December 16, 20142

Warriors’ winning streak snapped at 16 games

It had to happen sometime. The Warriors’ winning streak ended after 16 glorious victories, and the team’s first loss in five weeks could’ve gone much worse. – The Warriors’ winning streak

Draymond Green
December 13, 20141

Warriors’ streak now at 15 games after wire-to-wire win in Dallas

Before a lot of college kids woke up this morning in Northern California, the best team currently playing ball in the region — pick your sport — reeled off their 15th

Peter Guber Joe Lacob Phil Hellmuth Warriors
December 11, 201439

80 wins still possible for Warriors

There’s a lot of “mark of a good team” tenets out there. Good teams defend, good teams win the games they should, all that stuff. Today’s edition of “the mark

San Francisco Warriors arena
December 10, 20147

No longer a toilet: Warriors release updated plans for SF arena

“Hey, so, uh, could you come up with some new designs that don’t cause the nation to point, laugh and call our yet-to-be-built arena a toilet? Thx.” That’s not a

David Lee Warriors
December 09, 20141

Fitting David Lee into the Warriors rotation

With David Lee coming back from his strained hamstring relatively soon (one would think, anyway), the Warriors will need to figure out where he fits into their rotation. The Warriors thus

December 07, 20143

Warriors make history as Draymond Green goes off in Chicago

Golden State won their 12th straight game on Saturday night. No big deal, just the first time a Warriors team has done that in 69 seasons. It took three strong quarters in

bieber warriors
December 04, 20143

Warriors bandwagon is about to get crowded

I probably would’ve attended my first Warriors gameon Thursday night since Bay Area Sports Baby was born, seeing as The Brow was in town, but my dad and stepmom came

Stephen Curry game-winner
December 03, 20143

Stephen Curry’s game-winning three keeps Warriors’ streak alive at 10 games

Stephen Curry was questionable going into Tuesday night’s game, and since they were back home and the opponent was the 10th seed in the Eastern Conference, some questioned whether Curry’s

Stephen Curry ankle
November 30, 20141

Green’s 20 point leads Warriors to ninth straight win (plus a Curry ankle update)

The Warriors won their ninth straight game and finished a perfect five-game road trip with a 104-93 win in Detroit. Golden State kept the streak going the way they often

November 28, 20144

“I can’t take him out.” – Speights wins over Kerr, carries Warriors to 8th straight win

The Warriors looked like a team that spent Thanksgiving doing normal Thanksgiving things, like eating turkey and all the fixings. Stephen Curry spent the evening karaoke-ing with his family. Maybe this is

Stephen Curry Warriors Heat 40 points
November 26, 20143

Stephen Curry goes on another road scoring binge, Warriors roll Miami

If you’re an NBA fan who lives in a region other than the Bay Area, and you happen to buy a ticket this season when the Warriors come to town,

November 22, 20144

Warriors bury Jazz with stifling first half defense, look like a contender through 11 games

We know a few of the changes Steve Kerr has brought to Golden State, because they’re easy to see and hear. The Warriors are passing more. Harrison Barnes replaced Andre

Pablo Sandoval Giants 2014 NLCS Game 4
November 20, 201419

Waking up from a dream

Four years ago, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Two days later, they held a parade. Three days after that, I got married. On Oct. 29 of this year,

Stephen Curry Warriors Game-Winner vs mavericks
November 18, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 117): Ethan Sherwood Strauss examines the Warriors’ 8-2 start

The Steve Kerr era is off to an 8-2 start, and Ethan Sherwood Strauss joins Bay Area Duck Guy to discuss the young Warriors season. Topic include: How Steve Kerr’s

Andrew Bogut Warriors
November 13, 20140

Team-wide contributions get Warriors back on track against Nets

After watching their hot start simmer over their last two games against the Suns and Spurs, the Warriors got back on track Thursday night, taking down the Brooklyn Nets 107-99.

Andre Iguodala Warriors
November 11, 20146

Even on a back-to-back, Spurs are still too much for the Warriors

The Warriors may be the upstart team in the Western Conference, but the Spurs are still the World Champions and they play to that mold even on a back-to-back. Gregg

Draymond Green sticks his tongue out at Blake Griffin
November 06, 20141

Warriors demolish Clippers, improve to 4-0

If the rest of the Western Conference wasn’t on high alert that the Warriors are legit contenders, they should be following the Warriors thorough domination of the Clippers. Stephen Curry

Klay Thompson
November 03, 20144

Klay Thompson had the best week ever

Let’s see … Klay Thompson’s team started out 3-0 for the first time in 20 years. He signed a four-year contract that provides generational wealth and puts him on a

Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
November 02, 20144

Warriors show why they’re building around Curry and Thompson in 23-point win over lowly Lakers

The Warriors held a press conference before Saturday night’s game to announce/celebrate Klay Thompson’s new four-year, $70 million contract extension. While there’s a lot of prestige that goes along with

October 30, 20141

Warriors won ugly last night, announced decisions on Barnes, Ezeli and Nedovic today

Finally found some non-Giants (they won the World Series, in case you weren’t aware) time to slog through a viewing of last night’s 95-77 win over the Kings, a game in

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