In the first of my three-part photo series from the last game at Candlestick Park, we’re going to take a peek inside the inner workings of ESPN. The crew, which didn’t include Trent Dilfer (avoiding Colin Kaepernick after what he said about the young quarterback’s ability to go through his progressions?), featured Chris Berman, Steve Young, Keyshawn Johnson and … Ray Lewis.

Ray Lewis Candlestick Park

As you can see above, this photo series doesn’t include many (any) flattering shots.

That’s how we’ll segue to the Chris Berman portion of our show. Before we get started, a couple things. First, I promise that these photos all came within a minute of each other and are shown in chronological order. Second, we don’t know the context. Maybe Berman wasn’t being a big ol’ jerkface to this poor woman, and there’s a chance Young was reacting to something else.

First, Berman calls an ESPN employee over:

Chris Berman ESPN Candlestick Park last game 1

Here he is, waiting patiently:

Chris Berman ESPN Candlestick Park

He seems pleasant, doesn’t he?

Chris Berman ESPN jerkface

Immediately afterward, I panned over to Young, who was sitting to Berman’s right (from our view). Maybe Young has this look of incredulity on his face because of someone in the crowd making a face at him:

Steve Young ESPN

As I wrote earlier, we don’t know the context. So there’s a chance Young didn’t throw up his hands here while thinking, “This frickin’ guy … what’re you gonna do?”

Steve Young ESPN 2

Stay tuned for more pregame and postgame photos, including some current and former San Francisco Giants, plenty of 49ers legends and even more shots of Boomer!