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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick TMZ
April 11, 20144

TMZ defends initial report, questions Kaepernick’s denial, says Miami PD “backtracked”

No further details have been made public about what happened on April 1 between an unknown woman, Colin Kaepernick, Ricardo Lockette and Quinton Patton. However, we saw reactions today from

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
April 10, 201416

TMZ: Colin Kaepernick investigated for possible sexual assault

Update No. 3 (but this one is probably the most important, so I moved it to the top): Matt Barrows got several details from the report, where “sexual assault” is

Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick
March 26, 20142

49ers roundup: two players re-signed, Kap extension seems likely, York/Baalke/Harbaugh get on same page

In the period of traveling back from Spring Training and covering the latest Mark Jackson saga, I’ve missed a lot of 49ers news. Free agency is still in session, although

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
March 05, 20142

If Colin Kaepernick wants $20MM/year (minimum), extension probably won’t happen anytime soon

Yesterday Jim Harbaugh was in Evanston, Illinois, working out quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. He attended Eastern Illinois — the same school as Tony Romo — but to me he’ll be the

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers
March 01, 20148

Inside the LOL: 49ers season in review part three – random acts of lunacy

Welcome back for the exciting conclusion of our 49ers season review! In parts one and two of the series, we analyzed the abject failure which came to define the 2013

Trent Baalke Jed York 49ers
February 27, 20146

John York and Trent Baalke could be on their way to Miami … RIGHT NOW

It was a pretty interesting tweet to over-analyze on a lazy Thursday afternoon, if nothing else. According to a source at Miami international airport, a flight to Miami has been

Alex Smith Jim Harbaugh 49ers
February 25, 201420

Drama follows Jim Harbaugh (and vice versa)

Plenty of people suffer through longer commutes than San Francisco to Santa Clara. Yet when you aren’t forced to make that drive, it’s pretty easy to makes excuses why the

Cam Newton Colin Kaepernick
February 18, 20146

Colin Kaepernick isn’t as good as Cam Newton (at hosting kids award shows)

If you didn’t tune into Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards last night, consider yourself lucky. Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick co-hosted the “ultimate sports award show” and it was

Alex Smith Colin Kaepernick
February 14, 20147

Inside the LOL: 49ers season in review, Part Two – Alex rules, Kap drools

In part one of our 49ers season in review – A Season on the Brink, we flipped the 49ers fan base onto its back and examined its soft underbelly. What

February 07, 20144

Inside the LOL: 49ers season in review Part One – A season on the brink

The 2013 NFL season is finally over. The 49ers failed to win the Super Bowl (AGAIN). Some other jerks won it and they got totally lucky. It was a stupid

San Francisco 49ers team huddle
February 07, 20141

Top three teams of the Jim Harbaugh era

Since being installed as head coach, Jim Harbaugh has led the 49ers to three straight playoff berths, including two trips to the NFC Championship game and one to the Super

January 31, 201410

Super Bowl prediction and contest winners announcement

They’re playing a game on Sunday whether the 49ers and their fans like it or not, and as someone whose job is to provide “hot takes” whenever possible it seems

Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick
January 29, 201491

It’s not a given that the 49ers will extend Colin Kaepernick

The 6′ 5″ frame of Colin Kaepernick looms over each of the many financial decisions the 49ers face this offseason. Whether it’s re-signing Anquan Boldin, Donte Whitner, Tarell Brown or

Andre Iguodala Warriors
January 25, 201416

Andre Iguodala “was just joking around” when he tweeted about Richard Sherman

We already posted Andre Iguodala’s tweets after the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship Game over the San Francisco 49ers. To keep you from having to click over to that

Colin Kaepernick 49ers
January 22, 201420

Despite what some might say, 49ers’ championship window is still wide open

The 49ers’ 2013 season ended in the worst possible way on Sunday. A lot of questions face this team as the players clean out their lockers and the front office

Jim Harbaugh San Francisco 49ers
January 21, 20142

Final presser of the season: Jim Harbaugh talks injuries, praises local media for a job well done

The last press conference of the season started with lots of injury questions, so we’ll start with the specifics there before moving on to the parts where the back-and-forth between

Colin Kaepernick 49ers lose Rams
January 19, 201436

49ers lose to Seattle in the worst possible way

At least now there’s no ambiguity. Generally fans of a team are supposed to root for the team that makes it further from their own division or conference, but there’s

Colin Kaepernick Giants
January 19, 20142

Giants and Mariners duke it out (over Twitter)

In a typical fight between the Giants and Mariners, the Seattle-based team wouldn’t really have a leg to stand on. The Mariners don’t have a pennant and also are the

Colin Kaepernick smiling
January 18, 20144

NFC Championship score predictions (guess who picked the Seahawks)

It worked last week, so we’ve brought back the same writers to predict the 49ers’ next game, the NFC Championship against the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve rambled enough about this game,

Greg Roman San Francisco 49ers
January 18, 20140

On what Frank Gore’s favorite offensive coordinator will come up with on Sunday

The environment in Seattle is so hostile that one imagines the 49ers (or any other team that travels there) in a reactionary position. Just weather the storm, whether it comes

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