Colin Kaepernick

7even thing7 about Colin Kaepernick’7 in7en7itive In7tagram po7t about Hou7ton

1. Colin Kaepernick already made this joke before.

2. While the hashtag itself isn’t all that clever, the joke was cute. California needs the water, it was raining pretty hard in Santa Clara, and not one person was in danger of losing his or her property or life. But not all 7torms are created equal.

colin kaepernick instagram #7tormsComing

3. He deleted this, then essentially tweeted “my bad.”

4. Then he tweeted a reminder to all that it’s difficult to tweet the right thing all the time when he’s busy maintaining these abs and his “look at my nipples” tattoo collage.

Just livin! #WhoDoYouLove #IDontGetTired

A photo posted by colin kaepernick (@kaepernick7) on

5. Who wrote this — 49ers PR or his marketing team? I’m going with the latter.

6. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out what he’s been favoriting, so yesterday’s social media snafu was a a nice reminder. There was one that caught my eye.

(He favorited the tweet from @Trza49er.)

S. #7tormsComing is a lame #hashtag for many reasons. One reason that I mentioned last night on CSN: everyone gives Kobe Bryant so much crap for bestowing “Black Mamba” upon himself, because we aren’t supposed to give ourselves nicknames. Kaepernick has been pushing this #7tormsComing hashtag — presumably about what he’s going to do during the 2015 season — since Jan. 26 when he added it to a tweet that said “Grind in silence!” (Talk about a hilarious combination of declarations.)

It wouldn’t seem so contrived if a teammate came up with it. But from what I can tell, he came up with it as a replacement for #Se7enPounds, which means “7” can replace any letter in the alphabet. And why isn’t it #7torm7Coming? My head hurts.

Let’s see … overly long hashtags promoting how hard he’s grinding, shirtless photos, responding to critics on Twitter by calling them “clowns,” several favorites saved for motivational purposes. It all makes Kaepernick look like a guy who’s overcompensating for something. What that is, I have no idea. Maybe after a rough 2014, he’s not sure he’s the franchise quarterback the 49ers are paying him to be.

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