October 21, 20155

Four factors to watch during Sharks’ upcoming homestand

In hindsight, going 2-2-0 on the first road trip of the season isn’t too shabby … except when you consider that the Sharks were 4-0-0 on the season and those

October 11, 20151

“Last year is in the rear view mirror.” — Sharks beat Ducks 2-0

Coach Peter DeBoer had a great way of summing up the Sharks’ victory over the Anaheim Ducks: “Last year is in the rear view mirror.” Game after game in the

October 08, 20152

What we learned from the Sharks’ season-opening rout of the Kings

A lot has happened since the last time the San Jose Sharks played a game that counted. And a lot of speculation has centered on how this season would go.

raffi torres jakob silfverberg head shot
October 05, 20153

Sharks are again Raffi-less after massive suspension

It was widely expected that Raffi Torres would receive a hefty suspension for illegally checking Anaheim’s Jakob Silfverberg in the head on Saturday night. But I don’t think anyone expected

September 30, 20150

Sharks beat Canucks, find old habits are hard to break

Tuesday’s tilt against the visiting Vancouver Canucks was the first glimpse at what the Sharks’ regular season roster might look like — and how they stack up with the competition.

September 27, 20150

Joel Ward: “Luckily we have a few more games to work things out.”

Despite the Sharks’ early preseason success, coach Peter DeBoer hasn’t gotten too carried away in the wins, insisting there is still work to be done. Some of those things became

Raffi Torres torresing
September 26, 20150

Torres, Stalock debuts highlight Sharks’ 3-1 win over Coyotes

If there was a theme to the Sharks’ victory over the Coyotes on Friday night, it was that the night consisted of several successful debuts. Yes, the night was easily

September 19, 20157

DeBoer already having a positive impact after Sharks’ first day of camp

We’ve used the terms “clean slate” and “fresh start” an awful lot in reference to how Peter DeBoer and the San Jose Sharks would enter their 2015-16 campaign. Now, with

August 31, 20157

Will the Sharks’ new acquisitions make them compete harder?

Few things seem longer and duller than the last couple of weeks before hockey season starts. Especially when the resident team doesn’t play past the regular season and has a

July 02, 20150

Two Martins headline San Jose Sharks’ offseason acquisitions

It’s only July 2, but the Sharks’ roster is starting to bend and take on a different shape. Whether that bending is enough to catapult San Jose into the playoffs

June 27, 20150

Sharks trade Niemi – sign of bigger moves to come?

No, the San Jose Sharks were not the splashiest team in South Beach during the 2015 NHL Draft. They did, however, make a couple moves that will make the remaining

May 28, 20154

New Sharks Coach Peter DeBoer: “I want to give everyone a clear, clean slate.”

It certainly made for an interesting storyline that San Jose Sharks head coach hire Peter DeBoer’s most recent coaching gig was served behind the bench for Team Canada at the

April 24, 20151

Plattner’s letter to the fans and what might come next for SJ Sharks

Sharks’ owner Hasso Plattner pulled back his cloak of mystery for a couple seconds on Thursday when the team released a letter he wrote to Sharks fans. The lengthy adage

April 20, 20156

Todd McLellan on leaving Sharks: “This team is clearly in a rebuild.”

It certainly won’t solve all of the team’s problems, this news that Todd McLellan will no longer coach the San Jose Sharks. But something had to change, and when the internet exploded

April 20, 20154

Sharks “mutually agree to part ways” with Todd McLellan

It was a turbulent season for the San Jose Sharks, and it appears more rough waters lie on the horizon. The team has “mutually agreed to part ways” with head

sharks couture thornton
April 17, 20159

Digging into the reported “culture clash” in the Sharks’ locker room

Those who follow the Sharks entered Wednesday’s locker clean-out expecting answers about Todd McLellan’s future in San Jose. What they got was glimpses of a team — coaches, players, whathaveyou

Todd McLellan Sharks
April 13, 20154

Sharks offseason kicks off with all eyes on McLellan

With a performance down at Staples Center not unlike many other disappointing performances, the roller-coaster that was the Sharks 2014-15 campaign has finally drawn to a close. Now a couple

April 10, 20152

What Sharks could gain tomorrow with win over rival Kings

We are in very unfamiliar territory heading into the final game of the regular season. Typically a Sharks-Kings tilt would carry some kind of weight, especially one that’s nationally televised

sharks brown
April 06, 201514

Pavelski after losing home finale: “We love playing here, and we weren’t good enough here.”

There is no way to sugarcoat it: The Sharks’ 5-1 loss to the Dallas Stars was ugly and uninspired. Even if you take away the victory for the Winnipeg Jets

April 03, 20150

Sharks make things interesting with win over Coyotes

Forward John Scott was onto something when he said after Wednesday’s game that the Sharks could string together a couple of wins and “make things interesting.” That’s exactly what they

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