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Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
January 09, 20155

QBs rarely show much improvement at Colin Kaepernick’s age, but Steve Young was an exception

Colin Kaepernick is changing up his offseason workout plans with hopes that it will improve his game. Matt Barrows reported on the plan to work out in Arizona with Kurt Warner

December 20, 201410

49ers offense offers taste of what could’ve been in overtime loss to Chargers

Was this going to be a game where the 49ers lied down and perished on their dying turf, causing their draft position to soar while their fans’ hearts sank? Or was this going

Frank Gore San Francisco 49ers
December 14, 201427

49ers show some heart in season-ending loss to Seahawks

It went better than we had any right to expect. The 49ers were 10-point underdogs for a reason, and I couldn’t have been the only one who was floored when

December 08, 20143

By the numbers: Raiders 24, 49ers 13

The numbers tell the story of an ugly game for the 49ers. 54.4 – Colin Kaepernick’s passer rating. Ranked 32nd of his 36 regular season starts. 140.2 – Derek Carr’s passer rating.

Carr Kaepernick
December 07, 201426

Harbaugh & Kaepernick hit a new low: Raiders 24, 49ers 13

Many wondered why Jim Harbaugh would want to coach the Oakland Raiders. After the Raiders got a good look at the San Francisco 49ers, one might wonder why they’d want Harbaugh. The

Kaepernick cameraman
December 07, 201412

Colin Kaepernick press conference: 49ers QB (sort of) explains why he shoved a camera away at halftime

Another weird sidelight to the 49ers’ most pathetic loss in years: Colin Kaepernick made contact with a KPIX (CBS) camera person (or perhaps just his camera) on his way to the locker room

Colin Kaepernick 2014 SF 49ers
December 02, 201449

Colin Kaepernick is getting worse

Back in June, when we reported that Colin Kaepernick had signed a six-year extension with the 49ers, it seemed that the 49ers had found their first semblance of stability at

49ers Colin Kaepernick pink Beats by Dre
November 27, 201440

49ers may want to win out, but this “unacceptable” loss could spell the end of 49ers’ playoff hopes

While Jed York was tweeting that his team’s performance was “unacceptable” and the Seahawks were celebrating their 19-3 victory by devouring turkey at the Levi’s Stadium 50-yard-line, the 49ers’ locker

November 27, 201411

49ers ruin your Thanksgiving

If you thought the 49ers-Rams game was bad, you had no idea what was coming for your post-Thanksgiving dinner entertainment. The 49ers were awfully gracious hosts to the Seahawks Thursday

November 24, 20144

This is the 49ers-Seahawks game you’ve been waiting for

Granted, the Cardinals are up there at 9-2, screwing everything up, but if I had told you in May that the 49ers and Seahawks would be coming into their Thanksgiving

Anquan Boldin SF 49ers
November 23, 20145

49ers’ identity becomes more clear in too-close-for-comfort win over Washington

While the 49ers’ defense delivered another gem, their offense was alive for only two drives of Sunday’s 17-13 win over Washington: their first, and one of their last — the

Vernon Davis 49ers
November 23, 201414

Five reasons why the Seahawks are looking forward to Thanksgiving

If the 49ers play like this on Thanksgiving, the Seahawks are going to win by two touchdowns. They may have kept pace with Seattle, thanks to a 17-13 win over

Frank Gore Colin Kaepernick 49ers
November 18, 201418

Racism is still alive and well in NFL media coverage

I’ve been interested in the topic or racism and the National Football League for some time now, and recently I’ve been looking into the framing of quarterback narratives in football.

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
November 16, 20141

49ers ride five Eli Manning picks to sloppy win in New York

It wasn’t pretty, and it hasn’t been for much of the season, but the 49ers took advantage of a bad day from Eli Manning to take down the Giants in

Trent Baalke San Francisco 49ers
November 13, 20144

Trent Baalke’s strong draft classes paying off for beat up 49ers

The 49ers released their practice participation report for Thursday, which contained only one silver lining in that Chris Borland shed his blue no-contact jersey and became a full participate this

Drew Brees Ahmad Brooks
November 09, 20146

Another Brooks-Brees hit turns the tide for 49ers

It was a hotly contested penalty following Ahmad Brooks hit on Drew Brees that forced the 49ers to travel to Seattle for the NFC Championship last season — a trip that

Jim Harbaugh 49ers
November 06, 20142

Harbaughcalypse Now: Proof that the 49ers are just terrible enough to beat the Saints

Listen. Actually, no, don’t. Don’t listen. There’s a lot of noise surrounding the 49ers, currently, or in Harbaughnese, we’d call it “flack.” Either way, don’t listen. Nobody knows what the

Jim Harbaugh sideline
November 05, 20149

Harbaugh’s tell, Youngstown and ‘outside flack’

  It’s probably not a coincidence that the 49ers released the news of Marcus Lattimore’s retirement just minutes before Jim Harbaugh’s weekly press conference Wednesday. Harbaugh — who is usually

Richard Sherman Erin Andrews
November 04, 201427

Does the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry even matter this year?

Hello? Is this thing on? Can you guys here me in the back? Good. Excellent. It’s been quite some time since I fired up the old WordPress account, threw on

kap fumble
November 02, 201449

49ers in big trouble after ugly loss to Rams

The 49ers didn’t deserve to win this game, but they still found themselves on the one-yard line, down 13-10, with 10 seconds remaining. Jim Harbaugh went for the kill shot, a

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