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May 19, 20152

Western Conference Finals Preview and Prediction

First, let’s go through this position-by-position. Point guard: It took a couple games for Stephen Curry to play like an MVP instead of playing like a guy who keeps thinking, “Man,

May 15, 201510

Play of the year, game of the year (for now): Warriors advance to Western Conference Finals

Only one play really mattered in this series. Oh, you’ll scoff. You’ll scoff me right off the court with that mess. But as much as it seems like this series

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May 15, 20159

Warriors went 4-0 against Rockets, but they haven’t faced *these* Rockets yet

Last night seemed like it was going normally. After talking about the Warriors on YSTL, I drove home, took the dog out, and sat on the couch. My wife wanted to

Andre Iguodala Stephen Curry
May 14, 20153

Warriors’ Defense, Distance-shooting and DEPTH too much for Grizzlies in Game 5 win

The Memphis Grizzlies looked like they were shot out of a cannon to start this game, with Zach Randolph supplying all of the gunpowder. He hit a baseline jumper, scored

May 11, 20152

Warriors answer several questions with their best game of 2015 playoffs

The sky is blue, water is wet, the sun sets in the west, and tax day is April 15. Everything is back to what it once was, and always should

Warriors Stephen Curry David Lee
May 09, 20154

Divided they fall: Warriors lose 99-89 in Game 3

They say it’s lonely at the top, in whatever you do You always gotta watch motherf—– around you Nobody’s invincible, no plan is foolproof We all must meet our moment

May 08, 20152

Five things that could lead Warriors to a Game 3 win

My post about five things that could lead to a Warriors loss in Game 2 was a little too accurate, so I read the room — no one’s reading this

curry conley
May 06, 20158

Warriors’ “weird” home loss in Game 2: Missed shots, Memphis D and an MVP hangover

No confetti this time. The Warriors haven’t lost at home since Thunder (the mascot, not Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook) used to dunk off trampolines. OK, that’s not true, but

Draymond Green Warriors
May 05, 20153

Draymond Green on Mike Conley play: “Obviously I wouldn’t try to intentionally hurt anyone.”

Mike Conley was incredible in his return from facial surgery, scoring 22 points on 8-of-12 shooting. He also made three of the Memphis’ five three-pointers, including an absolute dagger shot

Stephen Curry MVP
May 05, 20153

Floor view of Adam Silver presenting Stephen Curry with the MVP

We saw Stephen Curry accept the 2014/15 NBA MVP trophy yesterday and give a great and thorough speech thanking everyone from his wife to the equipment manager, but the real MVP

conley mask
May 05, 20156

Five things that could maybe, probably unlikely but possibly, lead to a Warriors loss tonight

In a little while I’ll pack up my stuff and head to Oracle Arena to watch Game 2 of the second round playoff series between the Warriors and Grizzlies. The Warriors

May 04, 20158

With Curry winning MVP, Warriors’ organizational transformation is complete

More than the other major pro sports — in this country, anyway — basketball is about feel. Baseball is a numbers game. Hockey is marked by its randomness. Football is

Oracle Arena Warriors confetti
May 03, 20152

Warriors win Game 1, and outlook is not good for Grizzlies

It’s hard to envision this series going six games, and at this rate five might even be a stretch. The Golden State Warriors jumped out to an early double-digit lead

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April 28, 20153

Warriors move ahead of Cavaliers as NBA Championship favorites

Things couldn’t be going any better for the Warriors. Really, it’s pretty ridiculous. Not only did they get tested in the nicest way possible in their first round matchup — they emerged

curry davis playoffs
April 25, 20153

Warriors pass “future champions?” eye test in first round

It sounds trite to count down the number of wins, but it’s a reminder of what’s left. It’s 12. 12 is what’s left. But 12 wouldn’t be possible without four,

Curry over Brow
April 24, 20154

“We have a hustler’s mentality.” — Warriors make Pelicans feel like dirt with OT win, historic comeback

The Golden State Warriors have packed more outstanding moments in this season than we saw in the last 30 years combined, but nothing tops what we saw on Thursday night.

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Warriors
April 21, 20150

Five funny moments that occurred after Warriors-Pelicans Game 2

There’s nothing funny about losing, but winners get to show off their comedic side. Take the Giants, who are known almost as much for their cute, cuddly characters as their three

April 21, 20159

3D victory: Warriors take 2-0 series lead thanks to defense, depth and Draymond

As far as preparatory tests go, this series might be just what the Warriors needed. After running and gunning their way to a huge lead before squandering most of it in

April 20, 20150

Fussy fowl: Pelicans coach Monty Williams’ complaints will make Oracle Arena louder than ever

Remember that elderly couple who wrote a letter to the Chronicle complaining about the crowd noise at CenturyLink Field in Seattle? That probably didn’t have much effect on the “12s,”

Draymond Green
April 18, 20156

Curry, Green and Warriors flex on Pelicans in Game 1

One down, 15 to go. The Warriors’ plan in Game 1 of their first round series against the Pelicans was clear: do everything possible to slow down Anthony Davis. It

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