September 12, 201227

Raiders need a radio station the East Bay can hear

Good point brought up by a random fan (literally, that’s his/her name) in the post about the 49ers and Cumulus agreeing on a 12-year contract extension: I wonder if the

goethel Raiders
September 11, 20125

Raiders’ first game plagued by special teams errors, poor coaching

The Raiders are playing a dangerous game. Well, football is dangerous, but that’s not what I had in mind. The more dangerous game — not to be confused with the

September 10, 201213

Will the Raiders embark on a new era, one marked by professionalism instead of pain?

The Raiders are a whole new household this year. Mr. Davis is dead, long live Mr. Davis. Coach Dennis Allen will debut at the helm of our sailing ship full

September 10, 20122

Raiders, Chargers look to renew rivalry on 34th anniversary of “The Holy Roller”

In the second game of the 1978 season, the Oakland Raiders beat the San Diego Chargers on the final play of the game. The box score reads nothing unusual–only that

total non-expert
September 07, 201210

BASG non-expert NFL Picks: Week 1

That’s right, we don’t make idle threats. Five BASG contributors will pick every NFL game against the spread this season to determine who’s the best at gambling (with nothing on

September 06, 20127

Power Rankings: Raiders looking weak in Week 1

Most major publications have released their “Power Rankings,” which provide us with fodder to throw around the proverbial water-cooler. Typically, I don’t put much stock in rankings, unless it’s the

Jason Witten
September 05, 201211

BASG contributors pick against the spread and each other, starting TONIGHT

On BASG we’re going to build off my weekly NFL picks against the spread from previous years, with all of the contributing writers competing against each other this time around.

Hanson Raiders
September 03, 201214

Short-Sided/Sighted: Raiders sign CB Joselio Hanson, cut DeMarcus Van Dyke

The Raiders downsized their secondary for the second straight day, adding 5-9 cornerback Joselio Hanson at the expense of DeMarcus Van Dyke (DVD), the Raiders’ 3rd round selection last year.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
September 02, 20120

Raiders bolster roster, begin to assemble practice squad

The Raiders continued to shape their roster Saturday, claiming cornerback Phillip Adams, linebacker Keenan Clayton and tackle Willie Smith off waivers. Adams has seen time with the San Francisco 49ers, the

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
August 31, 20123

Raiders trim roster to 53, fail to surprise pundits

The Oakland Raiders have (finally) announced their final 53-man roster. There were little in the way of surprises–even Mike Goodson made the team, which says more about the state of

August 30, 20120

Raiders offensive projections: Pryor and Goodson out

Following Thursday’s preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks, general manager Reggie McKenzie and company will have to complete the arduous task of trimming the Oakland Raiders’ roster down to the

49ers Raiders
August 27, 20121

Fantasy Football: Projecting the Raiders’ and 49ers’ offensive starters

Given that many of us have fantasy football drafts coming up, I thought it’d be appropriate to give a brief overview of the prime fantasy prospects on both the Raiders

pryor postgame
August 26, 20123

Raiders Postgame Surprises: Jones runs, Criner catches, Pryor throws

After their third preseason game, the Raiders finally have some offensive positives to talk about. Naturally, the first inclination would be to focus on Terrelle Pryor, but others were perhaps

49ers raiders
August 24, 201215

How a vocal minority is proving the Raiders’ stereotype (and taking the Raiders-49ers rivalry too far)

What I’m about to do constitutes “beating a dead horse” in many blue states — or “animal husbandry” if you’re in a red state. So, if you have a weak

Raiders shooting
August 18, 201232

Fan shot at Raiders preseason road game for second consecutive year

Less than a year after two men were shot following a Raiders preseason game against the 49ers, a 30-year-old Arizona resident was shot in the face in the northwest parking

August 17, 201210

Beat LA: Raiders secretly meet with Oakland officials and NFL to discuss stadium

In their ongoing effort to retain the Raiders, Oakland city officials met with Raiders’ owner Mark Davis and team president Amy Trask, as well as representatives from the NFL. The

August 13, 201213

Raiders first preseason game characterized by sloppy execution

If there’s one word that describes the Raiders’ first preseason game, it would be: Boring. If there’s two: Really Boring. But, really, any synonym of sloppy would perfectly describe the

Terrelle Pryor
August 13, 20123

Raiders endure preseason-y 3-0 ‘loss’ to the Cowboys

Everyone knows NFL preseason games aren’t really competitive contests as much as live scrimmages with nothing on the line. The final score doesn’t matter as much as what happens during each

Niners Raiders
August 09, 20121

The Raiders’ season rests on the shoulders of the defense

Yesterday, commenter Slam described the Oakland Raiders’ defense as “brutal.” So brutal, in fact, Slam predicted the team would “be lucky to win 7 games this year.” Commenter Tru, on

August 08, 20120

Two misconceptions about Raiders rookie Juron Criner

Juron Criner is in camp, and there are two stories attached to him that I think are unfair because of their context. The first is his contract situation. There have

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