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October 04, 2015236

The 49ers ruined Colin Kaepernick

The 49ers lost 17-3 to the Packers this afternoon, and Colin Kaepernick is currently a terrible quarterback. When Troy Aikman, as milquetoast as it gets, says the quarterback possibly “saw

September 28, 201535

49ers aftermath: Wright wants out, Hyde on Kap, Tomsula paints picture of offense that’s behind the times

The 49ers have suffered worse losses from a point-differential perspective … but not many. They haven’t allowed 40 points in a game all that many times, but it’s happened in

Jim Tomsula Trent Baalke Jed York
September 27, 2015227

49ers lose 47-7: It’s time to hold Jed York accountable

I’ll start this off with a confession/correction. I have to take something back that I wrote about the 49ers after their blowout loss to the Steelers. It’s to the point

colin kaepernick press conference
September 24, 20155

Kaepernick’s ambiguous “character” comments dredge up more post-Harbaugh nonsense

Colin Kaepernick’s weekly press conference ended with a smile, and this exchange. Head coach Jim Tomsula just said a few minutes ago that you’re not being asked to do anything

September 22, 201512

Steelers displayed 49ers’ weaknesses, early returns on 2015 FAs (other than Torrey Smith) aren’t good

We knew the 49ers couldn’t protect their quarterback or get to opposing teams’ quarterbacks (in convential ways) going into this season. That’s why it was remarkable to see how the

Kendall Hunter
September 05, 201521

49ers 53-man roster set — there were a couple of surprises

Here’s the 53-man roster for Week 1 (unless Trent Baalke makes another trade). Offense QB (2): Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert The “maybe Gabbert gets a look if Kap struggles through

NaVorro Bowman San Francisco 49ers
September 05, 201510

2015 49ers: What I’m looking forward to watching, including punt returns by a certain rugby player

Final cuts came today, and in nine days the 49ers’ season will start. As one could probably surmise, I’m not expecting a winning campaign. The Erickson/Nolan/Singletary years sapped my blind

September 04, 201537

Interesting day in Santa Clara: Dockett released, 49ers scoop artist Trotter posts cryptic tweet, teams get “Ninerized”

The 49ers didn’t even wait until tomorrow’s 1 pm deadline to cut Darnell Dockett. In doing so, they admitted a fairly large mistake from a general manager who generally does

49ers Broncos Kaepernick safety
August 31, 20155

49ers preseason Game 3: The good, the bad, and the right side of the o-line

I watched the first 40 minutes of Saturday’s game very closely while merely glossing over the last quarter and a half, because the third game of the preseason is supposed

Vance McDonald San Francisco 49ers preseason Week 1
August 19, 20152

2015 season pivotal for several early-round Trent Baalke draft picks

I’ve already graded Trent Baalke once before, and in the process I went over his draft history. Since then, a few of his early-round draft choices have either decided to

August 18, 20154

First impressions after 49ers preseason debut

The first preseason game tells us about as much about the 49ers’ chances this season as this year’s “Why Your Team Sucks” feature on Deadspin, in which Drew Magary was

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
August 07, 20159

According to, Aldon Smith smashed Colin Kaepernick’s Mercedes

Let’s get this straight from the beginning. This is not a reputable website, and they didn’t even spell Colin Kaepernick’s last name correctly. Aldon Smith was arrested last night for

49ers Colin Kaepernick pink Beats by Dre
May 27, 201525

7even thing7 about Colin Kaepernick’7 in7en7itive In7tagram po7t about Hou7ton

1. Colin Kaepernick already made this joke before. Yall think it’s a coincidence that there is a down pour the first day we report back to practice? #7tormsComing — Colin

Alex Boone head butts Colin Kaepernick
April 16, 20156

Ranking the most likely 49ers to someday become Raiders

It’s a phenomenon so commonly seen, the Raiders wrote a top 10 list about it on their website. Throughout recent history, so many former 49ers have become Raiders that it’s

49ers Colin Kaepernick
March 09, 201524

Predict what the 49ers will do with Colin Kaepernick

By now you’ve probably seen the reports — heck, I wrote about them at 1 am — that Colin Kaepernick is on the trading block. Trent Baalke denied the “media

Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick 49ers BASG
March 09, 201510

Baalke says Kaepernick is “not going anywhere,” which means Foles is probably on his way to 49ers

I was busy watching some DVR’d HBO programming, when an email from the 49ers popped up on my phone. “Statement from Trent Baalke on false reports regarding Colin Kaepernick,” read the

February 20, 201520

Kaepernick throws to Green-Beckham, whom the 49ers wouldn’t possibly consider drafting … right?

Dorial Beckham-Green is a very large, very talented wide receiver who’s eligible for the NFL Draft. But there’s a catch, beyond the 87 he made in college for 1,278 yards

Colin Kaepernick 49ers
February 18, 201524

Twitter user’s comment strikes a nerve with Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is working on his game, that much is certain. We know he’s spent some time working in Arizona, including some sessions with Kurt Warner. He’s working on the

Trent Baalke Jed York
February 16, 2015148

49ers’ roster is not Super Bowl caliber

“They have a great roster. They have a Super Bowl roster … They have the guys to go do it. I think the expectation needs to be that they can go get

Colin Kaepernick 2014 SF 49ers
February 05, 201517

The search for a backup to Colin Kaepernick

Jed York wants Colin Kaepernick to run, run, run like the wind next season. That means two things: (1) Kaepernick is going to run, because the coaching staff would prefer

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