Anthony Dixon SF 49ers
August 31, 20120

Open Thread: Tracking the 49ers’ roster moves (Updated with final 53)

We’ll keep a running tally of 49ers’ roster moves here, which means the faster you hit refresh, the faster you’ll find out who’ll back up Kyle Williams as back-up punt

Josh Johnson
August 31, 20123

49ers vs. Chargers: Kaepernick steals the show, but did Johnson and Dixon steal roster spots?

The 49ers’ 35-3 routing of the San Diego Chargers Thursday night marked the end of another too long, always meaningless exhibition season for the red and gold. Maybe it’s because

49ers offensive line
August 30, 20120

Projecting the 49ers’ 53-man roster…

… is really, really hard! All those people out there building stuff and cleaning buckets full of dead rats out of homeless encampments (San Francisco!) have it easy. How is

Anthony Dixon SF 49ers
August 28, 20120

By volunteering to play FB, Anthony Dixon may have saved his job

Anthony Dixon isn’t one of those quiet, lead-by-example types. On the field, he’ll celebrate after a good run or a crushing block. Off it, he’s noticed as much for his

Brandon Jacobs
August 28, 20121

How Brandon Jacobs deals with ‘cyber gangsters’ on Twitter

I saw Brandon Jacobs talking to a couple reporters in the locker room. So I meandered over, figuring he’d be talking about the condition of his left knee. Instead, I

Josh Johnson
August 28, 20125

49ers make first cuts; who’s on the 53-man bubble?

For the second consecutive year, one of the 49ers’ recent sixth round picks failed to make it out of the preseason. A year ago it was Ronald Johnson — the

49ers Raiders
August 27, 20121

Fantasy Football: Projecting the Raiders’ and 49ers’ offensive starters

Given that many of us have fantasy football drafts coming up, I thought it’d be appropriate to give a brief overview of the prime fantasy prospects on both the Raiders

Perrish Cox Niners
August 26, 20121

Cox looks like 49ers’ No. 4 CB; as for No. 3 QB, who knows…

The San Francisco 49ers won their Week 3 preseason matchup with the Denver Broncos by a score of 29-24 after falling behind 17-0 in the first quarter, but we all

49ers raiders
August 24, 201215

How a vocal minority is proving the Raiders’ stereotype (and taking the Raiders-49ers rivalry too far)

What I’m about to do constitutes “beating a dead horse” in many blue states — or “animal husbandry” if you’re in a red state. So, if you have a weak

Sergio Romo 49ers hat
August 23, 201210

Giants beat Braves, Cain and Theriot crash my Javier Lopez interview, Romo’s a 49ers fan

Barry Zito walked Michael Bourn on four pitches to start the game. My response: a snarky comment on Twitter I’d end up regretting, since it was about Eric Hacker keeping his schedule

Randy Moss SF 49ers
August 23, 20120

Randy Moss expects a lot (from himself), and other 49ers training camp photos

The San Francisco 49ers are a couple weeks(!) away from entering the 2012 regular season, a season that brings with it the fewest number of questions in years. Mostly we’re

Isaac Sopoaga
August 22, 20123

49ers locker room: Jim Harbaugh shows off Isaac Sopoaga’s artistic side

After Greg Roman, Mike Iupati and Alex Smith stepped to the podium, the media was allowed in the 49ers locker room for about a half hour or so. Since not

Aldon Smith
August 20, 20120

Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker back in action for Monday’s practice

After much concern this past weekend over injuries sustained by Brandon Jacobs and LaMichael James, the 49ers looked relatively healthy on Monday afternoon. Here’s a rundown from the first hour

Frank Gore
August 20, 20121

Frank Gore transcript (including an update on Brandon Jacobs’ injury)

During Jim Harbaugh’s press conference, John Henry Smith of CSN Bay Area postulated that Frank Gore looks “spry” these days. Harbaugh agreed. So when Gore went up to the podium

Jim Harbaugh Niners
August 20, 20125

Jim Harbaugh, funny without trying

Jim Harbaugh seemed pretty cheerful for a guy who recently watched his team lose by 11 points on the road. Then again, it’s just preseason. Based on his comments during

Brandon Jacobs
August 19, 20120

49ers vs. Texans – two RBs carted off, one stands out

The San Francisco 49ers lost 20-9 to the Houston Texans on Saturday night, on the strength of a Matt Schaub touchdown pass and an 87-yard punt return from Trindon Holliday.

Alex Smith
August 17, 20128

It was just a training camp practice, but Alex Smith looks pretty good

I’m hearing Thursday was the last time the media will be allowed to watch the San Francisco 49ers practice this season. After watching about a half dozen of these, with

Rock Cartwright
August 16, 20120

Rock Cartwright digs ‘Tony Montana,’ hopes to replace Blake Costanzo

Rock Cartwright carried the ball 8 times for 44 yards on Friday against the Vikings, but if he’s going to make the San Francisco 49ers’ roster he knows it’ll have

Kyle Williams SF 49ers
August 16, 201228

It’s time for *everyone* to forgive Kyle Williams

It wasn’t my proudest moment. Nightfall had long since passed, and the air was thick with that famous San Francisco mixture of mist and raindrops. I was walking with my

Jacobs 49ers
August 10, 20120

49ers dominate trenches, hope Aldon Smith is okay

For fans excited to see Randy Moss catch a pass in a San Francisco 49ers uniform, they better have been at Candlestick Park during pregame warmups. Moss was in there

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