March 14, 20123

49ers re-sign Carlos Rogers, keep defense intact

Not to be forgotten during the most fun, multifaceted and chaotic sports day of my life: the first day of NFL free agency! It wasn’t enough that I’m in Scottsdale

March 13, 201219

Randy Moss signs with 49ers … is Peyton Manning next?

Your old pal BASG is wrong fairly often, but at least he’ll admit it. The only tradeoff is whenever it happens I’m liable to go third person. I didn’t think

March 10, 20128

49ers WR search: Ted Ginn or Eddie Royal?

Everyone knows the 49ers are looking for a wide receiver who can push Michael Crabtree to the so-called No. 2 position. A star who demands double teams, is at least

March 08, 20125

49ers WR search: a forgotten option who’s already on the roster

Fellow Bay Area Sports Guy contributor Scott Warfe and I took to arguing about Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers yesterday in light of his recent fantasy redraft. It’s not a

March 08, 20123

49ers draft do-overs: 2005 (the Alex Smith draft)

The results of last week’s re-draft are in. As always, this hindsight is brought to you by the Dr. Boobie Hyver Lasik Eye Surgery Center: “The Official Lasik Surgeon of Dennis

March 07, 201225

Peyton Manning isn’t coming to San Francisco – and that’s okay

What a difference a year makes. If I put up a poll asking whether the San Francisco 49ers should go after Peyton Manning or Alex Smith in free agency (just

March 06, 20126

Jerry Rice thinks Michael Crabtree should lose weight

How good could Michael Crabtree be? It’s a question most of us have stopped asking, figuring the answer lies in the numbers. Crabtree’s averaged about 750 yards and 4 touchdowns

March 05, 20126

49ers WR search: is Mike Wallace worth Larry Fitzgerald money?

The only losers after Monday’s rousing game of tag football might be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Handicapped by their salary cap situation (estimated $10 million under the cap), the Steelers declined

March 04, 20120

49ers WR search: Top 5 from the Pac-12

Jim Harbaugh coached Doug Baldwin and Ryan Whalen, then the 49ers drafted Ronald Johnson. It wasn’t that Harbaugh and Trent Baalke were looking away from the Pac-12, they just drafted

March 03, 201212

New Orleans Saints “bounty” program didn’t accomplish much; will the NFL in response?

So the New Orleans Saints were caught for doing something many NFL teams do in one way or another? Too bad that, besides some excessive blitzing in their first preseason

March 02, 20127

Why the 49ers should pass on signing Hines Ward

Before the end of the regular season, here’s what I had to say about a couple of wide receivers who’ve been on a certain reality show I wouldn’t watch even

March 01, 20124

49ers 2003 re-draft is done – now it’s time for a 2004 do-over

The results of last week’s re-draft are in. Hindsight (brought to you by Dr. Scott Hyver Lasik Eye Surgery Center; the same person who brings you Gary Radnich) obviously made

February 28, 20125

49ers re-sign Ahmad Brooks, shed light on their defensive philosophy

The 49ers, knowing from experience how hard it is to locate and retain pass rushers, signed Ahmad Brooks to a 6-year, $44.5 million contract, with $17.5 million guaranteed. That’s a

February 27, 201210

Does Bill Walsh deserve blame for the 49ers’ past decade of futility?

By Guest Contributor Scott Warfe The turn of the century was a time of transition. The nation was making a binary jump from 99 to 00. I too was making

February 26, 20125

Why the 49ers shouldn’t ignore Stevie Johnson

When most people hear the name Steve “Stevie” Johnson, this is what usually first comes to mind.     In 2011, he tried a different way to get attention.  

February 25, 20124

If the 49ers are looking for the next Carlos Rogers…

Trent Baalke clearly respects the NFL Draft. That’s why he probably won’t give up a No. 1 and a large contract for Mike Wallace — not when the 49ers could

February 24, 20123

Anthony Davis and 4 other Bay Area athletes I can’t see surfing North Shore

I’m in total agreement with Patrick Willis‘ skepticism. Can you imagine seeing the 49ers’ right tackle paddling out and catching multiple waves? Me neither, although I wish video existed of this surf

February 23, 20127

What if you could go back to 2003 and redraft for the 49ers?

By Guest Contributor Scott Warfe It was at just that moment when Christopher Reeve and wife Dana pressed the button that initiated an electrical charge that feed a switch that

February 22, 20126

New 49ers stadium in Santa Clara: all systems go for 2014 (Super Bowl in 2016?)

If you’re a member of the San Francisco 49ers’ ownership group or a huge fan of driving to Santa Clara (okay, okay, or taking CalTrain to Santa Clara), the good

February 20, 20126

Wide Receiver Primer: What to watch at next week’s NFL Combine

By Guest Contributor Scott Warfe The short answer to this question: very little. The long answer is, well, as follows: In researching the correlation between Combine success and NFL success

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