49ers Levi's Stadium
August 17, 201416

“It was awesome. A lot better than Candlestick.” – the 49ers like Levi’s Stadium, despite turf troubles

The 49ers did a quick scoreboard tribute to Robin Williams before the national anthem. If his character in “Good Will Hunting” spoke to Levi’s Stadium after the new facility’s football

Jim Harbaugh San Francisco 49ers
August 17, 20146

Jim Harbaugh getting impatient with backup quarterbacks

It seemed like a bad sign during pregame warmups that so many balls hit the turf on the 49ers side. Receivers were running outs, and the quarterbacks were throwing balls

49ers Michael Crabtree
August 15, 20142

A lighter, faster Crabtree: “I see a lot of people talking about this and that.”

Michael Crabtree doesn’t speak to the media all that often, which is a shame because he’s a unique, interesting guy who’s a lot more honest than most. “This year is

49ers ice bucket challenge Jim Harbaugh BASG
August 15, 20147

49ers practice report – Gabbert struggles, lots of tipped passes, here’s evidence that I took the ice bucket challenge

Levi’s Stadium wasn’t exactly packed on a gorgeous Friday evening, but there were enough fans discouraged with Blaine Gabbert’s performance that you could hear it from the field. Gabbert’s performance

Eric Mangini
August 15, 20140

Harbaugh provides updates on Lattimore, No. 2 QB Gabbert, Mangini’s replay challenge responsibilities

Now that we’ve got the ice bucket and sexual innuendo portions of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday afternoon press conference out of the way, it’s time for some brief updates on the

Jim Harbaugh Beats by Dre Colin Kaepernick
August 15, 20141

Harbaugh issues “ice bucket challenge” to SF beat writers, and that wasn’t the weirdest thing about today’s press conference

This was probably the wackiest Jim Harbaugh press conference I can recall for a couple reasons, but let’s go with the obvious reason first. There’s something called the “ice bucket

Bruce and Kim Bochy
August 14, 20142

BASG notes: Hawk does Hawk things, hang with Bochy, Warriors schedule and more

Before we get into the notes, jokes and curmudgeony comments, it’s time to update your calendars with a cool event taking place in a couple weeks — Bruce and Kim Bochy are

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
August 13, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 104): 49ers uncertainty, helmet brawls, and Curry liking Charlotte

Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy discuss if the 49ers preseason means more now after injuries and the potentially long Aldon Smith suspension. Then, the guys discuss

Alex Boone feeds Boone the Rhino San Francisco Zoo
August 12, 20144

Trading Alex Boone would make sense … sort of

The 49ers “dodged a bullet” over the weekend with Adam Snyder, who looked fairly gimpy throughout camp before the team traveled to Baltimore. They’re also watching the progress of Joe

Levi's Stadium Living Roof San Francisco 49ers
August 11, 20144

Levi’s Stadium has a “living roof” – here’s what it looks like

I know I was curious. What would the living roof (or “green roof”) at Levi’s Stadium look like, and what possible purpose could it serve? I’ve seen different outlets report

Anthony Davis 49ers
August 08, 20141

Anthony Davis: yes to Outkast, no to a certain Seahawks-like habit

Since it’s Friday, here’s a not-at-all-serious update on one of top Bay Area athletes on social media, San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis. Hey 12s, the headline … it’s

Colin Kaepernick Jim Harbaugh 49ers
August 08, 20146

49ers trading in their minivan offense for a sports car?

“After three years, we’ve pretty much run the gambit with a lot of different players in terms of what we were willing to do to win a game. And it

Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner
August 07, 20144

49ers “bracing” for Aldon Smith suspension of 6 to 8 games, which would make season’s first half even tougher

Aldon Smith met with Roger Goodell today. No word on how long Smith’s suspension will last, but a 49ers source told Matt Maiocco the team is “bracing for a possible six

Sharks Kings Levi's Stadium
August 06, 20141

Tortora: seating capacity and sight lines gave Levi’s an edge over AT&T for Sharks outdoor game

Not that it was any huge surprise given the info leak over the weekend, but the official date-time-venue for the Sharks-Kings 2015 outdoor game was announced Wednesday morning. But you

Marcus Lattimore San Francisco 49ers
August 06, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 103): Chris Biderman previews 49ers-Ravens, roster battles in camp

Football is back! The 49ers play the Ravens Thursday to start the preseason, and Chris Biderman of Niners Digest joins Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy to

Gore Kaepernick Gabbert Roman
August 05, 20140

49ers practice report (not that serious edition): Greg Roman shows off throwing mechanics in QB drill

The 49ers didn’t do a whole lot during their last practice in Santa Clara before boarding a flight to Baltimore. So instead of a standard report on today’s events, let’s

Colin Kaepernick 49ers open practice Levi's Stadium 2014
August 04, 20144

Practice report: 49ers test out Levi’s Stadium, fans see a lot of INTs

I forgot today was the first open practice at Levi’s Stadium, until I took the Great America Parkway exit off 237 and saw more traffic in left and center lanes

Levi's Stadium Santa Clara
August 04, 20147

Sounds like NHL chose Levi’s Stadium over AT&T Park for outdoor Sharks game

The location of an upcoming game between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings, slated to play outdoors, has not been announced quite yet. But thanks to a link

August 03, 20146

Quakes open Levi’s Stadium with 1-0 win

Levi’s Stadium, the 49ers’ brand new $1.3 billion facility in Santa Clara, is officially open for business. In the stadium’s debut event, the San Jose Earthquakes delighted 48,765 fans with a 1-0

Brandon Lloyd SF 49ers
July 30, 20142

Brandon Lloyd’s role with the 49ers

As I wrote in yesterday’s practice report, I don’t see Brandon Lloyd earning a spot on the 49ers 53-man roster. Not with Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Stevie Johnson already locked

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