November 09, 20090

Angel Villalona fits in perfectly around here

Just another day in the neighborhood, where Hall-of-Fame linebackers who look like they could still play get bullied by little bald sportswriters named Lowell. — Angel Villalona not only paid

November 07, 20094

Warriors lottery-bound again

Forget pondering whether the Warriors would have held the Clippers to within 30 for at least a majority of the game last night if Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf weren’t

November 06, 20091

Cha, stoney quality start brah!

One of the main cliches of the past couple decades has been that 80% of NBA players are stoners. Could be true. Wouldn’t really surprise any of us, I’d imagine.

November 03, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Oakland’s most dysfunctional team

They go big in Oakland. Whether you’re talking about sideshows or sports FAIL. The Raiders would have dropped the hammer on Tom “At least I slapped her with an open

October 22, 20090

Don Nelson: He is who he is

Well, I finally got on this Twitter thing. I know, the only thing more tiring than listening to people talk about Twitter is people talking about how they finally gave

October 11, 20097

You just have to laugh

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go point-by-point on why the 49ers lost to the Falcons today. You probably know, because you watched it (on TV apparently, since Candlestick Park

September 03, 20091

When Buster Posey comes to town, it’s bye bye Bengie

Some would call him refreshingly honest, I would call him incredibly insecure. All he asks is you don’t call up a first-round phenom at his position while he’s nursing a

September 01, 20091

Scot McCloughan and Larry Riley, delusional till the end

It’s a world of turmoil around here these days, in the form of missing, mediocre and inevitable transactions. Let’s take a look, shall we? First a warning: these links aren’t

August 29, 20099

Groundhog Day: Stephen Jackson wants off the Warriors

Now Stephen Jackson wants out. That’s right, Jackson doesn’t want to be a Warrior anymore, because they (gasp) aren’t championship contenders. Even though the Warriors gave Jackson an obscenely massive

August 12, 20091

Michael Crabtree’s playing with our emotions

We Bay Area fans are an optimistic lot, we really are. Sure, there’s a good deal of whining that goes on, but you’d hear that in any large media market

August 11, 200913

Bochy’s veteran love went too far tonight

Nate Schierholtz was eligible to come off the disabled list today. He wasn’t activated. In fact, Bruce Bochy said during the world famous “Bruce Bochy Show” that it was no

July 31, 20090

Giants/Phillies All-Star rivalry heating up

If you all will excuse me, I’m going to channel Bill Simmons for a moment (and not just because of the name of this site, which originally was “” until

July 30, 20096

Warriors say arrivederci to Marco Belinelli

With the Giants making headlines yesterday, the Warriors sneakily went about their business of becoming the NBA’s version of the Pittsburgh Pirates, trading Marco Belinelli to the Toronto Raptors for

July 28, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Oh crap, Speedy wants to play

Introducing the Golden State Warriors, a team whose most recent problem is the veteran point guard they just traded for actually is healthy enough to play. Marcus Thompson II (who

July 27, 20091

What did Brian Sabean expect?

This isn’t the first time Brian Sabean has vented publicly about the ineptitude of his players, but it might be one of the last. Yesterday, after the Giants finished off

July 17, 20091

Will the Warriors add a veteran free agent?

If you want to check out an interesting video, check out this interview of Warriors GM Larry Riley from HoopsHype. The phrases “interesting video” and “Warriors GM” hardly ever go

July 15, 20091

Anthony Randolph + point guard = championship

It makes little sense to get too excited about Anthony Randolph’s record-tying 42 points in his last summer league game, since the man whose record he ties was Marcus Banks.

July 14, 20090

Can Tim Lincecum reverse All-Star jinx?

Tim Lincecum hasn’t been taken by ambulance to the nearest St. Louis hospital yet, so that’s a start. Still, usually it’s fans of the San Francisco Giants who end up

July 13, 20090

I bet Dwight Howard and Venus Williams never have to deal with flight delays

Well, I’m in Vancouver. Still. Nothing better than sitting on the runway and hearing the flight attendant announce, “Well, as you can probably see, we’ve turned around.” After about a

July 08, 20091

John Bowker gets moved up, LeBron gets rejected

We at BASG prefer the term “Link Sanitation Center” over “Link Dump”…remember to reuse and recycle!

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