Chris Borland SF 49ers
October 22, 20147

Did the 49ers hold back against the Broncos?

#49ers pass def. Vs #Broncos painfully basic and easy to read. Like 1st day of training camp stuff for P. Manning to figure out. #nochance — Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) October

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
October 21, 20140

49ers could be a brand new bunch after the bye … especially if NFL reinstates Aldon Smith early

I could write 500 words just to hyperlink all the reports that Aldon Smith has a good shot at getting a game or two knocked off his nine-game suspension. If

49ers Michael Crabtree
October 21, 20140

What’s up with Michael Crabtree?

Generally headlines in the form of a question are worded that way to entice the reader. But I’m at a loss. I don’t know why Michael Crabtree’s numbers are roughly the

kap kil
October 19, 201416

Broncos rout 49ers, who keep losing starters to injury

The only way this one had a chance of being close was if two things happened — 1) the Broncos overlooked the 49ers and 2) Ed Donatell’s overachieving secondary somehow

October 17, 20148

Trouble in paradise: Seahawks deal Harvin to Jets for draft pick

The Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the Jets today for a conditional draft pick. This was a stunning move, since midseason trades are rare in the NFL — especially for

49ers Levi's Stadium
October 16, 20149

Two reasons why 49ers were justifiably stubborn about using natural grass at Levi’s Stadium

When the concerns about the grass at Levi’s Stadium reached a fevered … pitch (sorry), a lot of fans and observers asked two questions. Why are they fielding so many events that

49ers Colin Kaepernick pink Beats by Dre
October 15, 20143

What language rule did Colin Kaepernick break against the Bears? A few ideas …

Colin Kaepernick is a difficult quarterback to classify — is he a running quarterback with a rocket arm, or a strong-armed passer who’s fleet of foot? He’s also a difficult

Quinton Patton Niners
October 14, 20140

Next men up: four 49ers who could be called on in Denver

Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams shouldn’t be allowed to work together. The dirtiness of Fisher’s teams, combined with Williams’ known bounty history, should make such an arrangement illegal in the

Ahmad Brooks 49ers
October 14, 20146

Ahmad Brooks wasn’t all that familiar with Austin Davis … even after playing against him

Ahmad Brooks knew where to find the Rams quarterback throughout most of the game, as he came through with two of the 49ers’ five sacks in their 31-17 victory in St.

49ers Colin Kaepernick
October 13, 20147

49ers take first quarter off, destroy Rams anyway

The 49ers are capable of running effectively, moving the ball through the air, and throttling opposing offenses. They checked the boxes next to the latter two areas in a 31-17

Pete Carroll Seattle Seahawks
October 13, 20146

Seahawks “dynasty” still a work in progress

What every pundit out there picking “not Seattle” to win the Super Bowl fails to realize is that this team is full of sharks that have now tasted blood. One

49ers Perrish Cox
October 10, 20140

More evidence that Perrish Cox is on the outside to stay

The 49ers are currently the No. 2 defense in the league in total yards allowed, and they’re allowing the fourth-lowest number of passing yards per game (205.6) and the third-lowest

Phil Dawson Andy Lee 49ers
October 10, 201410

49ers OC Greg Roman: field goals are not evil

The 49ers are the field goal kickingest team in the NFL, and it’s been that way since Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman took over the team’s offense. Since 2011, the

Tim Hudson SF Giants 2014 NLDS
October 10, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 111): To the NLCS!! Plus 49ers-Rams & NFL Stadium Violence Discussion

For the third time in five years, the San Francisco Giants are going to the NLCS. Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy discuss the 3-1 series win

Perrish Cox Niners
October 09, 20149

Why the 49ers might consider sitting Culliver when Brock returns

Tramaine Brock probably won’t return until after the 49ers’ bye week (according to Matt Maiocco, who uses sound logic). There’s no reason to rush him back at this point, particularly

Levi's Stadium Week 2 49ers Bears
October 08, 201488

It’s time to do something about violent 49ers fans

We’re less than halfway through the season, and already two videos have hit YouTube containing extraordinarily violent scenes at football stadiums. One took place at University of Phoenix Stadium in

Alex Smith Colin Kaepernick
October 06, 201413

Best part about yesterday’s game: no more “should’ve kept Alex” talk

I’m a terrible multitasker, and as such it’s difficult to focus on more than one “hot take” discussion topic at once. So with all the discussion over whether Jim Harbaugh is

Jim Harbaugh San Francisco 49ers
October 06, 201416

Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers: a love story

All’s well in the land of Harbaugh. In fact, love is in the air. Post by San Francisco 49ers. “I love coach Harbaugh,” said Colin Kaepernick after the 49ers’ 22-17

49ers Chiefs Colin Kaepernick Alex Smith
October 05, 20145

“It was a good day.” — 49ers out-FG Chiefs, seal win with Alex Smith INT

It wasn’t a masterpiece. The 49ers needed five field goals and a fake punt to beat the Chiefs, 22-17. But with what this team has dealt with, both on the

Jim Harbaugh Dockers commercial Sarah Harbaugh
October 05, 201438

Glazer: no way Harbaugh returns to 49ers, even if they win the Super Bowl

It was pretty easy to shrug off Deion Sanders’ comments about Jim Harbaugh losing the locker room, because he’s a caricature. He’s in the media, but most of us would

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