Justin Smith 49ers
October 14, 201210

NFC Title rematch goes horribly wrong for 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers may have better receivers than they featured in the NFC Championship Game, but the New York Giants are still the better team. Back on that rainy,

Brandon Jacobs 49ers
October 13, 20123

49ers could use Brandon Jacobs against his old team

I was standing on the field during pregame warmups as the San Francisco 49ers readied themselves to rout the Buffalo Bills. As the team trotted off the field and into

Ted Ginn 49ers pink gloves
October 13, 20124

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 6 (and enough with the pink already, NFL)

It’s October, which means NFL teams play dress-up as if every Sunday, Monday and Thursday throughout the month is Halloween. The costume: normal NFL gear worn by players, coaches and

Jim Harbaugh 49ers
October 12, 20125

Jim Harbaugh fires back at NY Giants OC Kevin Gilbride

Yesterday New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride gave a backhanded compliment for the ages to the San Francisco 49ers’ defensive line, in particular questioning Justin Smith’s play in regards

BASG Meetup Boardroom
October 11, 20127

At Wednesday night’s BASG meetup, everyone left a winner

It started off at 1 pm, with my wife and I settling in with a group of bartenders and regulars at The Boardroom for an afternoon of Giants/Reds, and it

Greg Roman
October 11, 20129

Greg Roman’s formations: a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare

Let’s play a game – I like to call it “Figuring Out Greg Roman.” I’ll show you a formation and the down and distance from the 49ers’ rout if the

Frank Gore 49ers
October 09, 20122

A ‘young’ Frank Gore leads NFL’s best rushing attack

Since yesterday was only my third time in an NFL locker room after a game — only the second time after a game that counted — it still shocks me

Vernon Davis autographed football
October 08, 20126

Wednesday Raffle: win a football autographed by 49ers TE Vernon Davis

Since we had such a great turnout and so much fun at our last BASG meetup, we’re inviting everyone to join us again at The Boardroom on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Alex Smith SF 49ers
October 07, 20126

Alex Smith plays his best game yet, 49ers crush Bills

The San Francisco 49ers are set on giving Colin Kaepernick more chances to show what he can do (and cause ulcers for opposing defensive coordinators tasked with preparing to face

Gregor Blanco
October 07, 20121

The 2012 Giants were always better on the road … right?

I was at a Fangraphs gathering last night, and I had a great time talking baseball and stats (and not necessarily in that order). But that doesn’t mean I can’t

49ers stadium
October 05, 20126

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 5 (plus 49ers stadium photos from today)

What else is there to say about this segment? For the readers it’s great, because you can deride my lack of NFL knowledge beyond the 49ers. Picked ’em every week,

Greg Roman 49ers
October 04, 20122

Greg Roman: part playcaller, part mixologist

One of the things you’ll notice when the 49ers’ coaching staff talks to the press is how they almost cringe when people try to fold and squish what they do

October 03, 20124

Film Review: Examining Colin Kaepernick

Yesterday Steve aka “The Guy” took a look at what the 49ers are doing to groom Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers’ quarterback of the future. Today I wanted to go

Colin Kaepernick 49ers
October 02, 20126

The grooming of Colin Kaepernick

I’m partly guilty of this for posting a photo of Colin Kaepernick on Facebook during halftime of the 49ers/Jets game with this caption: “Maybe the 49ers’ Tebow is better than

Colin Kaepernick 49ers after slide
September 30, 20128

49ers ground and pound the Jets in a 34-0 rout

The question after that 24-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings wasn’t as much how or why they lost as opposed to how the San Francisco 49ers would respond. Would they

NFL officials
September 28, 20122

BASG non-expert NFL picks: Week 4 (and some thoughts on the refs)

The best thing about the NFL coming to an agreement with the referees isn’t that the games will be controlled by cocky little striped-shirt wearing ninnies who now think they’re

Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
September 24, 20120

How the Vikings targeted Aldon Smith in coverage

In his postgame press conference, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder said the Vikings’ success was predicated on their ability to run the ball. 146 yards rushing allowed is certainly an anomaly

Randy Moss 49ers
September 23, 20128

5 questions for the 49ers, who aren’t perfect after all

In the world of prescription drugs, Vikes are known to dull pain. In the world of professional football, Vikes always seem to make things painful for the San Francisco 49ers.

Alex Smith
September 22, 20124

Alex Smith vs. Peyton Manning – a weekly comparison

When the 49ers were one of the three main teams competing for the heart and mind of Peyton Manning, there were a few degrees of hope that people felt. In

September 21, 20124

BASG non-expert NFL picks against the spread: Week 3

Resentment toward the NFL seems to be the norm these days. The season isn’t even three weeks old yet, and so far we’re all collectively up in arms about a

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