Larry King interviewed Colin Cowherd on “Olbermann” last night, and Cowherd — the host of “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” and an ESPN employee since 2003 — talked a lot about a certain local radio station.

Colin Cowherd ESPNKing: What were you doing when ESPN found you?

Cowherd: I was in Portland, Oregon and I got a call from somebody who wouldn’t tell me what it was, and at the time I thought I would only leave for a syndicated job or KNBR in San Francisco. I love San Francisco. I was doing a daily show in Portland, and ESPN wouldn’t tell me for six months. Wouldn’t tell me. They would call my show, I could see that they were listening. They wouldn’t tell me. I just knew that there was a really good job. A consultant told me, he goes, “It’s the best sports radio job available in the industry’s history.”

King: Headhunter?

Cowherd: It was a headhunter. So I thought it was KNBR in San Francisco, which is an amazing city.

King: Great city.

Cowherd: And so I thought it was (KNBR) for six months, and they would monitor all my shows for six months and finally, a guy that you know, John Walsh …

Cowherd went on to describe how he interviewed with Walsh (Executive Vice President and Executive Editor at ESPN), and the rest is history.

Despite whatever your feelings are on Cowherd, it’s pretty remarkable that one of the top radio hosts in the country wanted nothing more than to work for KNBR … and never ended up there. It tells you something about KNBR’s incredibly low turnover (at least in regard to the on air talent) and just how difficult it is to break into this market as a sports talk host.

(h/t to @HowardKushlan and an emailer for letting me know about this interview)