Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick
December 30, 20124

Henny Penny and other playoff scenarios (Week 17 NFL picks)

If you’ve listened to talk radio at all this week, then you’ve heard the chicken-littling of certain 49ers’ fans. Perhaps the 49ers’ collapse, as it is seen by some, is

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December 28, 20124

Pre-snap issues make 49ers’ offense vanilla

If there is one positive to be pulled from last week’s loss to the Seahawks, it’s that most of the Bay Area took a break from sports talk radio following

Justin Smith 49ers
December 27, 201210

Justin Smith might be done for the season, but the 49ers’ defense is not

Justin Smith has a partially torn triceps, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. If the injury sounds familiar it is because outside linebacker Parys Haralson suffered a complete tear

Justin Smith 49ers
December 27, 20120

BASGcast (Episode 15): East Bay Sports Guy makes debut talking 49ers and Raiders

East Bay Sports Guy joins Bay Area Duck Guy for the first time breaking down the 49ers disaster against the Seahawks and San Francisco’s playoff chances. Plus, the Guys recap

Aldon Smith 49ers
December 26, 20121

A late red and gold Christmas gif.t from BASG!

Merry (belated) Christmas, guys! Hope Santa got everybody something they wanted this year. I definitely got a couple really nice things, although a 49ers win on Sunday night was apparently

December 23, 201220

Seahawks destroy 49ers in every way

I can’t promise much in the way of competent bloggery tonight because we’re hosting a house party, but most of you aren’t going to want to read much about this

LaMichael James Frank Gore 49ers
December 22, 20122

Is Frank Gore wearing down?

Are we starting to see signs of Frank Gore wearing down? Nothing about Gore’s play has suggested he’s lost a step–according to observational evidence, that is. However, as Brian Nemhauser of

Harbaugh and Carroll
December 21, 201211

Seahawk Talk: What exactly is Harbaugh and Carroll’s deal?

Is there a more entertaining rivalry between two head coaches than that of Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh? Sure, Tom Coughlin’s hissy fit at Greg Schiano earlier this season moved

Harbaugh Gangnam Style parody
December 21, 201232

‘Gangnam Style’ parody targeting Jim Harbaugh may be the worst video of 2012

Since you surely aren’t tired of “Gangnam Style” yet, some morning zoo host in Seattle has a special treat for you. And it’s quite possibly the most aggressively unfunny thing

Dashon Goldson SF 49ers
December 21, 20124

Dashon Goldson doesn’t reside in our world (Week 16 NFL picks)

His own physical welfare? Not as important as dislodging the ball and making ballcarriers think twice before finding a seam between the hashes. His bank account? It’ll work itself out,

December 21, 20120

Three ways Russell Wilson torched the Buffalo Bills

Russell Wilson was the first thing that popped into my mind when I woke up this morning. That means a couple different things: a.) I have a serious obsession with

Colin Kaepernick 49ers tattoos
December 20, 20123

Seahawk Talk: Will Seattle’s defense be the best Kaepernick has faced?

Why do the Seattle Seahawks present a troubling match up for Colin Kaepernick? Because he hasn’t seen a similar defense all season. Yes, the New England Patriots presented a difficult

December 19, 20125

Seahawk Talk: Why Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense deserve your attention

The 49ers upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks will be the first relevant match up between the two teams since, well, I don’t know when. Perhaps this is a sign

Aldon Smith Randy Moss Niners
December 19, 20123

Aldon Smith’s pressure disappears along with Justin Smith

One of the things I noticed watching the 49ers game against the Patriots was that Aldon Smith was not his normal disruptive self in creating havoc in the opponent’s passing

December 19, 20125

San Jose State wastes no time finding a new head coach

San Jose State took a page from the book of South Bay rival Stanford on Monday when they hired their next football coach away from the University of San Diego.

Michael Crabtree 49ers
December 18, 20123

Crabtree’s footwork key to recent success

Today we focus on Michael Crabtree’s footwork. It seems only right — Crabtree has spent a good deal of time focusing on it himself. He said as much when BASG

David Akers
December 17, 20125

David Akers gets vote of confidence from Jim Harbaugh

Near the end of Jim Harbaugh’s press conference (no Justin Smith updates, so we’ll just have to see if he practices on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday), Matt Maiocco asked him

Colin Kaepernick Jim Harbaugh pregame
December 17, 201214

Harbaugh’s QB gamble gives 49ers their best shot at 6th Super Bowl victory

Jim Harbaugh’s decision to drop Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick was fascinating, like watching a man put his mortgage on one hand of Blackjack before the cards were dealt. Some called

Michael Crabtree San Francisco 49ers
December 16, 201215

49ers prove once again: when they play good teams, expect the unexpected

This post might be a little briefer than most after San Francisco 49ers’ victories, because once this scintillating game finished my body relaxed and the flu symptoms became that much

December 16, 20121

Despite several miscues, 49ers hold 2-TD lead

These New England Patriots are supposed to be different, because unlike last year’s squad these Patriots can run and stop their opponents from running. That hasn’t proved to be the

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