draymond green i cost us the game
April 21, 20161

Draymond Green: “I cost us the game.”

The Warriors should’ve won Game 3, but only because Mo Speights and Ian Clark played extremely well. The same could not be said for the *regular starters. Of the Warriors’

April 19, 20166

Smarter, deeper Warriors beat Rockets in Game 2 (but what’s the nature of Curry’s injury?)

Neither game in this first round series has been in doubt, even slightly, even though Game 2 was much closer throughout. With the way the Warriors kept the Rockets guessing

steph curry ankle
April 18, 20167

Stephen Curry will miss Game 2

It took about five minutes for Steph Curry and the Warriors to decide playing tonight wasn’t worth the risk. The Warriors have officially ruled Steph Curry out of tonight’s Game

Steph Curry RUN TMC hat
April 16, 201611

Curry expects to play in Game 2 after ankle “tweak” in blowout Game 1 win

The Rockets tried to get under Steph Curry’s skin from the jump. Curry saw it coming, too. Their little tactic didn’t work. After Patrick Beverley got tangled up with Curry,

73 wins Warriors
April 14, 201614

Warriors go where no other *TEAM* ever has before: 73-9

It seems wrong to mention Kobe Bryant this early, but I promise there’s a point to this. The Golden State Warriors won their 73rd game of the season, a dominant

Steph Curry halfcourt logo
April 13, 20160

Pre-73 video: Watch Steph Curry make 5-of-7 from the halfcourt logo

The worldwide craze that’s sweeping the nation (and Toronto), otherwise known as Stephen Curry warming up before a game, has drawn crowds 90 minutes before tipoff — a time traditionally

April 12, 20164

Likely No. 8 seed is a familiar foe, great matchup for Warriors

And by “great,” I really mean “fortunate.” “Easy,” even. Because even if they defeat the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at Staples, the Utah Jazz probably won’t make the playoffs. That’s

Draymond Green GS Warriors
April 11, 20169

Hey Warriors doubters, don’t feel bad – you helped make history

Let’s assume the Warriors get win No. 73 on Wednesday night. After the game, someone in the home team’s locker room could give an acceptance speech of sorts — like

April 07, 20165

Warriors cap monster Bay Area sports day with win No. 70

So much for the Warriors being too distracted, fatigued, or whatever they supposedly were. The chase for 73 is still on … we think … after they beat the Spurs

March 30, 20164

Every California NBA team is dealing with drama … except Golden State

The Warriors are 67-7, thanks to a combination of talent, coaching and a cohesive organizational plan. They’re the best team in the NBA at the current moment, and although we

March 28, 20166

Warriors are going for the record, and we’re about to see how important rest really is

The Warriors rested only one player last night who otherwise could’ve been active. It wasn’t Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green or even Andrew Bogut. It was veteran backup point

March 19, 20166

Loss to Spurs means only good things for Warriors (and us)

Admit it. You expected the Warriors to fall behind by 15 in the second quarter and pull their starters. Wait, that was just me? I probably should’ve learned my lesson

March 10, 20163

Apparently the team with a .905 winning percentage is fine

That boredom phase sure didn’t last long. The Warriors have largely been carried by Steph Curry since the All-Star break, and on a night when he shot 4-for-12, two role

March 08, 20169

Warriors are stuck in … The Boredom Zone

Most of the Warriors’ tough, long road trips are behind them, and they’ve gone 11-0 against the next five teams in the overall standings (both conferences). So, one might have

mo speights
March 04, 20161

“We have a deeper team.” – Warriors overwhelm Thunder late, sweep season series

It’s gotten to the point where no second half deficit seems to matter, as long as the Warriors kept the game close in the first two quarters. They were down

Draymond Green Warriors steal Hawks
March 02, 20160

Hands and heart: Draymond Green played a game for the ages last night

This is probably overkill, since I devoted a lot of last night’s recap to Draymond Green already. But after waking up this morning, I got this feeling that was difficult

Warriors Draymond Green
March 02, 20160

Without Curry or Iguodala, Warriors show inner strength with OT win over Hawks

NBA teams aren’t supposed to care this much. Not during the regular season, when games supposedly can be ignored until the final two minutes, and distinguished coaches like Gregg Popovich

February 27, 20162

The game has changed: it’s Steph Curry’s now

Steph Curry just completed one of the best regular season weeks ever with a 38-footer, a game-winning, overtime three to win one of the best regular season games ever, 121-118,

February 22, 20167

Preserving Draymond Green: Warriors sign Anderson Varejao

The Warriors pounced on recently waived center Anderson Varajao yesterday, signing him to the prorated veteran’s minimum (provided he passes a physical in Atlanta later today). Golden State waived Jason

AT&T Park sunset
February 10, 201674

Goodbye, Nana

I got the call at 7 am on Monday. My mother’s name was on my phone’s screen, and I knew that had to be a bad sign. She rarely calls.

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