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Ralph Barbieri

Radio Wars
September 01, 201540

Radio Wars returns: Notes on 95.7’s new PD, local ratings, Ralph Barbieri

It’s been a while (since February, actually), but in lieu of writing about the state of the 49ers’ o-line or which Giants player will get injured tonight, I figured it

knbr porn memo
March 03, 201421

KNBR tipster sends ancient don’t-download-porno memo to Deadspin for some reason

Deadspin was forced to make a correction to a weird story about KNBR today. A “tipster” sent over a memo letting the staff know that downloading pornography was grounds for

o'connell steinmetz
January 09, 2014109

95.7 “The Game” replacing Matt Steinmetz and Sean O’Connell, but with whom?

According to All Access, 95.7 “The Game” (KGMZ) has dropped their 10-to-noon show featuring Matt Steinmetz and Sean O’Connell and will announce a replacement tomorrow morning. Steinmetz’s and O’Connell’s names

Radio Wars
July 10, 201330

Arbitron ratings released, KNBR remains on top

Here are the ratings numbers updated through the June period, which runs from May 23 through June 19 (numbers on demographics or specific shows aren’t available to the general public):

Eric Byrnes Tom Tolbert KNBR
June 27, 201332

Inside the LOL: You Stay Classy, KNBR

Welcome to a new feature here at Bay Area Sports Guy dot com that we’re calling Inside the LOL. By now you’re all following @LOLKNBRCallers on Twitter (right? RIGHT?), but

Radio Wars
June 11, 201335

Arbitron ratings released: KNBR continues to dominate

Here are the ratings numbers updated through the May period, which runs from April 26 – May 23 (numbers on demographics or specific shows aren’t available to the general public): San

June 06, 201350

Gary Radnich sure had a lot to say about Bill Bungeroth today

Bill Bungeroth started running the San Francisco market for Cumulus back in March of 2011, and was replaced about a year and a half later. His tenure brought change and

June 04, 201349

Ralph Barbieri vs. Cumulus isn’t over – in fact, it’s only just begun

It’s been almost 14 months since KNBR fired Ralph Barbieri, and he has been away from the airwaves for almost as long. But based on the conversation I had with

Radio Wars
April 02, 201335

Comparing baseball guests on 95.7 FM ‘The Game’ and KNBR

Since Opening Day was a rather forgettable season-opening experience for both the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics, let’s talk about a different type of competition. That’s right, it’s another

Radio Wars
March 19, 2013135

Radio Wars: both KNBR and 95.7 ‘The Game’ see ratings drop in February

After the Super Bowl helped to prop up the sports radio ratings, February with its relatively barren barren sports calendar showed its ugly head with some of the lowest ratings since this

Radio Wars
February 19, 201395

Radio Wars: ‘The Game’ cuts into KNBR’s ratings lead

After three straight months of zero ratings growth with a falling listenership, things finally took a turn for the better in January for 95.7 “The Game.” The Game posted it’s

January 04, 2013191

People in the industry love Gary Radnich

Gary Radnich made a joke this morning about how he and Larry Krueger have the fifth best sports talk show in the country. Like most of Radnich’s jokes, there’s a

Radio Wars KNBR 95.7 The Game
August 09, 201276

Radio Wars: July ratings show more of the same

The latest Arbitron numbers were released Monday, and again there were no big surprises — unless for some reason you’re surprised that “The Game” still hasn’t made up much ground

Radio Wars KNBR 95.7 The Game
July 11, 201285

Radio Wars: June ratings show KNBR maintaining comfortable lead over “The Game”

The latest Arbitron numbers were released yesterday afternoon, giving us a look at a year of ratings for the San Francisco market! Here are the numbers updated through June (numbers on

Brandon Tierney Eric Davis
June 25, 201274

With Eric Davis heading to NFL Network, will 95.7 FM ‘The Game’ replace him?

Eric Davis has a new gig. Today NFL Network announced a new show called “NFL AM,” which is set to debut on July 30 and will air way too early

June 21, 201261

Cumulus forms partnership with CBS Sports – changes coming to KNBR 680 and 1050

On Monday, Ralph Barbieri went on 95.7 FM “The Game,” the competing station of his former employer, and ripped the powers that be at Cumulus and KNBR. Meanwhile, Cumulus was

Ralph Barbieri Brandon Tierney
June 18, 201267

A gravelly-voiced Ralph Barbieri bashes KNBR, Cumulus bosses on 95.7 FM ‘The Game’

Those who hated Ralph Barbieri during his 28-year run at KNBR found him unlistenable. On Monday evening, even his biggest fans had to admit his hour-long interview on 95.7 FM

Ralph Barbieri
June 18, 201233

Ralph Barbieri suing Cumulus/KNBR for $10MM, once made $380K per year

Now we know what Ralph Barbieri will talk about on 95.7 FM The Game. Barbieri is shooting for $10 million in a suit filed today by his lawyer, Angela Alioto

Ralph Barbieri
June 15, 201236

Ralph Barbieri to tell ‘his side of the story’ on 95.7 FM The Game

Well, there you have it. Even though 95.7 FM The Game clearly states that Ralph Barbieri is coming on at a specific time on Monday, many people seem to think

Radio Wars KNBR 95.7 The Game
June 12, 201297

Bay Area sports radio war rages on: May ratings

The May Arbitron numbers were released. So, dear readers, that means you get your monthly fix of sports radio ratings. This feature is called “Radio Wars” but with the current

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