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Vernon Davis 49ers
July 24, 20141

49ers training camp practice No. 1: Vernon returns, Stevie shines, Jimmie is the anti-A.J.

The day started with Jim Harbaugh’s first press conference inside Levi’s Stadium, in a university-like lecture hall. “Welcome,” Harbaugh said after stepping up to the podium. “Nicer setup than we had

Drake Colin Kaepernick ESPYs
July 16, 201490

49ers at the ESPYs: Colin Kaepernick stares down Richard Sherman, Drake slanders Michael Crabtree

Man, this year’s ESPYs* is a weird-ass show. Drake (this year’s host) made a joke about Johnny Manziel watching the show on mushrooms before blowing in Lance Stephenson’s ear. Then

kaepernick tattoo
July 07, 201416

Colin Kaepernick gets interesting post-extension tattoo

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a lot of tattoos, and like most fans of body art, it’s a never ending process. I’ve never gotten a tattoo, but everyone I

49ers Carlos Hyde
June 23, 20140

Carlos Hyde Q&A: 49ers rookie RB talks about his “great hands,” Uncle Harbaugh and learning the offense

The 49ers drafted Carlos Hyde with the 57th overall pick due to his abilities as a runner, but his rushing style is more power than pure speed. So watching him

Anquan Boldin 49ers
June 19, 20141

Notes from final 49ers minicamp practice: players escape unscathed, locker room basketball hoop not so lucky

Practice was scheduled to go until 1 pm, and the players yelled happily when they were told to hit the grass for post-practice stretching about a half hour early. Some

Colin Kaepernick Jim Harbaugh 49ers
June 19, 20142

Harbaugh urges players to avoid “foes” during break between minicamp and training camp

While today’s last minicamp practice was a little shorter than expected, the postgame speech ran a little long. Jim Harbaugh handed out perfect attendance certificates and t-shirts to 59 players,

Colin Kaepernick black jersey Jim Harbaugh
June 17, 20141

Short passes galore at 49ers practice, with a rookie WR leading the way

“I think it’s fair to make the statement that it’s a different offense, 2014. Because we’ve got some new guys in, Brandon Lloyd has been out there everyday. He’s done

ESPN Colin Kaepernick street clothes
June 13, 201417

ESPN tells Colin Kaepernick’s legal story in a transparent, heavy-handed way (with photos)

Back on April 12, when Colin Kaepernick was supposedly going to get charged with sexual assault any minute (according to TMZ, anyway), ESPN made some interesting photographical choices when reporting the

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
June 12, 20142

Kaepernick, Patton and Lockette will face no charges stemming from Miami “incident,” much to TMZ’s chagrin

It took two months for this to get settled — wait, that’s a bad choice of words because settling usually implies that money changed hands. Miami-Dade PO Ed Griffith makes

Kaepernick superman
June 06, 20148

Colin Kaepernick is the new Madison Bumgarner

If the very idea that this comparison could exist causes your Carhartt baseball cap to spin backwards (i.e. the “wrong way, especially for a quarterback of a football TEAM”), that’s exactly the

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
June 04, 201426

Source: 49ers extend Colin Kaepernick through 2020

According to a team source, the San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick have agreed to an extension that would keep the 26-year-old quarterback under contract through the 2020 season. Financial

Colin Kaepernick Michael Crabtree
May 22, 20145

Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree – just a couple of buddies looking for lucrative contract extensions

I apologize in advance for bringing this up yet again … Many have looked at Colin Kaepernick’s incomplete/intercepted passes to the corner of the end zone in Super Bowl 47 and

May 15, 20140

Bruce Ellington on Colin Kaepernick’s “cannon,” Marcus Lattimore’s progress and Nerf basketball

It took until the fourth round for the 49ers to draft a wide receiver, and they got a basketball player in the process. Bruce Ellington isn’t just one of the

Colin Kaepernick TMZ
April 11, 20144

TMZ defends initial report, questions Kaepernick’s denial, says Miami PD “backtracked”

No further details have been made public about what happened on April 1 between an unknown woman, Colin Kaepernick, Ricardo Lockette and Quinton Patton. However, we saw reactions today from

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
April 10, 201416

TMZ: Colin Kaepernick investigated for possible sexual assault

Update No. 3 (but this one is probably the most important, so I moved it to the top): Matt Barrows got several details from the report, where “sexual assault” is

Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick
March 26, 20142

49ers roundup: two players re-signed, Kap extension seems likely, York/Baalke/Harbaugh get on same page

In the period of traveling back from Spring Training and covering the latest Mark Jackson saga, I’ve missed a lot of 49ers news. Free agency is still in session, although

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
March 05, 20142

If Colin Kaepernick wants $20MM/year (minimum), extension probably won’t happen anytime soon

Yesterday Jim Harbaugh was in Evanston, Illinois, working out quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. He attended Eastern Illinois — the same school as Tony Romo — but to me he’ll be the

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers
March 01, 20148

Inside the LOL: 49ers season in review part three – random acts of lunacy

Welcome back for the exciting conclusion of our 49ers season review! In parts one and two of the series, we analyzed the abject failure which came to define the 2013

Trent Baalke Jed York 49ers
February 27, 20146

John York and Trent Baalke could be on their way to Miami … RIGHT NOW

It was a pretty interesting tweet to over-analyze on a lazy Thursday afternoon, if nothing else. According to a source at Miami international airport, a flight to Miami has been

Alex Smith Jim Harbaugh 49ers
February 25, 201420

Drama follows Jim Harbaugh (and vice versa)

Plenty of people suffer through longer commutes than San Francisco to Santa Clara. Yet when you aren’t forced to make that drive, it’s pretty easy to makes excuses why the

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