October 13, 20132

Walk-on freshman leads SJSU to second straight road victory

For the second week in a row, San Jose State turned much of its offense over to a group of freshmen that figured to make little, if any, impact prior

sark shaw
October 08, 20134

David Shaw blasts Steve Sarkisian for injury-faking accusations

I wasn’t the only one who thought Stanford’s Ben Gardner and Shayne Skov suffered injuries that seemed curious at the time and healed extremely quickly. Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian said

Jordan Kilganon
October 08, 20130

6’1″ Jordan Kilganon put on a crazy dunking exhibition at St. Mary’s Midnight Madness

Meet Jordan Kilganon. He’s the kind of athlete who (for one night, anyway) made everyone at McKeon Pavilion in Moraga forget that St. Mary’s basketball program was put on probation

October 06, 20132

Young blood propels Spartans to big win in Hawaii

San Jose State needed a win in the worst way Saturday night, and they got just that in a hard-fought victory over a familiar foe. Taking on former WAC rivals

Stanford Washington 2013
October 06, 2013116

Stanford resorts to faking injuries to slow down Washington

Despite the Pac-12 officials making the game about them far more often than anyone would’ve hoped going in, Stanford’s 31-28 win over Washington was a fantastic football game. The defense

Terrelle Pryor
October 01, 201320

We should’ve trusted Al

Sunday wasn’t a great day for Matt Flynn. It wasn’t as bad as James Arcellana would have you believe, but Jumpin’ Jimmy A and I will have that discussion later

September 28, 20138

Season starts to unravel after Spartans get smashed in MWC debut

It took Mike MacIntyre three seasons to take San Jose State from a one-win laughing stock to a top-25 team. In just four games, it looks like his successor has the

September 25, 20136

Spartans limp into conference play after second straight loss

At just three games into the season, it may not be time for San Jose State fans to hit the panic button just yet — but it could be getting close

Stanford Rose Bowl
September 08, 20132

Stanford starts strong, handles San Jose State in opener

Leading up to their season-opener against San Jose State, Stanford made it clear that they hadn’t forgotten the scare the Spartans put into them in last year’s 20-17 victory. This

san jose state
August 30, 20132

Spartans notch shutout in Caragher’s debut

If it’s possible for a team to pitch a shutout and still start its season in a pedestrian–if not lackluster–fashion, San Jose State did just that Thursday night in a 24-0 home victory over

August 26, 201311

The top five keys to success for San Jose State in 2013

If you’ve already grown numb to the preseason drama surrounding the 49ers’ receiving corps, or are in need of something — anything — to take your mind off the abysmal summer

Scott Reiss Stanford
August 20, 20131

Scott Reiss to replace Dave Flemming on Stanford football radio

We’ve just learned that CSN Bay Area’s Scott Reiss will join the Stanford football radio broadcast team, replacing former Stanford play-by-play announcer Dave Flemming. Reiss joins former Stanford quarterback Todd

August 15, 20137

Can Ron Caragher keep San Jose State a winner?

With college football right around the corner, it would be easy and predictable to kick off the BASG coverage with, well, predictions about how San Jose State is going to

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 11.35.17 AM
July 27, 20132

College football’s elite may be poised to separate entirely from percieved “bottom feeders”

For the mid-major schools that survived the latest round of college football re-alignment by landing in a stable conference, they might not want to let out that sigh of relief

July 18, 20132

More Spartans on preaseason watch lists than (probably) ever before; hype keeps pouring in for David Fales

I don’t know if even Lawrence Fan, San Jose State’s Hall of Fame Sports Information Director, keeps official stats on how many of the school’s football players make it to preseason

June 09, 201314

If the Raiders haven’t found their franchise QB yet, they may not have to look far

I’m not a Raiders fan. But they play football, and not too far from my home, so I pay attention. And even if I didn’t, it still wouldn’t be hard

Keenan Allen Raiders hat
May 20, 20136

Raiders loved everywhere … even in the Chargers’ locker room?

The Oakland Raiders are known for having one of the most widespread fan bases in all of sports. When I was traveling through Europe, I was stopped on more than

BASG Facebook photo
April 24, 201331

New commenting system for BASG

We’re always looking for ways to give back to everyone who reads the site, and this time we’ve modernized the site in the process. We gave the comments section here

April 14, 20133

49ers host potential replacement for Delanie Walker (no, not Zach Ertz)

The NFL draft is right around the corner, and it’s time to start getting excited about who the 49ers will add. Like most years, the 2013 draft begins the day

April 10, 20133

Keenan Allen – future star or just a guy we know really well?

If one would’ve asked me this question back in 2010, I’d take Keenan Allen in a heartbeat. I was covering a game between Cal and Colorado in Berkeley as a

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