May 02, 20143

Matt Schaub treats offense to steakhouse dinner

Playing the quarterback position means you’re a team leader, whether or not that’s your natural disposition. As the only player to touch the ball on every play, a quarterback must,

dj mac
May 01, 20149

Reggie McKenzie’s job security rides on next week’s draft

Reggie McKenzie’s stint as general manager with the Oakland Raiders has been up and down, with more downs than ups. He has made some smart moves and done some nice

April 30, 20141

Darren McFadden makes top 50 list for NFL merchandise sales

The Oakland Raiders have a lot of problems with their roster, from depth to starters it is still a long way from being where it needs to be. But one

49ers Levi's Stadium Seats
April 24, 20143

2014 San Francisco 49ers schedule released – showcase game is a real turkey

The NFL already told us which teams the 49ers will play a long time ago, and they waited until Wednesday to bless us with the dates and times. We’ve got reactions! Week

Raiders logo
April 24, 20144

Four thoughts about the Oakland Raiders schedule

The Oakland Raiders found out the order of their 2014 games yesterday, in one of the biggest non-stories of the offseason. Proving once again that the NFL is king when

LaMichael James San Francisco 49ers
April 22, 20145

49ers reportedly tried to get Terrelle Pryor, are probably cool with LaMichael James staying in Texas

Matt Maiocco and others reported on LaMichael James’ location yesterday; while the team is taking part in “voluntary” workouts in Santa Clara, James is training by himself in Texas. James

Pryor Raiders Offense
April 22, 20143

Top takeaways from the Terrelle Pryor trade

The Oakland Raiders have traded away former owner Al Davis’ final draft pick, Terrelle Pryor. Just as it looked like the Raiders would cut the quarterback prospect, they were able

Terrelle Pryor
April 21, 20140

Terrelle Pryor should play in the Canadian Football League

The Oakland Raiders are expected to release quarterback Terrelle Pryor today. They’ve tried to trade Pryor throughout the offseason, and their chances of getting anything good in return may have been

April 18, 20141

Raiders hope to buck embarrassing 16-year trend of first round failure

The last truly great player the Oakland Raiders drafted in the first round was Charles Woodson back in 1998. Since then, the only players worthy of being noted in a

Raiders logo
April 16, 20144

Just how bad was the 2013 Oakland Raiders roster?

Anyone who argued that Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen had plenty to work with in 2013 needs to take a look a this survey of total payrolls and average

April 14, 20141

King: Raiders probably won’t draft QB with No. 5 pick

The Oakland Raiders have met with every one of the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft class. But they have also met with a number of guys expected to be

April 09, 20142

Lions’ interest in Sammy Watkins makes them a potential Raiders trade partner

The Oakland Raiders traded back in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft to get the guy they had at the top of their draft board while also obtaining

April 08, 20142

Only 12 Raiders remain on the roster from Al Davis era

The Oakland Raiders have almost completely overhauled their roster twice in the past two years. The team saw a much-changed roster in 2012, an almost completely different roster in 2013

manziel raiders
April 07, 20142

Johnny Manziel taking two-day visit with Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders traded a sixth round pick to the Houston Texans to obtain quarterback Matt Schaub. Not long after the trade, head coach Dennis Allen went ahead and named

Rich Lieberman
April 02, 201417

Exclusive: Rich Lieberman’s “sources” were wrong about DeSean Jackson signing with the Raiders

Rich Lieberman loves to rip local media personalities. He also loves to talk about Tommy’s Joynt and tell his detractors that they work at 7-11. Recently he combined two of

49ers Carlos Rogers
April 02, 20140

Is Reggie McKenzie trying to import chemistry?

The Oakland Raiders are a team in constant transition. General manager Reggie McKenzie made it clear when he took the job that he was going to break the team down

Photoshop Raiders Roster 2014 @PFF_Rick
April 01, 20144

Photoshopped views of new-look Raiders offense & defense

The Oakland Raiders have brought in twelve new players this offseason and the majority of those guys will be starting or playing significant time. For the third straight year, Raiders

March 27, 20147

Oakland Raiders still have two glaring roster holes

The Oakland Raiders have brought in nine new players this offseason, eight signed as free agents and one acquired through a trade. They have also re-signed a number of their

Terrelle Pryor
March 25, 20143

Raiders may be forced to wait until the draft to trade Terrelle Pryor

The Oakland Raiders have a plan at quarterback and it does not include Terrelle Pryor. Last season saw the coaching staff develop a clear preference for undrafted rookie free agent

March 24, 20142

Why the Raiders are best served to trade back in the draft

The Oakland Raiders have the number five pick in a deep and talented draft. Last year, the Raiders had the number four pick in one of the weakest draft classes

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