December 27, 20110

Prepare to wave/waive goodbye to these 20 NFL vets

The NFL’s a cruel business, and that hits home for any fantasy football player who hits the way-back machine and checks out drafts from years ago. Oh yes, back in

December 24, 20119

49ers survive in Seattle, sweep chippy Seahawks

That was exhausting, and made even more so seeing as we hosted a “Christmas Eve-Eve” party last night that went into the early hours and featured bad sweaters, copious amounts

December 22, 20113

NFL Picks, Week 16: 49ers prediction included!

I was already going to make the intro short because I have Christmas stuff (shopping) to take care of, but then helicopters started hovering over my building because there was

December 22, 20115

Is Alex Smith a Pro Bowl quarterback?

Jim Harbaugh said Alex Smith should represent the NFC in the Pro Bowl, because that’s what coaches do. When a team wins, the coach speaks up on behalf of the

December 20, 20110

DROY Watch: Aldon Smith makes his case on MNF

When you write about sports all the time and you’re trying to come up with angles others aren’t hitting, there’s a constant temptation to look ahead. Specifically, latching onto young

December 19, 20116

49ers provide the power and electricity, win 20-3

Forget the score or the stats. This was one of those rare regular season games that we’ll remember forever. It had absolutely everything, including: – A 49ers defensive performance that

December 18, 20116

49ers vs. Steelers: a meaningless game that means everything

The San Francisco 49ers (10-3) and Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) are both assured spots in the playoffs. However, this meeting feels like a postseason game, and not just because it’s a

December 16, 20111

Breakdown: Cardinals’ 5 sacks of Alex Smith

The 49ers have surrendered more sacks than any other team with a winning record. The 39 times Alex Smith has been brought down behind the line of scrimmage ranks 7th-worst

December 11, 201112

49ers’ red zone problems prove costly in Arizona

First, that was a weird game. Since when do the officials go under the hood and come back to the field to report that the replay equipment doesn’t work? I’m

December 09, 20115

49ers @ Cardinals: this point spread is scary-low

Depending on where you look, the 49ers are laying 3.5/4 points this Sunday in Arizona. After the Niners beat Arizona 23-7 a few weeks ago in San Francisco in a

December 08, 20110

How Aldon Smith can win Defensive Rookie of the Year

You can already picture the two of them facing off in the “who’s the best pass rusher alive” conversation for several years. Von Miller and Aldon Smith are clearly the

December 04, 20114

49ers’ defense notches first shutout, continues historical statistical run

The San Francisco 49ers have played the kind of defense that would lead one to wonder how many shutouts they’d accumulate over the course of the 2011 season. Now they

December 03, 20112

49ers vs. Rams: Frank Gore’s chance for history

Rams @ 49ers (-14) The Niners’ last shutout was against the Rams. It was 2009, and a 35-0 win at Candlestick made everyone feel great until the Falcons came to

November 29, 20112

Braylon Edwards’ season keeps getting worse

Braylon Edwards has had some great seasons in the NFL, including a pretty good 2010 campaign, and he was available to the 49ers for a short-term (one year) contract for

November 27, 20112

NFL Playoffs: the 49ers’ quest for a first round bye

Seattle somehow lost to the Redskins at home on Sunday, which means that at worst the 49ers will end up in a tie for the NFC West division championship. And

November 26, 20112

NFL Picks, Week 12: so much football, so little time

It’s about 1:45 as this post goes live, which means I have to leave my apartment in about 10 or 15 minutes to cover the Stanford/Notre Dame game in Palo

November 25, 20111

5 things we learned from 49ers vs. Ravens

The 49ers didn’t exactly need this game. Their lead in the NFC West is practically insurmountable, they had two built-in excuses before the game (an excessive number of east coast

November 25, 20111

When the 49ers and family values collide

Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving was good last night. It was good for the Harbaugh family on the field, and it was good for my family in Petaluma, where my

November 23, 20111

NFL Thanksgiving picks (yes, including the HarBowl)

So I’m supposed to be helping my wife with the pre-Thanksgiving Day cooking instead of writing this post. A couple weeks ago, my wife (who plans everything in advance, especially

November 23, 20112

Baltimore Ravens’ defense vs. NY Giants’ defense: who’s better?

It will take at least ten years of soft play and terrible tackling for the Baltimore Ravens to shed the reputation of being one of the league’s best defensive teams.

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