Centerplate workers strike AT&T Park

Update: I was sent this tweet by the concession workers’ union on Wednesday morning.


I got to AT&T Park a little late today after spending the afternoon covering 49ers OTAs in Santa Clara, sometime around 6 pm. As I approached the Willie Mays Statue I saw some people holding banners and about 20 people walking in a circle, holding picket signs and chanting, “If we don’t got no contract, please don’t buy the food. If we don’t get no healthcare, please don’t buy the food.”

I shot about 20 seconds of the picketing and chanting.

After I walked through the media gate and entered the Field Club concourse, I was met with the unmistakeable smell of garlic fries. I won’t lie, I thought about buying some then and there. Maybe not seriously, because then I’d have to wait in line and they’d stink up the pressbox. But I went from being kind of hungry to really hungry in about 0.03 seconds. Then I remembered the striking workers who I’d just seen, and checked out the concessions area where the smell came from — in the large indoor room were dozens of people buying food and beverages.

It’d be interesting to see if the strike has had a drastic effect on sales at the concessions stands tonight. Based on the fans sitting around me, many of them eating and drinking standard ballpark fare, people aren’t going hungry to support the strike.


Update: When I posted this, I got this response from Dave Tobener, a season ticketholder:

Perhaps this is a protest and not an official strike. Or maybe some workers are striking, but others have decided to come into work.