March 05, 20154

49ers land solid pass rusher (and Pro Bowl Twitter follow) in Darnell Dockett

In Jim Tomsula’s continued effort to scour the earth for every available defensive lineman, the 49ers have signed former Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett to a two-year deal, according to Drew

49ers Michael Wilhoite
March 04, 20159

Raiders should trade for 49ers LB Michael Wilhoite

The Oakland Raiders have a number of different needs, but one of the most pressing is at middle linebacker. Last season, the Raiders were forced to go with Miles Burris, an outside

Trent Baalke San Francisco 49ers
March 04, 20152

10 free agents who seem like they could be Baalke guys

Trent Baalke has tendencies. Guys with long arms, big hands and great pedigrees (translation: former first round picks) are favorites of Baalke. So are guys who tore their ACLs within

frank gore levi's stadium
March 04, 20159

Some clarification on the Harbaugh/museum story

This is coming a bit too late, since the story blew up to the point where TV stations are using the photos taken by Jesse Taylor and myself. But there are a

March 03, 201510

49ers’ quest to be known as “Earth’s Team” continues as they sign rugby star

The San Francisco 49ers play in Santa Clara, and if Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Team” (ha), the Niners wouldn’t mind being “Earth’s Team.” The rest of the globe prefers a

Jim Harbaugh 49ers sweatshirt sharpie museum
March 02, 201589

49ers museum takes down Jim Harbaugh display

According to Jesse Taylor, who writes for Warriorsworld and other sites, the 49ers museum no longer contains a certain homage to one of the team’s former head coaches. Niners museum

49ers Michael Crabtree
February 28, 201557

If 49ers cut Johnson, would that increase chances of re-signing Crabtree?

It appears that the 49ers are going to release Stevie Johnson at some point soon. Per sources, 49ers are expected to release Stevie Johnson. This will save 5.5 million of

sharks fans Levi's
February 26, 20155

Uber charges Sharks fan $452 for 12-mile ride home from Levi’s Stadium

Apparently, getting out of the area surrounding Levi’s Stadium was a nightmare after Saturday night’s “Stadium Series” game between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings. With about 70,000

A.J. Jenkins 49ers
February 23, 201512

Reload or rebuild: A look at the 49ers’ roster since Super Bowl XLVII

The Chiefs released A.J. Jenkins last week. That’s not much of a surprise, since Jenkins caught just 17 passes for 223 yards in Kansas City. Andy Reid recently said Jenkins

February 20, 201520

Kaepernick throws to Green-Beckham, whom the 49ers wouldn’t possibly consider drafting … right?

Dorial Beckham-Green is a very large, very talented wide receiver who’s eligible for the NFL Draft. But there’s a catch, beyond the 87 he made in college for 1,278 yards

Raiders Chargers LA stadium
February 19, 20154

Raiders and Chargers propose sharing L.A. stadium that looks a lot like Levi’s

Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times broke the news, and soon after there was a joint statement from the Raiders and Chargers: We have both been working in our home

Jim Tomsula Trent Baalke Jed York
February 19, 20158

Hey, Jim Tomsula can speak into a microphone (and “shoot bologna,” too)

“I didn’t do a good job. You know what I mean? Didn’t do a good job. [49ers director of communications Bob] Bobby [Lange] was trying to get me to go

Colin Kaepernick 49ers
February 18, 201524

Twitter user’s comment strikes a nerve with Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is working on his game, that much is certain. We know he’s spent some time working in Arizona, including some sessions with Kurt Warner. He’s working on the

Trent Baalke San Francisco 49ers
February 18, 20153

Baalke on discussions with Gase, potentially re-signing Gore, Kaepernick adding touch to his game

Trent Baalke held a press conference Wednesday morning. Of course he ducked the Harbaugh question and mentioned plans to meet with some of the 49ers’ big name players, such as free agents

Trent Baalke Jed York
February 16, 2015148

49ers’ roster is not Super Bowl caliber

“They have a great roster. They have a Super Bowl roster … They have the guys to go do it. I think the expectation needs to be that they can go get

February 16, 201520

The 49ers continue to look bad when it comes to Adam Gase

While it’s obviously not Jed York this time, there’s still plenty of bad 49ers business getting leaked to the national media. On Sunday, Tim Kawakami (who has been absolutely crushing it

Jerry Rice 49ers
February 15, 201511

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is still obsessed with the Jerry Rice stickum story

It’s not easy as an NFL writer to keep the ideas flowing in February, the slowest month of the year. Once people get sick of talking about the Super Bowl,

Jim Tomsula Trent Baalke Jed York
February 14, 2015216

The 49ers are the new laughingstock of the NFL

I was at dinner with a big group of people last night — some I knew, some I didn’t — when the conversation took a turn toward sports. I still

Trent Baalke Jim Tomsula 49ers
February 13, 201523

After listening to Tim Kawakami’s A++ debut podcast with Jim Harbaugh(!), it’s tough to respect Jim Tomsula

Jim Tomsula did a nice job with the 49ers’ defensive linemen before Jim Harbaugh arrived. Maybe when Harbaugh met Tomsula for the first time, he sized him up and decided

Jim Tomsula Trent Baalke Jed York
February 11, 201531

John Lynch joins growing list of 49ers naysayers

Former Stanford and Tampa Bay safety John Lynch was the latest former-NFL-participant-turned-media-member to question what the 49ers have done this offseason. John Lynch: “W/ all due respect to Jim Tomsula,

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