March 03, 20096

He should put a towel on

Sorry about the lack of NBA Tuesday on a Tuesday. I was busy today testing and reviewing Major League Baseball 2K9, and since I get paid for playing videogames MLB

February 28, 20090

Don Nelson wastes Crawford’s sick day

I have to admit I didn’t watch any of last night’s Warriors/Bobcats game. Actually that isn’t completely true, as I saw about ten seconds of highlights near the end of

February 27, 20090

Is it tanking if you win?

Don Nelson has done that unthinkable. No, he hasn’t stopped drinking scotch or smoking whatever he does while playing poker against Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson (Man oh man, Nellie

February 25, 20090

Ric Bucher: Celtics to break up Big Three after this season

I love having NBA League Pass, which allows me to escape the poor defense — and even worse picture quality — of the local Warriors broadcasts. Unfortunately I don’t have

February 24, 20093

NBA Tuesday: Warriors a rudderless ship

For the Golden State Warriors, the most dispiriting part of last night’s loss to the Clippers wasn’t that Baron Davis almost got a triple-double, but how hard it is to

February 23, 20090

Tonight may be Baron’s last chance to get out of the doghouse

The Warriors are in Baron Davis country tonight to take on their biggest rivals, and we’re guessing Stephen Jackson won’t be staying at Baron’s house this time around. In T.J.

February 22, 20094

Warriors don’t seem all that happy

Don Nelson notched his 1,300th victory when the Warriors beat the Thunder 133-120, putting him 32 regular season wins away from tying Lenny Wilkens’ all-time record. After watching in person

February 21, 20090

Kevin Durant or the Utah Jazz…not a tough choice

Sure, a true basketball fan is supposed to appreciate the consistency and grit shown by Jerry Sloan’s Utah Jazz or Gregg Popovich’s San Antonio Spurs, but I don’t spend my

February 18, 20092

Warriors/Lakers point-by-point (almost)

We’re starting this Warriors/Lakers “point-by-point (almost)” at the start of the second half. Why? Because that first half was silly. 68-62, Warriors, in 24 minutes of basketball that was a

February 18, 20090

NBA (late) Tuesday: Warriors week that was

This week the Warriors got themselves a cold, hard slap of reality during this season’s first half. And lately, it hasn’t felt all that bad. The Warriors hopefully now realize

February 13, 20093

My Small Friend Nate Robinson

Like many of us, I rely on BASG to inform me of what is going on in the sports world. So, when BASG mentioned NY Knicks guard Nate Robinson, I

February 11, 20090

The Warriors won’t make a big trade anytime soon, because they can’t

Pretty nice win over the Knicks last night, huh? Three wins in four games, a big “eff you” to Al Harrington and confirmation that the Warriors aren’t the worst defensive

February 10, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Warriors week that was

Now that ESPN’s Ric Bucher is reporting what we’ve already been suspecting all week, that the Warriors have offered a package including Andris Biedrins and Tony Randolph to the Raptors

February 09, 20091

Amare Stoudemire, the Warriors’ latest bad idea

Finding out Chris Brown played the role of Nolan Ryan to Rihanna’s Robin Ventura (only this time Rihanna’s face got bruised up and Brown got arrested the day of the

February 03, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Warriors week that was

Monta Ellis left last night’s loss to the Spurs early in overtime after spraining his left ankle (yep, the bad one). According to the San Francisco Chronicle Ellis should be

February 03, 20095

NBA Tuesday: Bynum’s knees shatter easily

You know what isn’t “G?” Andrew Bynum’s knees. You’ve seen those Gatorade commercials, right? Everybody from Derek Jeter to Peyton Manning to Candlestick Park’s head janitor scrolls past in black-and-white,

January 27, 20094

NBA Tuesday: 2008-09 All-Rookie First Team (so far)

You know what’s great about the NBA All-Rookie Team? Positions are irrelevant. So instead of the All-NBA First, Second and Third Teams and the All-Star squads that get selected every

January 16, 20095

Welcome to the new BASG!

Notice anything different about me? I know, as guys we aren’t supposed to ask this question. But in this case, it’s OK, because we’re talking about technology! Yep, the whole

January 02, 20090

2008 BASGY’s: Part 2

On the first day of 2009, it’s official: we can all look back on 2008 and laugh. Sure, by all accounts 2008 wasn’t exactly the best year in many respects,

December 27, 20080

Centerless Celtics aren’t winning 70 games

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