriors’ way, since they’re the

GS Warriors Bogut Curry Lee Thompson
March 24, 20152

Warriors hold Wizards to 5.6% third quarter shooting, win by 31

On one hand, it’d be a shame to take these games for granted. The Warriors are going to win more than 60 of them, and they collected their 57th victory on

Festus Ezeli Warriors
March 20, 20150

For Warriors and Festus Ezeli, patience is paying off at the right time

Remember when the Warriors were supposedly interested in JaVale McGee as possible insurance for Andrew Bogut? Chris Broussard had a source and everything! McGee’s contract demands might have made that

March 14, 20154

The 2014-15 Warriors, represented by one play

The Knicks ended the first quarter with a one-point lead, as the Warriors toyed with their prey like a cat pretending to let a wounded mouse escape. Golden State squashed

andrew bogut dunk mason plumlee
March 02, 201510

Warriors get Jacked up by Jarrett’s game-winner, despite 30 points from Bogut + Ezeli

This was one weird game, for a few reasons. 1. Klay Thompson was horrible offensively. Simply awful. He shot 3-for-17, made 1-of-9 threes, and it seemed worse. 2. Besides Stephen

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