November 08, 20124

All-22 Review: It’s not #PalmersFault

There’s a movement afoot on Twitter involving Raiders’ quarterback Carson Palmer. It’s no #RallyZito, of course. Nothing ever will be. The circumstances of that were too perfect. The outcome equally

Bucs Raiders
November 04, 20127

Get ready for exhausting Doug Martin coverage … and more time off for Darren McFadden

Doug Martin is a fine running back as most of the nation now knows, and as former Tampa Bay safety John Lynch couldn’t stop reminding us from the broadcast booth.

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November 04, 20122

No Al or Chucky, but a lot rides on this edition of Raiders vs. Buccaneers

It wasn’t that long ago that today’s matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would have sparked national interest. It would have been billed as Jon Gruden against Al Davis, as

Michael Huff
November 02, 20120

All-22 Review: Michael Huff is proving his worth

The Oakland Raiders have a top-eleven defense. Yeah, you read that correctly. Despite losing Kamerion Wimbley and Stanford Routt in the offseason, as well as three starters to injury this

Tom Brady
November 02, 20123

BASG non-expert NFL picks, Week 9 (plus midseason MVPs)

Since 14 teams have played eight games and the 49ers are off, it seemed like a good time to pick our midseason Offensive and Defensive MVPs. OFFENSIVE MVP Bay Area

Alex Smith SF 49ers
October 27, 20122

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 8 (and revisiting Peyton Manning vs. Alex Smith)

On Sept. 22 I wrote a post titled “Alex Smith vs. Peyton Manning – a weekly comparison.” Then the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics made it into the playoffs, we

October 27, 20120

Nothing: A list of things worse than losing to Brady Quinn

If I’m an Oakland Raider, my biggest fear–aside from injury, Rolando McClain, Greg Knapp’s play-calling, or Bill Romanowski’s trademark steroid-induced rant–would be losing to a quarterback who shares his surname with a

sebastian janikowski
October 21, 20126

Thank you, Sebastian

The Raiders new slogan should be “Just Win By A Field Goal At The Last Minute, Baby.” It wasn’t pretty, but it was a win. Carson Palmer took a serious

October 21, 20124

Raiders look to prove last week’s performance not a fluke against Jacksonville

The Raiders avoided a blackout this week, but are hoping that the Jacksonville Jaguars do not–of course that largely depends on the Raiders, and their ability to stop Maurice Jones-Drew

October 18, 201231

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 7 (Gary Radnich probably refuses to read these posts)

If you’re a fan of awkward radio, you could do worse than tuning into “THE GARY RADNICH SHOW (with larry krueger)” when Adam Meyer (otherwise known as “Adam Wins”) comes

Screen shot 2012-10-17 at 6.43
October 18, 20122

Film Review: Raiders LB Philip Wheeler is good

Initially, when I set out to write this film review, I wanted to focus primarily on Miles Burris, who played all 56 of the Raiders’ defensive snaps. According to Pro

October 16, 201212

Why the Raiders should trade Darren McFadden

If you’ve made it past the title, I want to both congratulate and console you. I’m not saying the Raiders will trade Darren McFadden, nor am I saying that a

Candlestick Park
October 15, 201211

On the idiots who taunt, fight and stab people at Candlestick Park

A guy went to Candlestick Park yesterday wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. Even though the Cowboys weren’t playing in San Francisco that day, he wasn’t breaking any rules set forth

Falcons Raiders
October 14, 20127

Raiders almost pull off massive upset in Atlanta

There were almost tears in the fourth quarter when Asante Samuel picked off Carson Palmer and took it to the house. Then there was the painful one-second interlude between Matt

October 13, 20125

The Raiders can beat the Falcons, can’t they?

Given the bombardment of political rhetoric and the fact-shrouding that has saturated our news streams and tweet feeds, I thought it would be appropriate if I kept this preview to just

Ted Ginn 49ers pink gloves
October 13, 20124

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 6 (and enough with the pink already, NFL)

It’s October, which means NFL teams play dress-up as if every Sunday, Monday and Thursday throughout the month is Halloween. The costume: normal NFL gear worn by players, coaches and

October 12, 20123

Raiders should look to Houston for help with their running game

Similarities between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans abound. Both are professional football teams (so long as the word “professional” is used loosely). Both field 11 players on offense,

49ers stadium
October 05, 20126

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 5 (plus 49ers stadium photos from today)

What else is there to say about this segment? For the readers it’s great, because you can deride my lack of NFL knowledge beyond the 49ers. Picked ‘em every week,

Rolando McClain
October 04, 20123

Film Review: Roland McClain is not as bad as you think

“NFL is parody,” a friend — and Oakland Raiders’ fan — wrote me last week. He meant parity, of course, and was referring to the Raiders’ chance at victory. But

Raiders Fans Carson Palmer face
September 30, 201224

Blame it on McClain

The Oakland Raiders defied the odds … makers who believed they’d lose to the Broncos by only seven points and got shellacked 37-6 at Chump Field in Denver. Because the

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