49ers stadium
October 05, 20126

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 5 (plus 49ers stadium photos from today)

What else is there to say about this segment? For the readers it’s great, because you can deride my lack of NFL knowledge beyond the 49ers. Picked ‘em every week,

Rolando McClain
October 04, 20123

Film Review: Roland McClain is not as bad as you think

“NFL is parody,” a friend — and Oakland Raiders’ fan — wrote me last week. He meant parity, of course, and was referring to the Raiders’ chance at victory. But

Raiders Fans Carson Palmer face
September 30, 201224

Blame it on McClain

The Oakland Raiders defied the odds … makers who believed they’d lose to the Broncos by only seven points and got shellacked 37-6 at Chump Field in Denver. Because the

September 29, 20122

Raiders look to renew rivalry with Broncos, keep fight on the field

I just realized that Portland Trail Blazer writers circa 2000 must have had fit with all the “high” puns that were readily available whenever the “Jail Blazers”–as they were called–traveled

NFL officials
September 28, 20122

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 4 (and some thoughts on the refs)

The best thing about the NFL coming to an agreement with the referees isn’t that the games will be controlled by cocky little striped-shirt wearing ninnies who now think they’re

September 28, 20125

Film Review: McFadden finally breaks through, but only temporarily

Last week, when discussing the struggles of the running game, Raiders’ offensive coordinator Greg Knapp preached patience, noting the need for the fans and media alike to “keep things in

Andre Carter
September 26, 20122

Raiders add Andre Carter, instantly improve pass rush

In hopes of improving their pass rush, the Raiders signed defensive end Andre Carter, 33, to a free-agent contract on Wednesday. Though old by NFL standards, Carter should significantly improve

Oakland Raiders
September 24, 201234

Just won, baby

I was late getting the kids to school today, and usually I’d have a fit over something like that. But The Oakland Raiders beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a real

September 22, 20126

Raiders look to punch Steelers in the mouth … figuratively, this time

The last time the Raiders and Steelers faced each other, there was an inordinate amount of mouth-punching. The Raiders defense was figuratively punched in the mouth by Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger,

September 21, 20124

BASG non-expert NFL picks against the spread: Week 3

Resentment toward the NFL seems to be the norm these days. The season isn’t even three weeks old yet, and so far we’re all collectively up in arms about a

September 21, 20121

No room to run: the problem with the Raiders’ ground game

Though fans might be lacking in confidence of the Zone Blocking Scheme (ZBS), Raiders coach Dennis Allen is not. “I’ve got all the confidence in the world in our running game,”

September 17, 20129

Don’t get the rope yet, Raider Nation

The Raiders played very uncomfortable football again on Sunday. That’s the only way I can describe it. The instincts and reflexes on this team seem dulled or borderline robotic. There

Raiders Dolphins
September 17, 20126

The Raiders raider themselves, sink to 0-2 on season

If ever there were an example of raidering, it was Sunday’s debacle against the Miami Dolphins. Carson Palmer raidered left and right: Overthrowing, underthrowing, miss-throwing, et al. Greg Knapp raidered

raiders dolphins
September 15, 201210

Raiders travel to Miami to face the heat, Dolphins might be there too

How does one begin talking about an Oakland-Miami game? What story-lines exist that can captivate, enthrall, or even interest? Is there some dormant rivalry? Perhaps the Miami heat — no

Harbaugh Schwartz
September 14, 20124

BASG non-expert NFL picks against the spread: Week 2

It was a shaky first week for all of the Bay Area Sports Guy contributors in our first week picking against the spread. No one finished better than 8-8, and

September 12, 201227

Raiders need a radio station the East Bay can hear

Good point brought up by a random fan (literally, that’s his/her name) in the post about the 49ers and Cumulus agreeing on a 12-year contract extension: I wonder if the

goethel Raiders
September 11, 20125

Raiders’ first game plagued by special teams errors, poor coaching

The Raiders are playing a dangerous game. Well, football is dangerous, but that’s not what I had in mind. The more dangerous game — not to be confused with the

September 10, 201213

Will the Raiders embark on a new era, one marked by professionalism instead of pain?

The Raiders are a whole new household this year. Mr. Davis is dead, long live Mr. Davis. Coach Dennis Allen will debut at the helm of our sailing ship full

September 10, 20122

Raiders, Chargers look to renew rivalry on 34th anniversary of “The Holy Roller”

In the second game of the 1978 season, the Oakland Raiders beat the San Diego Chargers on the final play of the game. The box score reads nothing unusual–only that

total non-expert
September 07, 201210

BASG non-expert NFL Picks: Week 1

That’s right, we don’t make idle threats. Five BASG contributors will pick every NFL game against the spread this season to determine who’s the best at gambling (with nothing on

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