June 04, 20090

Score one for the Western Conference

It was never this easy against the Nuggets. No way they’d miss so many open shots. It was never this easy against the Rockets. No way they’d let Kobe get

June 04, 20090

10 reasons why either the Magic or Lakers will win the NBA Finals

Yeah, I know. I’m going out on a major limb here with that headline, but rest assured the NBA Finals prediction you so eagerly await will be at the bottom

June 03, 20090

Our server = Bob Howry

For all of you who’ve been wondering why your favorite Bay Area sports blog has been running a little slow lately (or not at all), we’ve been having a little

June 02, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Jameer Nelson’s comeback

Of the four NBA teams I saw in person this year, the Orlando Magic were by far the best. Sure, two of those teams were the Golden State Warriors and

May 29, 20091

A peek inside Warrior headquarters

(Inside the office of Warriors President Robert Rowell, who’s alternately staring at and kissing a 8×10″ framed photo of Don Nelson on his wall). .

May 22, 20091

On L.A. radio, the sky is falling

Besides Damon Bruce and Mychael Urban, this site probably doesn’t have a lot of fans at KNBR 680. Ours is probably the biggest area in the United States where the

May 19, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Lakers/Nuggets preview

Before you start paying too much attention to what the Los Angeles Lakers did against the short-handed Houston Rockets, ask yourself two questions

May 15, 20097

Warriors more likely to trade for Amare Stoudemire than Chris Bosh

Tim Kawakami said that according to his (unnamed) sources, Larry Riley and the Warriors are going to make an all-out push to trade for Chris Bosh, as Riley was hot

May 14, 20091

Bay to Breakers: B.Y.O. Thermos

It looks like all the reports detailing the demise of Bay to Breakers were a tad overblown. Sure, there have been several announcements that floats carrying alcohol have been banned

May 12, 20093

NBA Tuesday: Warriors ownership needs Cialis

No offense to Larry Riley, who seems like a nice enough guy, but all today’s press conference announcing Riley as the new Warriors’ GM did was announce to the world

May 11, 20093

Manny’s got nice, child-bearing hips

I have to thank Manny Ramirez. While the drug he tested positive for couldn’t have made him as fertile as the chick on the First Response commercials (Ovulation Sensation, baby!),

May 06, 20095

Not everyone’s sold on Michael Crabtree

The sky is falling. No really, it is. Have you seen the reports? Children are getting sick from making out with pigs, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the best home

May 04, 20092

Are the Warriors so petty they’d pass on Ricky Rubio?

While pretty much everyone from reporters to bloggers to radio yakkers wishes the overall Bay Area sports landscape would see a little beautification one of these years, you kind of

April 28, 20091

NBA Tuesday: Warriors’ window getting bigger?

Utah’s precipitous fall from title contenders to getting waxed in the first round was one thing, but it was another game last night that showed just how wide open the

April 24, 20090

OK Giants fans, good news first…

Assuming the Giants go 1-1 in their next two games in Arizona (and with Tim Lincecum and Randy Johnson pitching, that doesn’t seem too far-fetched), they’ll be 7-9 through the

April 21, 20091

NBA Tuesday: Lakers vs. Cavs looks inevitable

LeBron James hit a half-court bank shot at the halftime buzzer on his way to a 38/8/7 performance in his first game. Kobe Bryant’s Game 1 didn’t include the same

April 14, 20092

NBA Tuesday: Warriors to-do list

After a long, laborious season that left the Warriors in the awful yet familiar position of NBA purgatory — out of the playoffs with little to no chance of winning

April 12, 20090

Meet the new Giants, same as the old Giants

The San Francisco Giants hit 94 home runs last year. Man, that sucked. The Giants’ offense was less powerful than a light draft beer at Mays Field in 2008, leading

March 31, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Nellie dug his own grave

I was one of the eight people who watched the Warriors/Grizzlies game last night, and one sequence told you everything you need to know about the 2008/09 Golden State Warriors.

March 24, 20094

NBA Tuesday: It’s not all bad in Warrior-land

Here’s how confident I was that the Warriors were going to lose, evident in the NBA Power Poll I posted earlier this evening: “6.  (5) San Antonio Spurs (45-24): Life’s

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