July 27, 201019

Joe Lacob: Monta and Biedrins aren’t great players

“I have a philosophy about building a basketball team. I, as you know, was involved with the Celtics. And I really believe that you need three great players if you

July 21, 201014

To cheer us up, the Warriors sign a flawed combo guard

The Warriors signing Jeremy Lin is a little bit like the Giants signing Shinjo. It makes more than a little sense for a Bay Area professional team to take fliers

July 19, 20100

Monday Roundup: beer, ball and tats

Went beer tasting yesterday. OK, that’s not really accurate. When you go wine tasting, they have those buckets you toss your unused wine into. “Hmmm, this one is too young.

July 15, 20105

Cohan says no to Ellison, keeps sale among friends

Chris Cohan has never cared about winning a championship. One doesn’t do everything he can to avoid the luxury tax, swallow trade exceptions and allow people like Robert Rowell to

July 14, 20103

Chris Cohan hates us all

Well, it’s sort of our fault. Well, not OUR fault, since I doubt many of you reading this made it to the 2000 NBA All Star Game in Oakland and

July 13, 201011

Who will be Larry Ellison’s first new hires?

Alright kids, before we get into this week’s edition of “Rampant Speculation,” let’s talk a little bit about JaMarcus Russell. I apologize for missing this while I was on vacation,

July 13, 20109

Happy Larry Ellison Day!

If the rumors are to be believed, and there’s no reason besides outright cynicism not to, the Warriors’ new owner will be … (drumroll) … Larry Ellison! It’s impossible to

July 12, 20104

10-Day roundup: Is Posey starting yet?

Well, I’m back from a week in Kauai, and man am I glad to be back in San Francisco. Does that sound believable? Because it’s a complete lie. Fog, street-poop

July 02, 20104

BASG gets its first critique

Thanks to some Google Alerts wizardry from my lovely fiance Sports Girl Liz, we found out that not only is there a new SB Nation Bay Area site, but they’re

July 01, 20101

Warriors should trade for Caron Butler

Since all this LeBron James madness is lost on us basketball observers who care about the local squad, we’re left to figure out whether the Warriors will be able to

June 29, 20102

5 things the Warriors can do while they’re in limbo

It’s not that the Warriors haven’t been able to find talented players. Hell, one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference is determined to surround their franchise center with

June 28, 20100

Monday Roundup: a great weekend to go outside

In the age of instant information and access, it’s curious that all we seem to want to do is reassert that something we already knew is true. I blame Dennis

June 25, 20106

Udoh? More like Who-doh! Get it?

Seeing as I’ve been calling Ekpe Udoh a “poor man’s Serge Ibaka” for a week now, I can’t say the Warriors totally whiffed yesterday. Golden State doesn’t have one guy

June 24, 20103

Cohan moving sale! Get your Monta and Biedrins for cheap!

The Warriors are like a single guy in his mid-20’s who’s getting ready to move abroad. Six months out, he knows he can’t take his TV, bed, sofa, coffee table,

June 22, 20104

Warriors in full salary dump mode

Warriors fans, your dreams have finally come true. Dan Gadzuric finally gets to call Oakland his professional home. If you enjoyed Mikki Moore, D.J. Mbenga, Patrick O’Bryant and Todd Fuller,

June 21, 20106

Monday roundup: a left fielder scorned

There are three types of baseball fans. Those who completely ignore sabermetrics, those who base their entire set of baseball opinions on sabermetrics, and those who decide who’s good based

May 24, 20100

Giants shuffle the dreck

Don’t get it twisted, my last post wasn’t a call for the Giants to pick up Pat Burrell. He can’t field, he’s already made his money for the season and

May 21, 20104

The local media scene — it’s changing

Everybody’s on the Internet. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Nobody knows how the future is going to unfold, or how anybody’s going to make any money off the

May 19, 20101

Giants winning in spite of Sabean’s fear of speed

Until last night’s exercise in catharsis against the vaunted San Diego Padres, people wracked their brains. How could the Giants lose and lose against San Diego? Not just this year,

May 18, 20103

NBA Tuesday: Should the Lakers sit Bynum?

NBA Tuesday used to be a regular feature around these parts, and then I finally got a job after a year of freelancing and unemployment checks, and my over-ambitious power-rankings-and-other-NBA-stuff

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