BASG 5th Anniversary 49ers fan party
December 14, 20122

You’re invited to watch 49ers/Patriots and celebrate the 5th Anniversary of this here weblog

There are some NFL picks below, but first an invitation. Five years ago, two days after the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21-19 to improve their record

December 14, 20125

Raider Roundtable: Draftmas is nigh

Yesterday, 133 days from the 2013 NFL Draft, ESPN’s Todd McShay released his first mock draft. McShay laments his projections as “dominated” by defensive players, while citing a general deficit

McKenzie Allen
December 13, 20124

Raider Roundtable: What changes lie ahead?

If you’ve been following the Raiders, then you’ve bore witness to the veritable roster purging that new general manager Reggie McKenzie has incited.  For better (See: Routt, Stanford) or worse (See:

December 12, 20129

Raider Roundtable: Why, Raiders? Why?

As their record suggests, these aren’t the Raiders of yesteryear. In fact, they may be better. Well, better off at least. Shane Lechler, one of the longest tenured Raiders, believes

Rolando McClain
December 10, 20125

Rolando McClain is still an Oakland Raider

You read that correctly. The Oakland Raiders did not release Rolando McClain on Monday morning, opting instead to cut cornerback Ronald Bartell. The reasons for cutting Bartell are obvious. He’s

Alex Smith 49ers
December 06, 20122

Another difference between Peyton Manning and Alex Smith (Non-expert NFL Picks, Week 14)

Remember when I used to writes those posts that compared Alex Smith and Peyton Manning? That was cute, I know. A real valuable use of time. Luckily for you, I’ve

December 06, 201211

Silver (and Black) Linings: Defending a few defenders

The Raiders defense, much like it’s offense, is bad. But I don’t want to dwell on the negatives. That’s what game days are for. Instead, let’s celebrate the positives. Though they represent

December 05, 20124

Silver (and Black) Linings: Not all is bad on the Raiders’ offense

The Raiders are bad, obviously. Record notwithstanding, Pro Football Reference ranks the Raiders as THE worst team in the NFL. After all, they lose by an average of 11.8 points

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 12.38.31 PM
December 03, 201223

Is Gruden heading back to the Silver and Black?

Pro Football Weekly is reporting that Jon Gruden is “in line to rejoin the Raiders’ organization in a prominent role.” Whether as coach or otherwise, PFW believes Gruden is “well-positioned”

Rolando McClain
December 01, 201212

Despite losing season, Raiders not resting on laurels

It has been a busy week for the Raiders despite having been all but eliminated from the playoffs last Sunday. Running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson returned to practice

Colin Kaepernick Jim harbaugh
November 29, 201221

Non-expert NFL picks, Week 13 (plus a look at David Whitley’s racist column about Colin Kaepernick and tattoos)

Congratulations David Whitley, you’re our Hack National Columnist of the Week for your asinine, more-than-slightly-racist piece on Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos! I feel bad sometimes when we shine the light on

November 27, 20128

Copy Kap: Raiders might look to involve Terrelle Pyror

You’ve heard it before: The NFL is a copycat league. Sometimes the copy-cating is done ironically. Sometimes its done out necessity. But mostly its done out of desperation. And the

November 22, 20123

BASG Non-expert NFL picks, Thanksgiving edition

I’m going to make this short because I already wrote about Colin Kaepernick getting the starting nod last night and I’m on chef detail today. I brined the turkey, so

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 9.16.27 PM
November 21, 201212

Raiders’ top-five investments not paying dividends

NFL teams want their top paid players to perform well. I know, I know, I’m generalizing here, but bear with me. The top-four teams in the NFL get production from

Alex Smith
November 16, 201214

Non-expert NFL Picks Week 11, plus a contest!

First, the contest. At the bottom of the post the five of us predict the games involving the Raiders and 49ers and a “Game of the Week” against the spread.

November 16, 201225

Raiders have been bad, but just how bad might surprise you

Remember Halloween, Raiders’ fans? The optimism. The debauchery. The our-team-has-just-won-two-out-of-their-last-three-and-the-one-loss-could-have-easily-been-a-victory-against-the-league’s-best-team-ery. Ah, the memories. Since then, the Raiders have fallen into a veritable black hole. They’ve lost their last two games

Wheelhouse Lund Papa
November 12, 201242

Greg Papa calls Alex Smith’s concussion an example of Harbaugh-related “karma”

Greg Papa is an employee of the Oakland Raiders, and like most announcers he seems to consider himself part of the team. He also hosts a show from noon to

broken oakland raiders glass
November 12, 201222

Ravens rout Raiders … what else is on TV?

Hey, the Raiders suck! The whole game could be summarized by two failed fourth down conversions where (1) Carson Palmer got stepped on by his own lineman and fell down,

November 10, 20123

Raiders look to rebound in Baltimore after embarrassing loss to Tampa Bay

In four trips to Baltimore, the Raiders have yet to return to Oakland with a victory. Combine that with the fact that the Ravens haven’t lost at home since 2010,

Frank Gore 49ers
November 09, 20124

49ers midseason MVPs (and some non-expert NFL picks)

The 49ers are 6-2 and spent the bye week preparing to make their move for a first round bye in a very tough NFC, while keeping the rest of the

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