January 19, 20114

Mike Singletary mentions accountability, disperses blame

Mike Singletary landed on his feet pretty quickly, joining former teammate Leslie Frazier as a linebackers coach/assistant head coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Singletary announced his new gig yesterday on

January 18, 20110

Al Davis speaks, Cody Ross signs: just another day in the Bay

Today was just another Tuesday on the surface, but it was a day to reminisce for your favorite independent Bay Area sports blogger who’s represented by a cartoon character that

January 13, 20112

Holding pattern until baseball season

Are you getting tired of the term “labor stoppage”? How about “lockout” or “collective bargaining agreement”? Because for all the talk about Jim Harbaugh staying the night at the 49ers’

January 12, 20116

HBO 24/7 series we’d like to see

Every once in a while, I start on a post that’s what those in the editorial business call “evergreen,” meaning it’ll stay relevant longer than 98% of my posts, which

January 05, 20116

Jim Harbaugh: a pro-style coach with many options

I better hurry up and write this post quickly, because it seems like the story with Jim Harbaugh changes by the hour. It’s really too much, if you think about

December 23, 20103

10 things we’re wishing for this Christmas

I heard F.P. Santangelo say that a lot of people probably don’t want anything for Christmas this year because the Giants won the World Series (I heard him on the

December 20, 20101

The Raiders, the 49ers, and punting

If you happen to be a “Bay Area” fan, and who isn’t (Get your 1/2 Giants, 1/2 A’s hat out, kids), this is the best season of football we’ve had

December 12, 20106

49ers and Raiders prove NFL life isn’t fair

The Raiders are now 6-7 after a tough loss against in Jacksonville, in a game where they challenged a Jags touchdown in hopes that Rashad Jennings ran out of bounds

December 06, 20103

You’re never too old to wear hip hop gear

I was going to write a post on Jon Gruden, but then on my way to work this morning I saw a white guy on Market St. who had to

November 22, 20108

What I learned in Mexico, honeymoon edition

I admit, it’s strange to be back after being gone so long. Two-plus weeks without blogging. Almost as much time away from fantasy sports, KNBR, Twitter, games on TV, and

October 24, 20107

San Francisco is now a Giants town … sorry, Niners

The 49ers gave us a lifetime’s worth of memories from 1981 until Steve Mariucci was fired. But they’ve lost the city they call home. Sure, they’re still called the “San

October 18, 20101

Quarterly links for sale, every sport must go

I haven’t done a links post in quite a while, so on an off-day after a wild sports weekend I figured it would be good way to get settled again.

October 17, 20105

Human nature on display from the Giants and 49ers

This Game 2 bore way too many similarities to Game 2 against Atlanta. The Giants just weren’t the same scrappy, resourceful team with the lights-out bullpen and dependable fielding tonight.

October 13, 20102

Bay Area Buffet (but the 49ers aren’t hungry)

One of the unique parts about writing a “Bay Area Sports” blog instead of a team-specific one is when one of the local teams becomes a much bigger story than

September 19, 20104

Luck could be just around the corner

Update, 6 pm Sunday: Here’s the Flip Cam video package I shot at the game for CSN Bay Area, and here’s the “Inside The Game” sidebar (play of the game,

September 02, 20105

Sample Raider press releases

Adam Schefter learned a lesson yesterday. Throw out a rumor about a quarterback who’s been more of a punchline than a viable NFL player lately involving the Raiders, and you’re

August 27, 20101

Sorry NFL, for not selling out Raiders preseason games

Thank you, NFL. Thanks for rightly believing that preseason games are just as important as regular season contests. Thank you for charging full price for all tickets, and extending your

July 13, 201011

Who will be Larry Ellison’s first new hires?

Alright kids, before we get into this week’s edition of “Rampant Speculation,” let’s talk a little bit about JaMarcus Russell. I apologize for missing this while I was on vacation,

May 06, 20101

Welcome 19 new sites to the BASG blogroll!

An old boss was always fond of saying that all the hyperlinks, blogrolls, related widgets and all the other things you can click on these and other pages you read

May 05, 20105

A new decade

Trust me, it’s knock on wood time. Knock on wood, formica, granite, steel, plastic, whatever’s around you. Because even reading this will implicate you, too. But … Aren’t you so

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