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Ted Robinson Tim Ryan 49ers
December 22, 201558

Want to know the 49ers’ plans? Just listen to their announcers

Al Guido, who had never been quoted on football matters before Jay Feely sideline reported about him on Sunday, let the football world know how the 49ers feel about Jim

mike davis 49ers rams safety
November 01, 201524

This may be the 49ers’ worst offense ever

The San Francisco 49ers have finished 2-14 three times. So even if they lose the rest of their games, they won’t set any franchise records for futility. But this year’s

Colin Kaepernick 2014 SF 49ers
December 02, 201449

Colin Kaepernick is getting worse

Back in June, when we reported that Colin Kaepernick had signed a six-year extension with the 49ers, it seemed that the 49ers had found their first semblance of stability at

Alex Smith Colin Kaepernick
October 06, 201413

Best part about yesterday’s game: no more “should’ve kept Alex” talk

I’m a terrible multitasker, and as such it’s difficult to focus on more than one “hot take” discussion topic at once. So with all the discussion over whether Jim Harbaugh is

49ers Chiefs Colin Kaepernick Alex Smith
October 05, 20145

“It was a good day.” — 49ers out-FG Chiefs, seal win with Alex Smith INT

It wasn’t a masterpiece. The 49ers needed five field goals and a fake punt to beat the Chiefs, 22-17. But with what this team has dealt with, both on the

49ers Levi's Stadium Seats
April 24, 20143

2014 San Francisco 49ers schedule released – showcase game is a real turkey

The NFL already told us which teams the 49ers will play a long time ago, and they waited until Wednesday to bless us with the dates and times. We’ve got reactions! Week

Alex Smith Jim Harbaugh 49ers
February 25, 201420

Drama follows Jim Harbaugh (and vice versa)

Plenty of people suffer through longer commutes than San Francisco to Santa Clara. Yet when you aren’t forced to make that drive, it’s pretty easy to makes excuses why the

Alex Smith Colin Kaepernick
February 14, 20147

Inside the LOL: 49ers season in review, Part Two – Alex rules, Kap drools

In part one of our 49ers season in review – A Season on the Brink, we flipped the 49ers fan base onto its back and examined its soft underbelly. What

San Francisco 49ers team huddle
February 07, 20141

Top three teams of the Jim Harbaugh era

Since being installed as head coach, Jim Harbaugh has led the 49ers to three straight playoff berths, including two trips to the NFC Championship game and one to the Super

Alex Smith
January 11, 20140

Revisiting our preseason NFL predictions while they still look halfway decent

With the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs about to start, this seemed like the perfect time to take a look at our official BASG preseason predictions. And by “perfect,”

Candlestick Park
December 24, 20133

Candlestick Park delivers a perfect Christmas gift

49ers fans are a spoiled bunch. It was just a few years ago that I was sitting in a cabin in Tahoe, watching a live shot from the 49ers locker

Frank Gore 49ers
September 26, 20137

Gore and Bowman lead 49ers to 35-11 win over Rams

After a close win and two ugly losses, the reasons for the 49ers’ poor play and supposedly imminent demise were plentiful. The coaches talked about “precision” all week, and the

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
September 24, 20139

Motivation in 140 characters or less: a look at Colin Kaepernick’s favorites

Niners Nation ran a post this morning titled “Colin Kaepernick drinks in the haterade,” a reference to Kaepernick’s list of favorites on Twitter. The “favorite” function is interesting. Unlike retweets,

Terrelle Pryor
September 18, 20131

Terrelle Pryor: x-factor, game manager and possible future of the Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are looking for a long term solution at the quarterback position. Terrelle Pryor is all but guaranteed the job for the remainder of the season, but what

Scott Tolzein 49ers
August 23, 20133

Beyond the Boxscore: Don’t count out Scott Tolzien just yet

Much (perhaps, too much) has been made of the 49ers backup quarterback competition. I suppose there is good reason for that: The 49ers are primed for another run at the

Jim Harbaugh Alex Smith 49ers
August 16, 20131

49ers beat Chiefs, Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid see preseason a little differently

Jim Harbaugh didn’t feel the need to see a lot of his starters tonight. It makes sense: they’ve been a dominant squad for two years now, and with so much

A.J. Jenkins 49ers OTAs
August 07, 20135

Plenty of reasons to watch 49ers’ preseason opener

Gary Radnich calls it “the biggest rip-off in sports.” The 49ers’ preseason schedule opens up with the Denver Broncos tomorrow, and from a season ticket owner’s point of view, it’s

Colin Kaepernick Giants
June 21, 20137

Colin Kaepernick hits 87 mph with first pitch at AT&T Park

Colin Kaepernick used to hit 94 mph on the radar gun, which led the Chicago Cubs to draft him in the 43rd round of the 2009 draft — even though

June 10, 201319

Well this is awkward — Giants give Pete Carroll a custom World Series jersey

As if the world of sports news wasn’t annoying enough today, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll decided to send out a tweet that surely drove most Bay Area residents into a

Colin Kaepernick Joe Montana
June 02, 201310

If Colin Kaepernick isn’t the biggest star in the Bay Area already, he’s getting close

All it took was a quick shot of him in a luxury suite, wearing a blue tank top and a yellow hat turned sideways, for Oracle Arena to explode. Fans

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