June 27, 20150

Sharks trade Niemi – sign of bigger moves to come?

No, the San Jose Sharks were not the splashiest team in South Beach during the 2015 NHL Draft. They did, however, make a couple moves that will make the remaining

May 28, 20154

New Sharks Coach Peter DeBoer: “I want to give everyone a clear, clean slate.”

It certainly made for an interesting storyline that San Jose Sharks head coach hire Peter DeBoer’s most recent coaching gig was served behind the bench for Team Canada at the

April 24, 20151

Plattner’s letter to the fans and what might come next for SJ Sharks

Sharks’ owner Hasso Plattner pulled back his cloak of mystery for a couple seconds on Thursday when the team released a letter he wrote to Sharks fans. The lengthy adage

April 20, 20156

Todd McLellan on leaving Sharks: “This team is clearly in a rebuild.”

It certainly won’t solve all of the team’s problems, this news that Todd McLellan will no longer coach the San Jose Sharks. But something had to change, and when the internet exploded

April 20, 20154

Sharks “mutually agree to part ways” with Todd McLellan

It was a turbulent season for the San Jose Sharks, and it appears more rough waters lie on the horizon. The team has “mutually agreed to part ways” with head

sharks couture thornton
April 17, 20159

Digging into the reported “culture clash” in the Sharks’ locker room

Those who follow the Sharks entered Wednesday’s locker clean-out expecting answers about Todd McLellan’s future in San Jose. What they got was glimpses of a team — coaches, players, whathaveyou

Todd McLellan Sharks
April 13, 20154

Sharks offseason kicks off with all eyes on McLellan

With a performance down at Staples Center not unlike many other disappointing performances, the roller-coaster that was the Sharks 2014-15 campaign has finally drawn to a close. Now a couple

April 10, 20152

What Sharks could gain tomorrow with win over rival Kings

We are in very unfamiliar territory heading into the final game of the regular season. Typically a Sharks-Kings tilt would carry some kind of weight, especially one that’s nationally televised

sharks brown
April 06, 201514

Pavelski after losing home finale: “We love playing here, and we weren’t good enough here.”

There is no way to sugarcoat it: The Sharks’ 5-1 loss to the Dallas Stars was ugly and uninspired. Even if you take away the victory for the Winnipeg Jets

April 03, 20150

Sharks make things interesting with win over Coyotes

Forward John Scott was onto something when he said after Wednesday’s game that the Sharks could string together a couple of wins and “make things interesting.” That’s exactly what they

Sharks Brent Burns
April 02, 20150

Sharks go from sleepy to superior in 5-1 win over Avs

It’s hard to blame anyone who wanted to turn Wednesday night’s Sharks game off after the first 40 minutes. Before the opening goal late in the second period, the game was, well,

April 01, 20152

Sharks can end season on a high note, playoffs or not

After what seemed like the longest road trip in the history of road trips, the Sharks are finally back on South Bay ice for three of their last six games

March 24, 20155

Why do the Sharks have trouble keeping their foot on the gas?

As the Sharks’ 2-1 lead headed into the third frame Tuesday night dissolved into a 5-2 loss to the Ottawa Senators, echoes of the loss-laden month of February and painful

sharks road trip
March 16, 20153

Why this long road trip might do the Sharks some good

Spending a long two weeks on the road is difficult enough … let alone a long road trip at the end of the regular season with a playoff spot still out

March 14, 20150

Blackhawks score four goals in third period, defeat bickering Sharks 6-2

Even with all the drama surrounding the San Jose Sharks over the previous 48 hours, the South Bay club still looked strong as they took the ice to face the

Joe Thornton
March 14, 20158

Thornton-Wilson feud an alarming look into state of the Sharks

Joe Thornton has never been one to mince words, so if you want an honest peek at the state of the San Jose Sharks, Thornton is your guy. In this

March 13, 20150

Niemi and Hertl highlight Sharks’ shutout of the Predators

Tomas Hertl gets a very specific look on his face when the puck doesn’t find the back of the net the way he thinks it should. It’s a look of

sharks penguins
March 10, 20158

Sharks shootout win shuts down Penguins

The last time the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Sharks in San Jose was October of 1997. Gas cost $1.22 a gallon, “Titanic” was the go-to blockbuster flick and Mike Tyson

March 07, 20152

Sharks squander 2-0 lead, and perhaps their playoff hopes as well

If there was ever a night to avoid blowing a 2-0 lead to the team most capable of slamming the door on your playoff hopes, Saturday night was it. Instead,

hertl locker
March 02, 20154

Losses, lunches and what the Sharks look like after the trade deadline

After one too many kicks in the teeth, the Sharks were bound for changes following their 4-2 defeat at the hands at the Ottawa Senators. But I don’t think anybody

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