Jack Del Rio Mark Davis Raiders
January 16, 20155

Raiders press conference offers distinct contrast to 49ers’ Tomsulery

One day after the San Francisco 49ers introduced their new head coach, Jim Tomsula, the Oakland Raiders took their turn, introducing Jack Del Rio, and the two events could not

Jed York SF 49ers
January 16, 201557

Greg Papa: 49ers had “verbal agreement to give it to Adam Gase … Jed backed out.”

No one knows for certain whether Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase would be a great catch for an NFL team with a head coaching vacancy. However, according to Greg Papa on 95.7

Jim Tomsula Trent Baalke Jed York
January 15, 201513

Jim Tomsula introductory press conference (49ers transcript)

The 49ers were nice enough to provide a full transcript of today’s sleepy, curious, hour-long press conference, and I’m posting it here for your reading pleasure. So carve out about 30

Trent Baalke Jim Tomsula 49ers
January 15, 201516

After two-press conference losing streak, it’s up to Baalke (with Tomsula’s help) to win games

The Levi’s Stadium auditorium is not unlike a college lecture hall, and today I had flashbacks to the last two quarters of my senior year at UC Santa Cruz. That’s

jed tomsula
January 15, 201536

Jed York gets his guy (four years later): Jim Tomsula, new 49ers head coach

Hey, it could work. The 49ers aren’t an expansion team, and Jim Tomsula has coached for a long time. Maybe he just needed a big break. And if you’re Jed

49ers Quinton Dial Jim Tomsula
January 14, 201539

Source: 49ers coaching staff to undergo “total housecleaning”

The dominos have begun to fall with the news that Jim Tomsula has been promoted from defensive line coach to head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. According to an

January 14, 2015125

49ers hire Jim Tomsula, look awful in the process

Jim Tomsula is a teacher, which is something Jed York said he wanted from his next head coach. He has experience at all coaching levels, including one game as the

gase 49ers
January 14, 20153

Five Stages of Gase for 49ers fans

The 49ers are probably going to hire Adam Gase to become their next coach, unless John Elway convinces Gase to stay in Denver and the 49ers settle on Jim Tomsula. At

adam and peyton
January 13, 201513

Updates on Vic Fangio’s demands, 49ers’ pursuit of Adam Gase

Last night I wrote up a little something about Mike Silver’s tweet that explained Vic Fangio’s rumored demands if he were to stay with the team (summary: it’s either Vic’s way

Vic Fangio SF 49ers
January 13, 201524

Vic Fangio (according to Mike Silver): If 49ers don’t choose me or Mike Shanahan, I’m outta here

Matt Maiocco wrote that Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase “appears to be emerging as a leading candidate to replace Jim Harbaugh.” Maiocco also wrote in the same story that “defensive line

January 12, 20159

RapaReport: 49ers pushing for Gase, who’s very much available

The #49ers are expected to meet with and make a final push for #Broncos OC Adam Gase tonight, source said. — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 12, 2015 NEW INFO: Entire

Trent Baalke Jed York
January 12, 201533

49ers taking their sweet time naming a head coach (and what that might mean)

“Are we ever transparent in what we do? I think … you know, and I think everybody else knows, this is going to be a search we’re going to conduct

draymond seahawks fans
January 11, 201517

Five reasons why Draymond Green throwing food at Seahawks fans was awesome

TMZ spends a lot of time reporting on things that don’t matter, but occasionally frivolous “news” items can still provide enjoyment. Case in point: they brought us a fantastic report (and

Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers tattoos
January 09, 20155

QBs rarely show much improvement at Colin Kaepernick’s age, but Steve Young was an exception

Colin Kaepernick is changing up his offseason workout plans with hopes that it will improve his game. Matt Barrows reported on the plan to work out in Arizona with Kurt Warner

Crab Sherman
January 06, 201517

The loss that changed the fate of the 49ers’ franchise

The San Francisco 49ers did an awful lot of winning under Jim Harbaugh, which made every loss they faced seem so much more insurmountable. Harbaugh’s team took a couple very

Vic Fangio SF 49ers
January 04, 201559

49ers head coach search: unless York and Baalke have a trick up their sleeve, the choice is Fangio

I wasn’t in the locker room the morning after the last game of the season, but according to the beat guys, star middle linebacker NaVorro Bowman and versatile linebacker (and impending

Trent Baalke San Francisco 49ers
January 02, 2015123

Grading Trent Baalke’s tenure as 49ers GM

Jed York maintains that he didn’t choose Trent Baalke over Jim Harbaugh. Even taking York at his word, it seemed like a good time to examine Baalke’s tenure as General Manager

December 31, 2014134

Jim Harbaugh is a college coach, through and through (which means Jed York was right about it being “mutual”)

There’s a reason why the 49ers’ damage control strategy centered on the breakup with Jim Harbaugh being “mutual.” That’s because, other than the 49ers’ inability to score touchdowns at an

Trent Baalke Jed York Jim Harbaugh 49ers
December 30, 201464

Transcript: Brian Murphy gets ‘vaguely hostile’ with Jed York (emphasis on ‘hostile’)

Brian Murphy has been criticized for being an unapologetic fan of the teams that his radio station broadcasts, but his interview with 49ers CEO Jed York on Tuesday morning was

Levi's Stadium Week 2 49ers Bears
December 30, 201455

Jed York sends email to season ticket holders about Jim Harbaugh

Jed York sent an email to Levi’s Stadium season ticket holders on Monday evening discussing how “a change was made” yesterday. Here’s what it says: Not much in this email

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