July 27, 20117

95.7 keeps the pressure on KNBR, adds “Insiders”

If you care at all about the future sports media landscape in our market, this week has been mighty interesting. KNBR decides how to re-work their lineup while halfheartedly welcoming

July 21, 20111

If the 49ers and Raiders became roommates…

Now that we’ve reached the tedious part of the lockout, as it reaches the finish line and the owners realize, “Oh crap, we’re going to miss out on all those

April 28, 20112

Golden State Warriors’ next coach should be…

Back when the 49ers were coachless a few months ago, I was pretty sure they wouldn’t get Jim Harbaugh. Optimistic, I know. So I wrote that the 49ers should target

February 07, 20113

Aaron Rodgers twists the knife on 49ers fans

Since most of us around here had to struggle to find some reason to care about the Super Bowl other than “it’s a day when everyone either throws or attends

February 02, 20111

My first podcast with Davis Sports Deli

While I talk and write quite a bit about the local talk radio scene, I know as well as anyone it’s easier to critique than to contribute. My only contribution:

January 19, 20114

Mike Singletary mentions accountability, disperses blame

Mike Singletary landed on his feet pretty quickly, joining former teammate Leslie Frazier as a linebackers coach/assistant head coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Singletary announced his new gig yesterday on

January 11, 201119

49ers head coach? Check. QB? About that…

The bad news was that the 49ers went 6-10 in a year that they were expected to win the NFC West. The good news is they were able to scrape

January 07, 201111

Jed York gets his man, Jim Harbaugh

I wish I was getting ready to head over to the Palace Hotel for the Jim Harbaugh press conference since I only work two blocks away, but I’m not. Why?

January 05, 20116

Jim Harbaugh: a pro-style coach with many options

I better hurry up and write this post quickly, because it seems like the story with Jim Harbaugh changes by the hour. It’s really too much, if you think about

January 04, 20114

Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh: the popular kids

A sign read “REVENGE OF THE NERDS” in the stands, with a Stanford symbol for the “S.” But this was more like Varsity Blues meets Van Wilder. Andrew Luck is

January 03, 20115

49ers fans drool over potential Harbaugh/Lombardi combo

What if Jim Harbaugh’s team gets blown out tonight? No, seriously. What if Stanford comes out tonight and gets massacred in the Orange Bowl by Va. Tech? Something like 49-3,

January 02, 20112

Oscar movies, Steve Young’s pain and F.P. vs. Canseco

Since my wife got me interested in Oscar pools a few years ago, every December and January we end up going to a bunch of movies so we can tell

December 31, 20100

Jed York and Stanford envy

Their basketball team led SportsCenter last night with their win over undefeated UConn. Their football team, which is going to their first ever BCS game, has the quarterback and coach

December 26, 20103

Finally we can get on with our lives

The lasting image I’ll have of Mike Singletary is with his back to the field. I shouldn’t get angry on the day after Christmas, especially after eating a ton of

December 23, 20103

10 things we’re wishing for this Christmas

I heard F.P. Santangelo say that a lot of people probably don’t want anything for Christmas this year because the Giants won the World Series (I heard him on the

December 20, 20101

The Raiders, the 49ers, and punting

If you happen to be a “Bay Area” fan, and who isn’t (Get your 1/2 Giants, 1/2 A’s hat out, kids), this is the best season of football we’ve had

December 16, 201016

Nobody wants to see these 49ers in the playoffs

If the season ended today, only with the 49ers winning the NFC West, they’d face the New Orleans Saints at Candlestick Park in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

December 15, 20101

49ers hope to avoid getting blown out in SD

It’s been a disappointing year, for sure. A season that thus far has been marked by high expectations that haven’t been met, a starting running back hampered by injury, a

December 12, 20106

49ers and Raiders prove NFL life isn’t fair

The Raiders are now 6-7 after a tough loss against in Jacksonville, in a game where they challenged a Jags touchdown in hopes that Rashad Jennings ran out of bounds

December 09, 20103

Mike Singletary and Alex Smith have a heart-to-heart

This is a totally real (wink, wink) conversation that took place in Santa Clara this morning between Mike Singletary and Alex Smith. It’s actually the first time Singletary has spoken

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