NaVorro Bowman 49ers
February 03, 201510

Five reasons to be optimistic about the 2015 49ers

I’ve been a little hard on the 49ers lately. While most readers have understood why, considering recent actions taken by the front office, a vocal few have let it be

Colin Kaepernick Michael Crabtree
February 02, 20159

Brent Jones suggests 4th and Goal fade in Super Bowl loss was Kaepernick’s call

Not that any 49ers fans want this wound reopened, but you had to know the 49ers’ Super Bowl 47 loss would get brought up after the world watched Seattle lose

February 02, 20154

49ers players feel Seahawks’ pain after questionable Super Bowl play call

The 49ers were down 34-29. The Seahawks were down 28-24. The 49ers started at their own 20. The Seahawks started at their own 20. The 49ers’ first play was an eight-yard run

Richard Sherman face Super Bowl 49
February 01, 201527

49ers fans win Schadenfreude Bowl 49

The Seahawks have made a habit of collecting 49ers castoffs. Michael Robinson and Will Tukuafu blocked for Marshawn Lynch. B.J. Daniels is still on Seattle’s roster (checks roster on

Joe Montana 49ers
February 01, 201525

Coping with the Brady-Montana narrative

This post is probably a gigantic waste of time and energy, like going out into the ocean and trying to stop a wave with the palm of your hand or

February 01, 20151

Charles Haley finally gets into Pro Football Hall of Fame

It took six times as a finalist, but it was announced yesterday Charles Haley finally made the Hall of Fame. Took long enough. You’d think the most fearsome pass rusher of

January 31, 201511

Jed York isn’t in a mood to protect team’s investment in Colin Kaepernick

Jed York went on NFL Network to reiterate that the parting with Jim Harbaugh was indeed mutual (to be fair, I agree with York’s assessment — although I have strong suspicions

49ers Levi's Stadium
January 30, 2015103

Five ideas to improve Levi’s Stadium

Whenever someone asked me what Levi’s Stadium is like, I couldn’t think of anything to say other than, “It’s nice.” The newness was all that stood out. The surrounding area is safer

January 30, 20159

BASGcast (Ep. 124): Ann Killion on journalism and the 49ers

San Francisco Chronicle columnist (and California Sportswriter of the Year) Ann Killion talks with Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy about her background and how she got into

Steve Young KNBR
January 29, 201513

If Steve Young is right about “perception,” 49ers are in trouble (a few current players are reportedly “disgusted,” too)

Steve Young, the Hall of Fame quarterback who’s known as “bro” to loyal listeners of KNBR, joined Tom Tolbert and Ray Ratto yesterday for an all-too-rare media appearance in which Young

Jed York John York Denise Debartolo York 49ers Levi's Groundbreaking
January 28, 201543

Jason Cole on 49ers’ coaching search: “Word around the league … SF is not the place to go to make money”

Want to know how a defensive backs coach chose Dan Snyder’s team over Jed York’s? Or why the 49ers can’t find an offensive coordinator? How does a wide receivers coach for the

January 27, 201514

49ers go from Coaches’ Camelot to Siberia Clara

On Saturday, when my wife got a well-deserved nap and I had a couple hours to myself (while holding our sleeping infant), I fired up the DVR and turned on “A Football

January 27, 201512

With Chudzinski staying in Indy, 49ers’ OC options are running out

Rob Chudzinski will remain in Indianapolis after earning a contract extension and being named the Colts’ assistant head coach, the team announced Tuesday morning. This takes the only name left

January 25, 201534

Predicting the 49ers’ next offensive coordinator

If we can take Lane Kiffin at his word that he’ll remain as the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide, we’re running out of (reported) options for the 49ers’

Eric Mangini
January 22, 201525

Difficult to see 49ers’ logic in hiring Eric Mangini as defensive coordinator

At the risk of angering the “wait and see” brigade (which hasn’t been all that difficult lately) … I’ve been scratching my head so often after moves made by the

Radio Wars
January 21, 201571

Bill Romanowski says “diarrhea” comes out of Damon Bruce’s mouth (ratings post)

Ratings down across the board, blah blah blah, nobody listens to sports talk radio during holiday season, blah blah blah (I know you’re here to read about Bill Romanowski’s argument

Jim Tomsula Trent Baalke Jed York
January 21, 20150

BASGcast (Ep. 123): Chris Biderman on Tomsula, James Arcellena on Del Rio

Both the 49ers and Raiders have new head coaches. Chris Biderman of Niners Digest discusses Jim Tomsula in San Francisco and James Arcellena dives into Jack Del Rio taking over

Levi's Stadium 49ers Bears 2014
January 20, 201513

49ers move to new stadium, spend less on coaches

Jim Harbaugh was making $5 million per year. Jim Tomsula will “earn approximately $3.5 million annually, making him one of the lowest-paid head coaches in the NFL, league sources told

seattle seahawks mlk russell wilson
January 19, 201526

Seahawks compare Russell Wilson to MLK in tweet, which of course they deleted

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a civil rights pioneer who was assassinated. Russell Wilson is a football player who overcame four interceptions to pull out a conference title game, thanks

January 18, 201545

Classy coaching search: 49ers reportedly interested in Lane Kiffin

As the football world trolls 49ers fans on a near-daily basis (how about that Seattle comeback from 16-0 today, something I predicted to my wife after Marshawn Lynch’s first touchdown),

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