August 13, 201213

Raiders first preseason game characterized by sloppy execution

If there’s one word that describes the Raiders’ first preseason game, it would be: Boring. If there’s two: Really Boring. But, really, any synonym of sloppy would perfectly describe the

Terrelle Pryor
August 13, 20123

Raiders endure preseason-y 3-0 ‘loss’ to the Cowboys

Everyone knows NFL preseason games aren’t really competitive contests as much as live scrimmages with nothing on the line. The final score doesn’t matter as much as what happens during each

Niners Raiders
August 09, 20121

The Raiders’ season rests on the shoulders of the defense

Yesterday, commenter Slam described the Oakland Raiders’ defense as “brutal.” So brutal, in fact, Slam predicted the team would “be lucky to win 7 games this year.” Commenter Tru, on

August 08, 20120

Two misconceptions about Raiders rookie Juron Criner

Juron Criner is in camp, and there are two stories attached to him that I think are unfair because of their context. The first is his contract situation. There have

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
August 07, 20122

In Theory: ESPN’s “Football Scientist” picks the San Diego Chargers to win the AFC West

KC Joyner, the so-called “Football Scientist,” believes that the San Diego Chargers — yes, the same San Diego that was discovered by the Germans in 1904 — are the favorites to

August 05, 20123

Raiders should copy a certain high school coach from Richmond

Reports out of Napa Valley indicates that the Raiders are still having trouble managing penalties. This is disappointing, but not much of a surprise. Last season, Hue Jackson allegedly “battled

August 04, 20125

If the Raiders ran NFL Network…

If you’ve been watching the NFL Network’s training camp coverage this week, you’ve probably noticed the league is really over-reporting two headlines right now. Despite the fact that there are

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
August 02, 20120

Camp Report: Raiders (still) lack discipline, but not promise

Though I have not personally been to Raiders’ training camp, thanks to the Chronicle’s Vic Tafur, CSN Bay Area’s Paul Gutierrez, Bay Area New Group’s Steve Corkran, and’s Christopher Hansen,

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
July 30, 20121

Al Davis might be missing from the Raiders training camp, but discipline is not

Today, the Oakland Raiders opened up their first Al-Davis-less training camp since 1963 — that’s 49 years, according to Google. Not forsaking the foundation laid by Davis’ lifetime of work,

July 14, 20123

Raiders sign their franchised safety to long-term deal, 49ers would be wise not to do the same

Tyvon Branch has agreed to a 4-year deal with the Oakland Raiders. The deal is said to be worth up to $26.6 million with $17.1 million guaranteed. Held as the

July 12, 20122

Failing to lock up Branch won’t just hurt the Raiders’ defense

The Oakland Raiders have 4 days to agree on a long term deal with safety Tyvon Branch. If they don’t, they’ll have to move forward with the one-year franchise tag

CSN Metrics June 25
July 04, 201215

CSN Metrics: June 25-July 1

I have always found what Deadspin did with the “Bristolmetrics” pretty interesting, so I decided to take a page out of their playbook and take a closer look at how

Credit: Washington Post
June 30, 20122

Who’s Got It Better (at D-Line): 49ers or Raiders?

This offseason, Pro Football Weekly (who are apparently not concerned with the value of its content) has been running a “Best Defense” competition. This competition is not based on statistics

Randy Moss
June 28, 20128

Who’s got it better (at WR): 49ers or Raiders?

The history of the NFL is replete with iconic moments: Joe Namath’s guarantee of victory prior to Super Bowl III, Dwight Clark’s catch, Franco Harris’s immaculate reception, and Kellen Winslow’s

Chad and Yungcrab
June 08, 20129

Should the 49ers take a look at Chad Ochocinco?

After first glancing at this headline, the temptation is to laugh before saying, “Hell no,” in a dismissive tone. You could even add an “ah” in there, as in, “Ah

Niners Raiders
June 06, 20127

Who’s got it better (at OL): 49ers or Raiders?

I’m going to give you two lists. Each set will be comprised of five starting NFL offensive linemen. While you will not get the names of these linemen, you will

Frank Gore
June 04, 201215

Who’s got it better (at RB): 49ers or Raiders?

The Coliseum was 35 square city blocks, with nothing in the middle but grass — a hallowed grass for those who played a man’s game with childlike abandon. The Coliseum

49ers Raiders
June 01, 20127

Who’s got it better (at QB): the 49ers or Raiders?

A comparison between the 49ers and Raiders might not be fair. After all, in recent history the Raiders have been severely mismanaged, whereas the 49ers have not. The Raiders have

May 28, 201218

Rolando McClain and the Raiders ‘stereotype’

I’m a pretty even-keeled guy (no matter what Stan says). If ever I am thrown off my equilibrium, I usually wallow in the dark end of my emotional spectrum, not

May 24, 201223

Putting Alex Smith’s Cam Newton Theory to the test

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was a rarity last season in that he didn’t pass for 300 yards in a game once. He came close a couple times, once

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