November 13, 201117

49ers prevail after NY Giants dare Alex Smith to beat them

Vernon Davis caught the ball on the run, and that was different in itself. Opposing teams have been focusing on Davis as much as Frank Gore recently, and up to

November 11, 20114

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants

As this season has transformed from mildly intriguing to the first stages of premature parade-planning for the 49ers, Sunday’s game marks yet another change … now we’re in the “Okay

November 09, 20118

49ers and Raiders mid-season report cards

The midway point of the 2011 NFL season is upon us. In fact, with the Raiders kicking off the second half with a Thursday night game against the Chargers it

November 09, 20117

49ers refuse to throw the ball, win anyway

As we all know, the 49ers aren’t passing a whole lot. It’s one of the reasons why they’ve been able to limit the number of interceptions they’ve thrown, why Frank

November 07, 201118

49ers up, Raiders down, Jonathan Sanchez gone

I just returned from a weekend that included a wedding, an anniversary (our first) and absolutely no writing whatsoever — unless you count Twitter, which you probably shouldn’t. However, I

November 04, 20114

NFL Picks, Week 9: what happened to the Cardinals?

In a matchup that epitomizes the NFC West to observers from coast to coast (but especially the east coast), the 1-6 St. Louis Rams will face the equally 1-6 Arizona

November 02, 20110

49ers’ newest sack trio aiming to become best in franchise history

Sacks are funny. People are always in awe of sacks when they happen, but they’re often dismissed as a vanity stat. It’s true, hurries, hits and other assorted forms of

November 01, 201145

Exclusive: Dan Dibley calls out KNBR on Twitter

When Dan Dibley worked for KNBR, one of the areas where he led the way was his early adoption of social media — especially compared to the rest of the

October 31, 20119

49ers film study: analyzing Alex Smith

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cleveland Browns 20-10, and while most Niners fans were quite happy with the “10″ part of that equation, many complained about the team’s inability

October 30, 20117

49ers’ hot start leads to conservative finish

The way the San Francisco 49ers started on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, Niners fans everywhere had visions of Tampa Bay in their heads. 48-3? Sure, why not? The Browns

October 30, 20111

49ers win on the run, drop magic number to 6

There will be plenty of time this week to focus on the finer points — why the San Francisco 49ers were unable to take advantage of some goal line situations,

October 28, 20115

NFL Picks, Week 8: which team(s) will go 0-16?

It’s been a pretty great season so far for the Detroit Lions. Sure, they’ve lost their last two games and their best (no pun intended) running back’s career looks like

October 27, 201113

Alex Smith is not a new quarterback, no matter what the media says

The latest story line coming out of the media for the 49ers seems to be that Alex Smith has turned some kind of corner. You know, that he’s finally figured

October 27, 20115

49ers to face shorthanded Cleveland Browns offense

So far in 2011, Pat Shurmur’s Cleveland Browns’ offense has been about as exciting to look at as their uniforms … uh oh, I think we have a tangent alert!

October 26, 20118

5 reasons why Terrell Owens is not coming to the 49ers

Terrell Owens has been sports talk gold for over a decade for plenty of reasons, not the least of which because he invented the phrase “throw under the bus.” (Wait,

October 25, 20113

49ers enjoy a very productive ‘improvement week’

The last time we saw the San Francisco 49ers on an NFL field, Jim Harbaugh upset Jim Schwartz when he followed exuberant handshake with a slap to Schwartz’s back. On

October 23, 20115

Stanford Cardinal football: they’re even better in person

Jim Harbaugh and the Stanford Cardinal football team still are very connected, which means the San Francisco 49ers and Stanford are connected. Nothing new there. Last night against the Washington

October 20, 20112

49ers game-winning TD drive, play by play

We talked about the San Francisco 49ers’ defense and special teams and their roles in Sunday’s 25-19 win over the Detroit Lions. But without Alex Smith’s touchdown pass to Delanie

October 20, 20113

NFL Picks, Week 7: rebounding from a shameful week

I got to watch the last four minutes of the 49ers/Lions game with my dad, who stopped by with my stepmom on Sunday before taking a flight to the east

October 17, 20111

All hail the 49ers’ special teams

In the next stop on our San Francisco 49ers Week 6 victory tour, we focus on a part of the team that almost went ignored in the franchise’s glory years

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