creepy lowe
April 24, 201529

Rob Lowe riles up 49ers fans with totally valid point about Levi’s Stadium

A tweet from Rob Lowe caught the attention of many this morning. #NFL Re: new LA stadium. I don’t care about new age gizmos. Just make it LOUD. If I

Levi's Stadium 49ers Bears 2014
April 21, 201521

49ers 2015 schedule released today, so let’s predict wins and losses

Sports leagues are in the business of selling optimism to their customers, i.e. the fans. As someone who writes about sports, it’d make a lot more sense to peddle optimism

Alex Boone feeds Boone the Rhino San Francisco Zoo
April 19, 20157

Alex Boone says Jim Harbaugh “wore out his welcome” after defending him multiple times during 2014 season

Alex Boone is a good right guard, and since he’s fond of uttering quotable sentences, the media loves to give him platforms from which to speak. He’s an entertainer, with

Alex Boone head butts Colin Kaepernick
April 16, 20156

Ranking the most likely 49ers to someday become Raiders

It’s a phenomenon so commonly seen, the Raiders wrote a top 10 list about it on their website. Throughout recent history, so many former 49ers have become Raiders that it’s

April 14, 201513

Raiders fans have mixed reactions to Michael Crabtree signing

The Oakland Raiders had one of the worst groups of wide receivers in the league in 2014, so you’d think fans would be happy when the team signed Michael Crabtree on

Michael Crabtree 49ers
April 13, 20152

Michael Crabtree signs one-year deal with Raiders

Took long enough. Michael Crabtree to the Raiders made so much sense, for reasons both historical and current, for it not to happen. The Raiders have money and need guys

Trent Baalke Jed York 49ers
April 10, 201515

10 of Trent Baalke’s favorite things

1. “Red shirt” players who underwent major surgery before the draft, usually to repair a torn ACL (Tank Carradine, Marcus Lattimore, Keith Reaser, Brandon Thomas, Trey Millard, and I’m probably forgetting others)

April 09, 20153

Ranking the 49ers’ draft needs

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the San Francisco 49ers. That’s probably good news, considering how most of the offseason news has ranged from disheartening to horrifying (other than the

April 06, 20156

Lon Simmons had one outstanding trait that’s a requirement around here

Lon Simmons passed away over the weekend at the age of 91, which means he lived a long and full life, but the news was still jarring in a way. While

Michael Crabtree
April 03, 201522

Raiders to host former 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree

One of the few starting caliber players remaining in free agency will be visiting the Oakland Raiders next week according to Yahoo Sports reporter Rand Getlin. Crossing the bay? WR

Colin Kaepernick Michael Crabtree
April 01, 201518

Would it be so bad to re-sign Michael Crabtree?

Michael Crabtree is easily the top remaining unsigned free agent. He’s a former No. 10 overall pick, he caught 85 passes for 1,105 yards and nine touchdowns in 2012, and

straight shooter jay mariotti
March 27, 201513

Examiner hires Jay Mariotti: let the boasting and self-victimization begin!

The San Francisco Examiner has been around for over 150 years. Throughout my childhood it was an afternoon paper that had an odd relationship with the San Francisco Chronicle. I assumed

wwe roman reigns 49ers weight room
March 26, 20151

WWE star Roman Reigns trains at 49ers facility for Wrestlemania

In recent years the 49ers have found players in unconventional areas. Lawrence Okoye was a rugby guy who was best known for hurling the discus in England. Jarryd Hayne was an Aussie

Chris Borland SF 49ers
March 22, 201562

After returning signing bonus, Chris Borland owes 49ers (and their fans) absolutely nothing

Chris Borland announced today on CBS’ “Face The Nation” that he would return most of his $617,436 signing bonus to the 49ers. “It’s not a cash grab as I’ve been

March 19, 20150

BASGcast (Ep. 130): Peter Hartlaub on historic sports venues, digging through Chronicle archives

From the archive: Kezar Stadium during 1957 Lions/49ers playoff game. (Note the fans watching from the rooftops.) — Peter Hartlaub (@peterhartlaub) March 4, 2015 Peter Hartlaub of the San

NaVorro Bowman San Francisco 49ers
March 18, 201526

In an offseason full of 49ers departures, is NaVorro Bowman next?

Remember when Michael Wilhoite was on the trading block? It was a couple weeks ago that Matt Barrows reported that bit of news, which showed just how much of a surprise

Michael Crabtree 49ers
March 17, 20153

Raiders should target Michael Crabtree

The Oakland Raiders need help at wide receiver and there are not many players left in free agency who can provide it. One guy the team should consider is former

Ted Robinson Tim Ryan 49ers
March 17, 201523

49ers radio analyst Tim Ryan: “Patrick Willis retired. Chris Borland quit.”

It was inevitable after San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker Chris Borland announced his retirement late yesterday that not everyone would be on the same page. The NFL is a multi-billion

Chris Borland SF 49ers
March 17, 201514

Chris Borland retires, shows that pursuing a football career in the Information Age is hardly a no-brainer

Chris Borland played like an insane person, but today he announced a decision that was perfectly sane, smart and healthy. ESPN’s Outside the Lines broke the story Monday evening that

Kenneth Acker San Francisco 49ers David Reed
March 16, 20157

49ers were smart to let Culliver and Cox sign elsewhere

The 49ers signed Reggie Bush over the weekend, but the moves made at cornerback will probably have a greater impact on the team’s ability to win games in 2015. Gone

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