St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long wants to know what you’ve done in the last two years that was so great. He also wants to remind you that one of those things is not beating the Rams.

After Cortland Finnegan maturely responded to Craig Dahl’s comments regarding play tipping on Tuesday, 49ers fans took umbrage, voicing their collective displeasure on Twitter. While I won’t recount the various insults slung at Finnegan, I will say that a strong majority focused on his fight with Texans wide-out Andre Johnson, which is GIF’d below:

Yes, that is Andre Johnson beating up Cortland Finnegan.

Yes, that is Andre Johnson beating up Cortland Finnegan.

Teammate Chris Long came to the defense of Finnegan (something not done by Finnegan’s previous teammates during his now infamous fight with Johnson, however). First, Long told reporters that he “can understand how somebody could feel a certain way about” the comments made by Dahl, thus justifying Finnegan’s outburst on Twitter. Long further said that he “respects” Dahl, but that “[talking] about [the Rams gameplan] with the media is not something I would do, but to each his own.”

Later, Long would take to Twitter to respond directly to Finnegan’s critics.

I can certainly understand how climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is a milestone, but why sitting courtside at a Miami Heat game and eating over 2000 small meals are accomplishments of note, I couldn’t tell you. But, hey, to each his own.

In any case, the escalating antagonism has certainly made for an interesting offseason. It should also make for some pretty interesting bulletin board material at 49ers headquarters. Not that the 49ers need it, but Harbaugh seems keen on capitalizing on motivational material such as this. Which is to say, in addition to games against the Seahawks, you might consider circling those match-ups against the Rams.