October 26, 20100

BASG’s NBA Western Conference preview

Wait, it’s tonight? I thought we had like a week or two, at least. The NBA season has already started? You mean to tell me the Celtics and Heat are

October 18, 20101

Quarterly links for sale, every sport must go

I haven’t done a links post in quite a while, so on an off-day after a wild sports weekend I figured it would be good way to get settled again.

October 15, 20105

Why the Warriors might gamble on Melo

I know there are many reasons for the Warriors NOT to trade for Carmelo Anthony, so let’s go through those first

October 13, 20102

Bay Area Buffet (but the 49ers aren’t hungry)

One of the unique parts about writing a “Bay Area Sports” blog instead of a team-specific one is when one of the local teams becomes a much bigger story than

October 02, 20101

Tweedia Day Q&A with Monta Ellis

Finally got a chance to do a little transcribing from the Tweedia Day interviews I pulled, after I had to catch up on work stuff (since I missed work on

September 27, 20106

Louis Amundson wants your tots!

Again, thanks to the fine fellows at Fear The Beard, I got an idea for some content. They posted a video featuring Louis Amundson, who in the video rides his

September 27, 20103

Andris Biedrins: “No spikes, no goose”

One of the highlights of Tweedia Day was Andris Biedrins, who was asked about the controversial interview that came out of Latvia (“mistranslated”), and made no bones about the fact

September 27, 20104

Warriors Tweedia Day: a new beginning

Today’s Golden State Warriors Media Day (or “Tweedia Day,” as it was called for us non-affiliated folks), wasn’t just fun for the 10 of us who were graciously invited by

September 23, 20101

LaGuber makes another Smart move

Joe Lacob and Peter Guber know a fair share about timing, doesn’t he? Here’s the new owners’ plan so far, pretty awesomely executed given the power and salary cap room

September 22, 20104

Warriors select BASG to attend “Tweedia Day”

Does it count as speaking in the third person if I’m the one who wrote the headline? Because with the Warriors choosing me as one of the 10 “social media

September 14, 20103

Warriors quietly adding the right role players

For a second, forget all the extraneous stuff about the Warriors. The uniforms, the mascots, facial expressions displayed by shooting guards, announcers, even the people in charge of the business

August 31, 20100

Don’t expect a full season from Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry’s got it all: the pedigree, the looks, respect from coaches and media members, a starring role on a Warriors team that will let him do whatever he wants,

August 29, 20107

5 reasons why Warriors fans need to Melo out

Carmelo Anthony will not always be a Denver Nugget. He will play for a different NBA team, maybe this season, definitely the season after that (whether that season would start

August 12, 20101

The Bay Area, where nobody ever gets fired

You have to think we’re in for at least another year or two of having Brian Sabean as the general manager of the San Francisco Giants, increasing to what is

August 09, 20100

Surviving my first high school reunion (and some links)

When I told people I was taking off for my old hometown of Eureka for my 15-year high school reunion instead of a standard 10-year or 20-year shindig, most of

July 27, 201019

Joe Lacob: Monta and Biedrins aren’t great players

“I have a philosophy about building a basketball team. I, as you know, was involved with the Celtics. And I really believe that you need three great players if you

July 21, 201014

To cheer us up, the Warriors sign a flawed combo guard

The Warriors signing Jeremy Lin is a little bit like the Giants signing Shinjo. It makes more than a little sense for a Bay Area professional team to take fliers

July 19, 20100

Monday Roundup: beer, ball and tats

Went beer tasting yesterday. OK, that’s not really accurate. When you go wine tasting, they have those buckets you toss your unused wine into. “Hmmm, this one is too young.

July 15, 20105

Cohan says no to Ellison, keeps sale among friends

Chris Cohan has never cared about winning a championship. One doesn’t do everything he can to avoid the luxury tax, swallow trade exceptions and allow people like Robert Rowell to

July 14, 20103

Chris Cohan hates us all

Well, it’s sort of our fault. Well, not OUR fault, since I doubt many of you reading this made it to the 2000 NBA All Star Game in Oakland and

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