February 27, 20121

Darren McFadden will be back

By Guest Contributor Raiders Sports Guy Many have called for Darren McFadden to be traded for draft picks, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. ESPN’s Bill Williamson

February 24, 20123

Anthony Davis and 4 other Bay Area athletes I can’t see surfing North Shore

I’m in total agreement with Patrick Willis‘ skepticism. Can you imagine seeing the 49ers’ right tackle paddling out and catching multiple waves? Me neither, although I wish video existed of this surf

February 24, 201214

These aren’t your father’s Raiders executives

By Guest Contributor Raiders Sports Guy Do you want to know why Stanford Routt got let go by the Raiders and promptly signed with the Chiefs? Because that’s HOW IT

February 20, 20126

Wide Receiver Primer: What to watch at next week’s NFL Combine

By Guest Contributor Scott Warfe The short answer to this question: very little. The long answer is, well, as follows: In researching the correlation between Combine success and NFL success

February 04, 20121

49ers and Raiders end of season report cards

The Super Bowl is coming up tomorrow, and with it, the end of the 2011 NFL season. Both Bay Area teams are done for the year and ready to look

February 02, 20129

NFL approves $200 million in funding for 49ers’ Santa Clara stadium

The pain of a home NFC Championship Game loss was probably dulled somewhat for Jed York today, as the NFL pitched in with the last round of funding needed to

February 01, 201212

Dennis Allen: the right kind of “defensive” coach for the Raiders

By Raiders Sports Guy As everyone has already said, the last time the Raiders hired a defensive Head Coach, his name was John Madden. I disagree. Hue Jackson was all

January 30, 20127

How the 49ers and Raiders could help each other

If you were wondering, the answer to the above headline doesn’t include the words “Santa” and “Clara.” Mark Davis’ comments show that while he has no interest in sharing a

January 24, 20128

Is Marty Ball for Oakland?

By Scott Warfe The Raiders, in a very un-Raider-like move, are conducting a diligent search for their next head coach. Among those rumored/confirmed to have interviewed for the position, Marty

January 10, 201213

Raiders Sports Guy: The king is dead, long live the king

The real king is Al Davis, you see. And Hue was a fool of the court to believe he could execute an emotionally hostile takeover of the team during a

January 03, 20123

Raiders Sports Guy: heads are rolling in Alameda

According to 95.7 The Game’s Chris Townsend (in a report that’s disputed by Raiders Senior Executive John “THAT’S NOT TRUE, KAWAKAMI” Herrera) … the great Raiders defensive housecleaning has begun.     I

January 03, 20122

Raiders Sports Guy: Hue, that wasn’t the players’ fault

Sure. I don’t even know what to say to that. Wait, yes I do! BULL! My wife deleted my DVR recording of the 16-13 win over the Chiefs, or this

December 31, 20110

NFL Picks, Week 17: an early Niners game on New Year’s Day? Uh oh…

Hooooooo boy … if you’re a 49ers fan who either doesn’t drink or cares little about celebrating New Year’s Eve, tomorrow’s Niners/Rams game’s start time — 10 am PST —

December 27, 20115

Eight 49ers make Pro Bowl – Bowman, others snubbed

The San Francisco 49ers and their fans have to be pleased with the amount of Pro Bowl love their team received. Eight Niners make the Pro Bowl, tying them with

December 27, 20110

Prepare to wave/waive goodbye to these 20 NFL vets

The NFL’s a cruel business, and that hits home for any fantasy football player who hits the way-back machine and checks out drafts from years ago. Oh yes, back in

December 22, 20113

NFL Picks, Week 16: 49ers prediction included!

I was already going to make the intro short because I have Christmas stuff (shopping) to take care of, but then helicopters started hovering over my building because there was

December 20, 20118

Raiders Sports Guy: Hue Jackson, Chuck Bresnahan and naked emperors

I started to write something clever about how the Raiders are the El Camino of sports teams. Not quite a hard hitting truck that it should be, but not a quick

December 15, 20116

NFL Picks, Week 15: Sam Hurd drug scandal could prove catastrophic for several teams, players

If you’re a Chicago Bears fan, the news that Sam Hurd was arrested for attempting to source ”5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week for distribution in

December 13, 20118

Stomping on a Silver and Black heart

I’m going to do something that isn’t very comfortable to me. I’m going to put on the white suit. Wearing white — probably my least favorite color — represents a silent

December 08, 20111

NFL Picks, Week 14: this week proves (again) why the NFL is king

Quick, what did Albert Pujols sign for? If you’re a baseball fan, you can probably in quick fashion reply that Pujols just signed with the California Angels of Anaheim proper

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