September 25, 20081

Lincecum wasn’t the only one walking

For some reason, I ended up walking all the way from my house to the Giants game last night. I didn’t plan to, I only wanted to walk a mile

September 14, 20080

This just in: Ohio State isn’t that great

August 07, 20084

Tired of Brett Favre? It’s going to get worse

Are you ready for a lot of Thomas Jones? How about Jerricho (Don’t call me “Crotchery”) Cotchery? Does listening to John Madden talk about the wisdom of signing Alan Faneca

July 11, 20080

Paris and Nicole…2Pac and Biggie…Warriors and Clippers?

July 02, 20082

Baron Davis is a Clipper: Good News/Bad News

July 01, 20082

Baron Davis opts out…Now what?

June 30, 20080

Judgment Night for Cohan, Zito

“Six: Got no love for the rich” Method Man — Judgment Day To be accurate, this evening represents Judgment Night for two embattled Bay Area sports figures with wallets fatter

June 29, 20081

Link Parade

June 27, 20085

Mullin’s Draft Backwards

June 23, 20080

Lincecum v. Ellis v. Willis: Who’ll be the king of the Bay?

May 12, 20086

Marvin Harrison: just another gun-toting NFL star?

Surprisingly little has been said about Marvin Harrison’s latest legal problems, showing again the near-religious deference football receives in this country, from fans and media members alike. Here’s what we

May 01, 20085

Top 10 ballpark food options in the Bay Area

Even though it goes against all logic to spend copious amounts of money on refreshments when you’ll only be at a location for two to four hours, it’s almost impossible

April 04, 20086

Rally Like it’s 1975!

Lately, it seems like there have been some Negative Nancy’s hanging around the Warriors games (and Giants, 49ers and Raiders). But I’m not giving up. And all of you other

March 28, 20085

Where Ink Happens

March 26, 20082

From Movie Script to Footnote

Well, that didn’t work. But as they say: no harm, no foul. That’s the best way to look at today’s news that Chris Webber is announcing his retirement tomorrow, a

March 25, 20080

Warriors Won’t Win in Playoffs

With visions of Derek Fisher doing a clumsy tango with Monta Ellis still in their heads, Warriors fans may have a tough time remembering what life was like in the

March 17, 20080

Point by Point (almost): The Bay Area Sports Guy Goes to the Warriors/Grizzlies Game

March 13, 20080

And This Was Supposed to be This Team’s Strength?

Noah Lowry not only hit the backstop with wayward pitches so many times in two Spring appearances that it looked like he was playing handball, he also suffered a rare

March 06, 20080

Warriors Better Start Preparing for Their Next Coach

Losing the second game of a back-to-back on an East Coast road trip isn’t that shocking, but the way Golden State fell to the Bobcats was. They gave up 42

March 03, 20080

Mullin Acquires a (Mentally) Healthy Pietrus at the Trade Deadline

Some observations after watching the Warriors beat the Blazers 110-104 tonight… - Mickael Pietrus has got his Ray Durham game-face on, and just in time. Many people, including myself, thought

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