October 20, 201514

Are the Seattle Seahawks really “2-4 bad”?

Anyone with access to the outside world could’ve told you the 49ers would struggle this year, particularly with a schedule as difficult as theirs. I figured they’d start 2-4, although

Justin Tucker Levi's Stadium turf
October 19, 201528

Everyone is talking about Levi’s Stadium turf (except 49ers and Ravens)

Justin Tucker had missed two field goals coming into yesterday’s game: a 50-yarder against Cincinnati in Week 3 and a 51-yard try in Week 5 against the Browns. But the

49ers Torrey Smith Shareece Wright
October 18, 201548

49ers survive nailbiter against an awful Ravens team, somehow share same record with Seahawks

The 49ers have the same record (2-4) as the Seahawks, and Seattle comes to Santa Clara on Thursday. Can the 49ers pull their season out of the abyss with a

shanny young
October 17, 201533

Steve Young wonders if Colin Kaepernick can handle the “tedious challenge” of quarterbacking

Between Kurt Warner, Trent Dilfer, Ron Jaworski, Chris Ault and, most recently, Joe Montana, Colin Kaepernick is getting advice and feedback (both solicited and unsolicited) from so many football figures

October 13, 201535

Unfortunately for 49ers, “Harbaugh Effect” goes both ways

To say Michigan has improved since last year is a drastic understatement. They’ve completely changed. Last year, Notre Dame handed the Wolverines a 31-0 defeat in their second game, effectively

October 11, 201540

49ers lose on late Manning TD – welcome back to the Singletary era

There are no moral victories in the NFL, but losing on a last-minute touchdown on the road is better than getting blasted by 40. Colin Kaepernick won’t be the overriding

Jim Tomsula flipping the bird
October 10, 20158

Today has not been kind to the 49ers

The 49ers could upset the Giants tomorrow night in East Rutherford, and if that happens everything will change. But today has been a pretty lousy day for a team that’s

mad kaepernick
October 04, 2015257

The 49ers ruined Colin Kaepernick

The 49ers lost 17-3 to the Packers this afternoon, and Colin Kaepernick is currently a terrible quarterback. When Troy Aikman, as milquetoast as it gets, says the quarterback possibly “saw

jim tomsula fart
October 02, 201556

Fart Back Friday: Jim Tomsula (probably) broke wind during a press conference

Jim Tomsula press conferences are already the stuff of legend, starting with the rambling tour de force that introduced “Joan in payroll” to the world. The 49ers head coach didn’t

September 28, 201535

49ers aftermath: Wright wants out, Hyde on Kap, Tomsula paints picture of offense that’s behind the times

The 49ers have suffered worse losses from a point-differential perspective … but not many. They haven’t allowed 40 points in a game all that many times, but it’s happened in

Jim Tomsula Trent Baalke Jed York
September 27, 2015229

49ers lose 47-7: It’s time to hold Jed York accountable

I’ll start this off with a confession/correction. I have to take something back that I wrote about the 49ers after their blowout loss to the Steelers. It’s to the point

Shareece Wright inactive tweet 49ers
September 27, 20150

Inactive 49ers CB deletes tweet about “politics” that was probably about money

Since the original Eric Wright, the 49ers haven’t had much luck with cornerbacks who have that last name. Today Shareece Wright, who was signed with the hopes that he’d start

colin kaepernick press conference
September 24, 20156

Kaepernick’s ambiguous “character” comments dredge up more post-Harbaugh nonsense

Colin Kaepernick’s weekly press conference ended with a smile, and this exchange. Head coach Jim Tomsula just said a few minutes ago that you’re not being asked to do anything

September 22, 201512

Steelers displayed 49ers’ weaknesses, early returns on 2015 FAs (other than Torrey Smith) aren’t good

We knew the 49ers couldn’t protect their quarterback or get to opposing teams’ quarterbacks (in convential ways) going into this season. That’s why it was remarkable to see how the

vikings 49ers levi's stadium fight
September 15, 201520

Fair or not, new fight video doesn’t help 49ers fans’ less-than-sterling reputation

Levi’s Stadium was supposed to be different than Candlestick, which in its final days often saw scenes reminiscent of “Hamsterdam” from The Wire in its parking lots before and after

September 14, 201519

Carlos Hyde and 49ers defense dominate in 20-3 win over Vikings

This was the game Trent Baalke dreamed about for months. A day after Frank Gore left his game with calf cramps, Carlos Hyde rushed for 168 yards and two scores,

September 10, 201515

More wins in 2015: 49ers or Raiders?

It’s the football question I’ve been asked the most over the last few months, and the reasons why are obvious. It represents the kind of fruit that hangs even lower

Kendall Hunter
September 05, 201521

49ers 53-man roster set — there were a couple of surprises

Here’s the 53-man roster for Week 1 (unless Trent Baalke makes another trade). Offense QB (2): Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert The “maybe Gabbert gets a look if Kap struggles through

NaVorro Bowman San Francisco 49ers
September 05, 201510

2015 49ers: What I’m looking forward to watching, including punt returns by a certain rugby player

Final cuts came today, and in nine days the 49ers’ season will start. As one could probably surmise, I’m not expecting a winning campaign. The Erickson/Nolan/Singletary years sapped my blind

Joe Looney SF 49ers
September 04, 201516

49ers release Joe Looney, officially get nothing from 2012 Draft class

I wrote the following two years ago about the draft class I graded as an “F” on my Trent Baalke report card from Jan. 2, 2015: First Round: WR A.J.

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