May 19, 20128

Terrell Owens really wants to be a 49er, but he’d settle for being a Raider

The memories of Terrell Owens as a member of the San Francisco 49ers have gotten fuzzy over the years. The tearful catch against Green Bay at what was then known

Delanie Walker 49ers
May 18, 20121

The 2012 49ers: how Delanie Walker’s role might change

Hopefully those of you who were stricken with the love bug for Coby Fleener have gotten over it by now. Fans, mock drafters, even beat writers were crushing HARD on

May 16, 201211

Alex Smith’s new mechanics imitate Joe Montana’s ‘Art and Magic’

You can call Alex Smith many names (especially if that name is “Steve Blake”), but you cannot call him lazy. If he’s not searching for missing teens, caddying for Jim

Grant Cohn deleted post Anthony Davis
May 15, 201228

Grant Cohn removes 3 blog posts, all tweets about Anthony Davis

Grant Cohn hasn’t been stopped, but he has been contained. For reasons unknown, Cohn deleted three blog posts and a string of tweets he wrote on Sunday about San Francisco

May 13, 201234

Grant Cohn, Anthony Davis and job security

The word “blogger” is terrible, for reasons both auditory and symbolic. It’s a word that’s a little too easy to utter with a tinge of disgust, like if one were

May 12, 20125

So Alex Smith and a pitching coach walk into a bar…

What do Alex Smith and Barry Zito have in common? Back in February, I explored the possibility of Zito improving in 2012 to the point of redeeming himself in the

May 11, 201224

49ers’ Anthony Davis creates new hashtag: #StopCohn

These guys aren’t fighting the same fight, but they’re definitely battling each other. Grant Cohn’s weapon: blog posts Cohn walked up to a certain San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman on

May 10, 201242

Anthony Davis is not a fan of Grant Cohn

I don’t follow a lot of athletes on Twitter, but I’ve followed San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis for several months because his feed is different — brutally honest,

May 10, 20127

No offense: Michael Crabtree better than you think

Let’s dispel myth, shall we? Michael Crabtree is not a bust. He doesn’t need to “step up” in 2012; he is not on thin ice; and his selfish attitude has

May 09, 20122

Could NaVorro Bowman be even better than Patrick Willis in 2012?

Now that Patrick Willis is no longer standing underneath the “Madden Cover” anvil (Calvin Johnson got the cover, and the jinx, so we might not see him in uniform when

May 08, 20125

A Safer NFL: developed by men, delivered by women

On December 6, 1998, my mother took me to see the 49ers take on the Carolina Panthers. I was 14 years old at the time, just beginning to develop an

May 04, 201212

Choosing the best game for a 2012 49ers group tailgate

We’re throwing a little launch party shindig on Wednesday, May 9. It’s at The Boardroom in San Francisco, and anyone who reads BASG and wants to hang out and watch

May 02, 20126

Football’s evils and personal demons overshadowing Junior Seau’s good deeds

Around the same time Roger Goodell was getting ready to hand down his punishments to the Saints players involved in Bountygate, Junior Seau’s girlfriend walked into to his home in

Jim Harbaugh 49ers
May 01, 20121

49ers use the NFL Draft to raise their overall IQ

The more we learn about the San Francisco 49ers’ draft picks, my prediction for their first round choice looks dumber and dumber. Not that Janoris Jenkins isn’t intelligent, but he’s

April 30, 201212

Grading the 49ers’ draft

I am a qualified grader. No, really, I have a credential, which unabashedly confirms my exulted position as “grader.” This entitles me to grade the 49ers’ draft, obviously. Disclaimer: I

April 28, 20126

After drafting a Duck, 49ers go Looney tunes

At least I showed a little restraint in that headline. I could’ve called LaMichael James “daffy.” Yes, the 49ers made several people really, really happy by moving up in the

NFL Draft Day 2: 49ers surprisingly pick Oregon RB LaMichael James
April 28, 20126

NFL Draft Day 2: 49ers surprisingly pick Oregon RB LaMichael James

If anyone had LaMichael James mocked to the 49ers with the 61st overall pick, tip of the cap to you. No one saw this one coming. Offensive line, defensive line,

April 27, 20122

5 reasons why the Pro Bowl existed … and should no longer exist

Even though the NFL Draft is officially upon us, it is never too early to consider any particular part of the NFL season. Hell, I saw NinersNation advertising their ticket

A.J. Jenkins
April 27, 201241

49ers order off the menu, take A.J. Jenkins, WR, Illinois

As the San Francisco 49ers’ spot grew closer, the fans on Twitter started freaking out because Coby Fleener and Stephen Hill, the predicted picks du jour for Trent Baalke and

April 26, 20123

7-Round 49ers Mock Draft

Happy Holidraft, everyone! At long last, my much-anticipated mock draft has arrived. I am no Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock, or Patrick Connor even, but I do come from a long

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