Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl tattoo
January 16, 20143

49ers vs. Seahawks hype: the good, the bad and the totally fake

Not only could most of us have predicted that the 49ers and Seahawks would face at some point in the playoffs, but we all braced for a barrage of memes,

95.7 FM The Game
January 10, 201440

95.7 The Game announces Steinmetz-O’Connell replacement, which sounds like cost-cutting move

And to think some people thought 95.7 “The Game” was going to make a big splash after it was reported that the 10-to-noon show featuring Matt Steinmetz and Sean O’Connell

o'connell steinmetz
January 09, 2014109

95.7 “The Game” replacing Matt Steinmetz and Sean O’Connell, but with whom?

According to All Access, 95.7 “The Game” (KGMZ) has dropped their 10-to-noon show featuring Matt Steinmetz and Sean O’Connell and will announce a replacement tomorrow morning. Steinmetz’s and O’Connell’s names

Radio Wars
January 08, 201488

Revisiting the radio “wars”

The Nielsen Audio ratings came out recently: San Francisco October November December Station AQH% Reach AQH% Reach AQH% Reach Owner KNBR-AM 4.9 782,900 4.3 657,800 3.7 637,700 Cumulus KGMZ-FM 1.4

December 16, 201360

Greg Papa: Raiders play-by-play announcer and coach-killer

Tim Kawakami caught some interesting tidbits from today’s episode of 95.7′s “The Wheelhouse.” My goodness, GPapa said on the radio that Al Davis called him after every year and asked

pizza champagne amici's
December 06, 20136

Contest winner announcement, plus a couple things on the minor league station’s noon-to-three host

Thanks to everyone once again for commenting on all the contest posts this week. The winner of the 18-person Amici’s Pizza + Champagne Party is DBThree. Hope your coworkers appreciate

Eric Byrnes Tom Tolbert KNBR
December 05, 201323

Bay Area top media stories of 2013, Part 4: Tom Tolbert gets an (unofficial) partner

KNBR announced the signing of Eric Byrnes for a year back in February. No big deal, but before that time there were several weeks when it looked like Byrnes might

Damon Bruce Indiana Hoosiers
December 04, 201323

Top Bay Area media stories of 2013 (Part 3): Damon Bruce talkin’ sandboxes

His fans will probably complain that I am “piling on” by writing about this again. But when we look back at this year in sports media, it’s hard to find

Radio Wars
December 03, 201338

Bay Area media stories of 2013, Part 2: The Game lives on (plus November ratings)

In going back through this year’s “Radio Wars” archives, I was struck by how little things changed for any of the three stations. KNBR’s parent company aligned with CBS Sports

December 02, 201311

A look back at some of the biggest local media stories of 2013 (Part 1)

This week we’re running a contest. The winner will get a work party catered by Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria for up to 18 people, but the party will include champagne, something

Candlestick Park
November 28, 201312

Ten things I’m thankful for (2013 edition)

The last time I did one of these was back in 2009. The last paragraph looked like this: That’s the thing with stuff you’re most thankful for: it’s rarely permanent.

Draymond Green GS Warriors
November 23, 20135

Warriors’ injury problems get worse, Draymond Green isn’t a fan of Bill Simmons

Full disclaimer: my wife and I arrived in Puerto Vallarta last night (a two-day vacation before meeting up with her family in Sayulita for Thanksgiving), so the best I could

Damon Bruce Book Cover
November 22, 201325

More fallout from the Damon Bruce incident

An anonymous reader sent in the photo below, which was recently taken at a bookstore in the East Bay. This is one of the reasons why I have no plans

Tom Brady
November 19, 201320

A bitter Raiders fan reacts to last night’s non-call

At the end of the Patriots’ Monday Night Football matchup against the Carolina Panthers, the referees threw a flag for what appeared to be interference on Patriots tight end Rob

Jason Barrett 95.7 FM The Game
November 19, 201351

Sports talk listening habits: are they changing or nah?

It’s been a while since 95.7 FM “The Game” used to run a plethora of attack ads against KNBR that personified the AM and FM signals. FM: young, hip, and

November 13, 201358

Debating Damon: which woman would you choose to go on Bruce’s show?

We’re running toward the expiration date on the Damon Bruce saga. That’s no surprise, since the public has a set maximum on the amount of days they can stomach any

Lee Hammer Keith Olbermann
November 12, 201323

Keith Olbermann isn’t satisfied: Lee Hammer earns “rare consecutive night victory in world’s worst”

Keith Olbermann caught wind that Damon Bruce was back on the air, so Bruce’s boss got the “World’s Worst” treatment for the second time in five days. We probably should’ve

Damon Bruce Indiana Hoosiers
November 12, 201348

Damon Bruce: “I officially touched the third rail, and it has cost me dearly in many ways.”

Here’s how Damon Bruce started today’s show: It is awfully good to hear that song again. Several hours over the last few days where I thought I wouldn’t. I would

Darya Folsom Gary Radnich
November 12, 201369

Gary Radnich: Damon Bruce’s comments due to frustration over being stuck on “the minor league station”

Not much if anything has been said on KNBR 680 or 1050 about Damon Bruce, but Gary Radnich provided his take on the situation this morning on KRON (a station

November 11, 201332

Sources: Damon Bruce will host his show Tuesday, no longer on 49ers pregame show

According a source I spoke to and another one from KRON, Damon Bruce will be back on the air at his regular time tomorrow. However, he will no longer be

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