Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick
December 13, 20127

Getting to the bottom of the 49ers’ play clock problem

There isn’t a player on the 49ers facing more scrutiny than Colin Kaepernick. It may not be fair, but such is the byproduct of a decision as radical as Jim

Alex Smith Colin Kaepernick
December 13, 201226

Numbers don’t lie: Kaepernick already Smith’s equal

Last time I waded into Colin Kaepernick/Alex Smith infested waters, I was accused of “cherry-picking” certain statistics to prove my point. And so, what I’m presenting to you is every

Carlos Rogers SF 49ers
December 12, 20128

How can the 49ers stop Wes Welker?

It’s every 49ers fan’s worst nightmare on Sunday* night: Wes Welker spends the entire game Amendoling out punishment in the form of receptions, yards after the catch, and first downs

Michael Crabtree SF 49ers
December 11, 201214

Michael Crabtree on playing with Colin Kaepernick: “The sky’s the limit for us”

Ubisoft’s “Hip Hop Dance Experience” video game features Michael Crabtree along with Von Miller and LeSean McCoy as celebrity endorsers, with Crabtree coming up with a game-inspired dance (dubbed “The

Sergio Romo Anthony Dixon
December 11, 201229

Sergio Romo in the 49ers’ locker room (videos and today’s contest question)

Note: Make sure to check out the contest question at the bottom of this post for your chance to win one of two awesome prize packages. While the San Francisco

Vernon Davis 49ers
December 11, 20128

All-22: Where is Vernon Davis?

Vernon Davis has been shackled up ever since “somebody took the handcuffs off” him against the Bears. He caught six passes for 83 yards and a touchdown in that game, but

Brandon Jacobs 49ers LaMichael James Frank Gore Bruce Miller
December 10, 20125

Harbaugh unhappy with Jacobs, but is he angry enough to release him? (Actually, they suspended him)

Update No. 2 from Matt Barrows – Brandon Jacobs was suspended, not released, which means he cannot join another NFL team this season: Update from Kyle Bonagura (sounds like Brandon

LaMichael James Frank Gore 49ers
December 09, 201213

49ers’ running game shines in win over Dolphins

Jim Harbaugh loves to tell us (the media, fans, and probably his own players when no one else is around) to “assume nothing.” So it almost makes sense that, with

Aldon Smith Randy Moss Niners
December 09, 201213

Aldon Smith sets 49ers’ single-season sack record; media getting restless

Early in the game, the Dolphins used spread formations to force the 49ers to drop Aldon Smith back into coverage. But it was only a matter of time before Smith

Super Bowl XIX
December 08, 20121

49ers vs. Dolphins throughout history (translation: an excuse to write about Super Bowl XIX)

As one would expect, the Miami Dolphins had their way with the San Francisco 49ers in the early stages. The Dolphins were a dominant team from the moment Don Shula

Aldon Smith 49ers
December 07, 201220

Aldon Smith competes with Von Miller; you compete for free Amici’s pizza

Von Miller displayed his dominance to the Oakland Raiders and a nationwide audience last night. Again. This has been a habit of sorts for Miller, who effectively crushed the Raiders’

Alex Smith 49ers
December 06, 20122

Another difference between Peyton Manning and Alex Smith (Non-expert NFL Picks, Week 14)

Remember when I used to writes those posts that compared Alex Smith and Peyton Manning? That was cute, I know. A real valuable use of time. Luckily for you, I’ve

Ted Ginn Janoris Jenkins 49ers Rams
December 06, 20123

49ers now forced to count on Ted Ginn

Losing to the team who had the second worst record in the NFL a year ago causes people to get antsy. That’s when blaming occurs, and that leads to observers

Alex Smith Colin Kaepernick
December 04, 201226

49ers’ QB controversy forces fans to pick sides

Sunday afternoon, after I finished writing about the San Francisco 49ers’ overtime loss in St. Louis, I left my apartment for the first time all day (a proud moment) on

Jim Harbaugh Saved By The Bell
December 04, 201210

Jim Harbaugh played Screech’s cousin on ‘Saved By The Bell’

The Bay Area has a fine tradition of athletes making cameo appearances on iconic, cheesy television programs. Who can forget Barry Bonds’ star turn on Beverly Hills 90210, complete with

49ers OL
December 04, 20124

49ers’ offensive line also to blame in loss to Rams

Several people shouldered blame following the 49ers’ loss to the Rams this Sunday. David Akers, Colin Kaepernick and Greg Roman headlined the list of scapegoats, and to a certain extent

Colin Kaepernick 49ers lose Rams
December 02, 201228

Colin Kaepernick’s hand cools off as 49ers lose in OT

Before the game, Jim Harbaugh got all shoulder-slappy intense with Colin Kaepernick, who had trouble keeping a straight face. After the San Francisco 49ers lost 16-13 in overtime to the

Alex Smith
December 01, 201257

Smith was demoted for his play, not his concussion

There is no denying that Alex Smith has played well. He ranks in the top three in yards-per-attempt, completion percentage, and accuracy percentage (completions minus drops and throw aways). He’s

Aldon Smith 49ers
November 30, 20122

Unstoppable: A sack-by-sack review of Aldon Smith’s November

After extensive study and film review, I’ve come to the conclusion that Aldon Smith is a beast. I know, I know — #analysis, but there isn’t much more to say. Even

Colin Kaepernick Jim harbaugh
November 29, 201221

Non-expert NFL picks, Week 13 (plus a look at David Whitley’s racist column about Colin Kaepernick and tattoos)

Congratulations David Whitley, you’re our Hack National Columnist of the Week for your asinine, more-than-slightly-racist piece on Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos! I feel bad sometimes when we shine the light on

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