b lloyd
April 17, 20141

49ers offseason keeps getting weirder as they bring back Brandon Lloyd

The 49ers recently announced the long-rumored signing of Brandon Lloyd, a guy who sort of got disowned around here. Remember how fans wanted the team to keep Josh Morgan (probably

Matt Cain San Francisco Giants
April 15, 20140

SF Giants have the 14th highest payroll in the world

ESPN the Magazine, in partnership with Sportingintelligence Global Salary Survey, released the payroll spending of 294 teams in 15 leagues in seven sports from around the world. So where do the local teams

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
April 15, 20142

BASGcast (Ep. 89): Tim Kawakami talks Aldon Smith, Warriors

Bay Area News Group columnist Tim Kawakami joins Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy to discuss the latest Aldon Smith issues, plus the Warriors as the NBA

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
April 14, 20141

Timing of court date, fifth-year option deadline complicates Aldon Smith situation for 49ers

With Aldon Smith getting detained by LAX police yesterday for allegedly mentioning something about possessing a bomb, many have called for the San Francisco 49ers to cut him. Cut Smith,

Aldon Smith LAX
April 13, 201413

Aldon Smith in trouble again? Witnesses say he was detained by LAX Police, TMZ posts video

The San Francisco 49ers’ offseason from hell continues: Aldon Smith — 49ers Superstar Arrested at LAX … Allegedly Yelled ‘Bomb’ in Airport - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe In

Colin Kaepernick TMZ
April 11, 20144

TMZ defends initial report, questions Kaepernick’s denial, says Miami PD “backtracked”

No further details have been made public about what happened on April 1 between an unknown woman, Colin Kaepernick, Ricardo Lockette and Quinton Patton. However, we saw reactions today from

Colin Kaepernick black jersey Jim Harbaugh
April 10, 20149

BASGcast (Ep. 88): Matt Barrows talks Kaepernick, draft crushes

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee joined us to discuss the recent Colin Kaepernick news, the Brandon Lloyd rumors and a few possible draft crushes. After the break, BADG and

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
April 10, 201416

TMZ: Colin Kaepernick investigated for possible sexual assault

Update No. 3 (but this one is probably the most important, so I moved it to the top): Matt Barrows got several details from the report, where “sexual assault” is

Vernon Davis SF 49ers Week 1 2013 pregame
April 06, 20142

Vernon Davis turns down “Dancing With The Stars”

The best news of the San Francisco 49ers’ offseason might have been Vernon Davis saying “no.” From MMQB: “If it’s something I think I’ll be overwhelmed with, I won’t do

April 03, 20144

49ers’ reported interest in DeSean Jackson provides draft-day clues

It didn’t seem likely, that was for sure. That is, until Adam Schefter reported the 49ers having “‘real but guarded’ interest” (whatever that means) in DeSean Jackson before he ended up signing

Rich Lieberman
April 02, 201417

Exclusive: Rich Lieberman’s “sources” were wrong about DeSean Jackson signing with the Raiders

Rich Lieberman loves to rip local media personalities. He also loves to talk about Tommy’s Joynt and tell his detractors that they work at 7-11. Recently he combined two of

49ers Carlos Rogers
April 02, 20140

Is Reggie McKenzie trying to import chemistry?

The Oakland Raiders are a team in constant transition. General manager Reggie McKenzie made it clear when he took the job that he was going to break the team down

Chris Culliver
March 28, 201410

Chris Culliver arrested, charged with felony hit-and-run and weapons possession (brass knuckles)

I guess the good news here is that Chris Culliver was presumably sober when he pulled off the dumbest stunt of his 49ers career. And considering this is the guy

Anthony Davis 49ers
March 28, 20143

Who won the Twitter battle between Anthony Davis and Chris Long?

By now you’ve probably already heard about the Twitter feud between San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis and St. Louis Rams left defensive end Chris Long. This isn’t Davis’

Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick
March 26, 20142

49ers roundup: two players re-signed, Kap extension seems likely, York/Baalke/Harbaugh get on same page

In the period of traveling back from Spring Training and covering the latest Mark Jackson saga, I’ve missed a lot of 49ers news. Free agency is still in session, although

Levi's Stadium 49ers
March 25, 20149

New NFL and Santa Clara rules/laws: be careful what you do with a football these days

Today was not a good day for proponents of football freedom. As in, what one can do with a football. The NFL created a rule that makes “dunking” one over

Bruce Miller 49ers
March 20, 20142

Report: 49ers sign Bruce Miller to 3-year extension

According to ESPN’s Bill Williamson, the San Francisco 49ers have signed Bruce Miller to a three-year extension that will make him one of the highest-paid fullbacks in the NFL. To

March 20, 20145

DeSean Jackson, and why NFL teams trade players

We should’ve known the 49ers would never trade for DeSean Jackson, even before considering his absurdly high salary. The very existence of trade rumors should’ve alerted us. Let’s take a

Darryl Morris 49ers
March 19, 20140

49ers FA departures mean opportunities for unheralded players

The San Francisco 49ers don’t necessarily look at free agency as a time to bolster their roster, as much as an opportunity to wish former “trusted agents” well. Thanks for

Colin Kaepernick 49ers
March 18, 20144

BASGcast (Ep. 85): Marcus Thompson on NFL free agency, Kaepernick & Warriors

Since Marcus Thompson recently transitioned from covering the Warriors beat to writing columns for the Bay Area News Group, we talked about a variety of topics. We asked him what has

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