Radio Wars
May 03, 201660

The “Leader” strikes back: John Lund to leave 95.7, join Tom Tolbert on KNBR 680

John Lund, one half of 95.7 The Game’s successful mid-day show “The Afternoon Delight” with Greg Papa, has signed a contract with KNBR, and KNBR is planning to pair him

f and b
April 19, 201684

KNBR makes lineup change: More P-Con, less Fitz and Brooks

Patrick Connor, producer for “Murph and Mac” and frequent weekend contributor, will get his own one-hour show starting at 5 am each weekday. This was announced this morning on KNBR,

January 22, 20161

Mark Mulder will do 20 games as Oakland A’s TV analyst (plus an Athletics offseason review)

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the A’s, mostly because their offseason has been less than eventful. But today there was some news. Mark Mulder will join CSN

Jason Barrett 95.7 FM The Game
December 23, 201558

Former 95.7 PD Jason Barrett publishes “secret” demo ratings on his blog

Remember how I used to publish the local sports talk radio ratings? I stopped because they were always the same. KNBR would cruise from a 4.0 or so during the

straight shooter jay mariotti
November 02, 201512

Jay Mariotti is desperate for attention, enjoys repeating the same insult

Jay Mariotti, the former Chicago Sun-Times columnist and Around the Horn contributor who ended up here as Sports Director editor at The San Francisco Examiner, decided to take a minor

shanny young
October 17, 201533

Steve Young wonders if Colin Kaepernick can handle the “tedious challenge” of quarterbacking

Between Kurt Warner, Trent Dilfer, Ron Jaworski, Chris Ault and, most recently, Joe Montana, Colin Kaepernick is getting advice and feedback (both solicited and unsolicited) from so many football figures

Vernon Davis Ted Robinson Patrick Willis 49ers
September 02, 201513

49ers legal troubles: Ted Robinson cites domestic violence among African Americans – “It is a societal problem, not just football.”

The following exchange was heard on KNBR’s airwaves on Aug. 27 between Larry Krueger and Ted Robinson. Krueger: I get the question, you probably get these questions as well. And

Radio Wars
September 01, 201540

Radio Wars returns: Notes on 95.7’s new PD, local ratings, Ralph Barbieri

It’s been a while (since February, actually), but in lieu of writing about the state of the 49ers’ o-line or which Giants player will get injured tonight, I figured it

Chris Paul Stephen Curry
August 14, 20152

Here’s a Steph Curry top-10 plays video from last season, which still seems like a mirage

I was driving around Sonoma County yesterday, and the only sports talk station coming through my speakers with any sort of clarify was the blowtorch. Bob Fitzgerald was complaining about

c'mon giants hang in there cover image
May 21, 20153

ESPN 30-for-30 looks back at Crazy Crab, the world’s first and last anti-mascot

By now, most sports fans are familiar with ESPN’s 30-for-30 series. These longform masterpieces — the brainchild of ex-ESPN darling, Bill Simmons — proved that if you can make high quality documentaries about interesting

KNBR logo
May 20, 201524

Union members demonstrating against Cumulus tonight outside AT&T Park

Members of the SAG-AFTRA union will hand out anti-Cumulus fliers tonight outside AT&T Park before tonight’s game between the Giants and Dodgers. They plan on starting at the Willie Mays statue at 6

steph riley
May 20, 201528

ESPN personalities sound off on Riley Curry: Sportz is serious business, no kids allowed

Some talking heads are nothing more than wind merchants, and those people have jobs that run counter to how most fans watch and enjoy sports. Supposedly they’re around to make sports

Boston Red Sox Pablo Sandoval
May 13, 20158

Pablo Sandoval on leaving Giants for Red Sox: “I just want to be me.”

BREAKING NEWS: Pablo Sandoval is in town. It’s barely been talked about around here, I know. On Monday morning he was presented with his 2014 World Series ring by a

May 07, 201532

When is the A’s fire sale?

You can’t help but be a little bit jaded if you’ve been an A’s fan during the tenures of the last two ownership groups. With Billy Beane at the helm

crew wedding2
April 29, 201515

Jon Miller is killing it on Instagram

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jon Miller? 2010 Ford C. Frick award winner, enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame? Longtime beloved

April 27, 20154

Astros sweep A’s to cap off a bizarre first 20 games

Last-ros? Try First-ros. Houston departed Oakland yesterday with a three-game sweep and left a stadium filled with confused players and angry fans. How could this be? The A’s are the

knbr 68 warriors
April 10, 201523

680 or 1050: Lengthy Warriors playoff run could put KNBR in tough spot

KNBR 680’s teams make a hell of a trio. As the flagship station of the San Francisco Giants, “The Sports Leader” has aired three World Series-clinching games in the last five years.

Oakland Athletics AL West 2012 Celebration
April 08, 201524

Damon Bruce on new A’s post-victory song: “I don’t think black people like it”

The song playing over the PA system took several fans and players by surprise after the Oakland A’s won 8-0 on Opening Night at the Coliseum. Instead of “Celebration” by

April 06, 20156

Lon Simmons had one outstanding trait that’s a requirement around here

Lon Simmons passed away over the weekend at the age of 91, which means he lived a long and full life, but the news was still jarring in a way. While

lon and bill
April 06, 20158

A personal memory of Lon Simmons

I was all set to write a column today about Opening Night and whether the A’s could break the hex of losing their first game seemingly every year, but I

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