November 20, 20151

Raiders vs. Lions: Three keys to an Oakland victory

The Oakland Raiders will look to bounce back from two tough losses in Detroit this week against the Lions. While Detroit has only won two games this season, but one

November 19, 20150

Raiders have almost matched their 2014 sack total … but it’s not enough

The Oakland Raiders have 19 sacks, which puts them just three shy of matching their total for the entire 2014 season. However, the pass rush is one of the bigger

November 15, 20156

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?! Raiders fail important test against Minnesota

The Oakland Raiders showed once again that if the offense can’t carry the team, the defense won’t step in and do the heavy lifting. Aside from a short period of

Eddie Debartolo last game Candlestick Park
November 15, 20152

Time for 49ers fans to give up the Eddie D. fantasy

It was a far-fetched idea already. Perhaps not as insanely unrealistic as Steve Young and Brent Jones buying the 49ers from the York family, but crazy nonetheless. Those in the

November 13, 20150

Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings: Three keys to victory

After a close and frustrating loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, the Oakland Raiders had no time to wallow as the next test awaiting them is a tough one.

Vernon Davis SF 49ers Week 1 2013 pregame
November 04, 20157

Raiders were smart not to make any moves at the trade deadline

Denver was the most active team as the NFL trade deadline approached this week. They acquired tight end Vernon Davis from the 49ers and tried to complete a trade with

November 01, 20157

We just won, baby

This was a game Al Davis would have loved … well, I’m not going to get into all of that. Because I don’t care about that. The Oakland Raiders have

November 01, 20152

Red hot Raiders offense too much for Jets to handle

After a strong performance in their win against the Chargers last week, the Oakland Raiders faced a tough test hosting the New York Jets. Boasting the second-best overall defense heading

October 30, 20154

Some fun with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree comparisons

What a difference a logical offseason makes. Derek Carr was a cautious checkdown machine in his rookie year, and now he’s got some dynamic receiving targets. First they signed free

October 30, 201526

Mark Davis was the only winner at last night’s NFL Town Hall

I want to believe that Oakland Raiders managing partner Mark Davis was at the NFL Town Hall meeting last night to seriously consider what Raiders fans had to say. I

October 28, 201536

What to expect from NFL Town Hall on Oakland Raiders

On Tuesday night, the NFL held a town hall meeting in St. Louis in order to give fans there an opportunity to be heard on the Los Angeles stadium issue.

October 26, 20153

Raiders come out of the bye week on fire before dousing their own flame

The Oakland Raiders looked like a team that really used their bye week well. After losing back-to-back close games going into the bye, they played their first complete game of

October 21, 20153

The only way for the Raiders to stop Philip Rivers

The Oakland Raiders are ranked 31st in pass defense (one spot ahead of the 49ers!) this season and are preparing to take on the league leaders in passing yards and

October 13, 20150

Bye week coming at perfect time for Raiders

The NFL bye week is a blessing for most teams, but timing is key. In recent years, the Oakland Raiders had their bye week fairly early, leaving many to wish

pick 6
October 11, 20151

Role reversal: Raiders’ offensive failures waste decent defensive performance against Broncos

The Oakland Raiders have played well on offense and close to horribly on defense this season. So it was rather confusing when it was the defense that kept them in the

missed tackle
October 09, 20150

Two ways Raiders can improve their defense

We need to be honest with ourselves about this Oakland Raiders defense — nothing it going to turn it around this year. No matter what the Raiders do, this a

October 04, 20151

Raiders can’t find rhythm, fall to the Bears

The Oakland team that played in Chicago yesterday was not the same group that won back-to-back games in the two weeks prior. In fact, the Raiders looked a whole lot

October 02, 20158

Raiders must take advantage of this weekend’s opportunity

The Oakland Raiders have a very difficult schedule this season, but it’s been hard to tell based on the teams they’ve played or the team they are scheduled to play this

raiders cw
September 27, 20152

Raiders improve to 2-1 after nearly coughing up 17-point lead

For the first time in a long time, the Oakland Raiders did not simply sleep walk through the first half of a 10 am road game. Instead, the Raiders started

September 24, 20151

How the Ravens tricked Ken Norton Jr. into taking one of his best players off the field

The Oakland Raiders have struggled massively rushing the passer this season. They’ve yet to log one sack and only come close to a sack once, when Khalil Mack whiffed while

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