Colin Kaepernick isn’t a big fan of anyone outside the organization these days. He favorited six more negative tweets between 11:45 am and 1:45 pm today, when he did his press conference with the local media (and one more between the presser and this post going live). He had a sour expression when answering questions in the 49ers’ locker room, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering how his first Q&A session of the day went.

Kaepernick far surpassed that with us, uttering at least 240 words over four and a half minutes. Here’s the transcript, with a video in the middle from the part where he talked about why he’s been so quick to click “favorite” on tweets from people who are clearly ignorant and/or trying to get a rise out of him.

So what’s standing out from the Ram’s defense from what you’ve seen so far?

They’re a good defense. They play hard.

How about their defensive front, Roman said they’re probably the best group you’ve seen so far.

Yeah, they’re very good up front. Do a lot of things well.

(inaudible question)

They have good players. Very talented.

Colin, you’ve had such success since you became the starter here. The last week or so you’ve faced some criticism. How have you handled the criticism?

I’m working. It’s not something I listen to.

But you did favorite all those tweets of people who were maybe critical of you. Why did you do that?

It’s something that I do for me.

(inaudible question)

Colin KaepernickIt helps me. 

In what way?

It just helps me.

Is it motivation?

I guess you could say that.

Colin, how tough is it to play on Sunday and physically come back again on Thursday?

It’s something you know you’re going to have to do. Have to be ready for it.

When you look at this offense, you hear the word precision. If you have to pick one word where precision is off, is it timing? Is it execution? What would stick with you?

I don’t think you can pinpoint one thing. We just have to get better as a unit and execute.

Colin, do you take it upon yourself as a quarterback and captain to relay that to your teammates and be more vocal in times like these?

I think everybody knows we have to get better. We’re 1-2 for a reason.

Will you call out your receivers or linemen privately to get them to play at a higher level?

I’m not going to call out anybody. I’m going to look at myself before I look at anyone else.

It seems like that timing and that rhythm of the offense is looking to be found. If there is a little bit of hesitation on everyone’s part. Maybe even yours as well, whether to wait for the open receiver or run. Would you say that’s truthful or fair for a variety of reasons, that the decision-making isn’t there?

I don’t think it’s a hesitation or quick decision-making. I think we’re just not executing.

You just said you look at yourself. When you watch film, what specific adjustments or changes do you think you need to make?

It really depends on the play.  There’s different plays, you have to do different things better.

Last year you went into St. Louis, it was your first loss as a starter. Take me back through some of those memories and what you’re looking forward to.

I remember losing. That’s all I remember about that game.

Frank ran so well during that touchdown drive, didn’t get a lot of touches in the second half. Was that more playcalling or did the Colts make some adjustments and took away those plays?

Whether Frank gets touches or not, it’ll be based on the plays that are called.

It seems you’ve been leaving the pocket quicker than you did last season. Is that something you’ve noticed on film?


How much of a distraction has the situation with Aldon been this week?

It hasn’t been. We’re focused on the Rams.

Colin, how does that make you feel when you lose a guy like Aldon who’s done so much for this team on and off the field?

He’s a great player. He’s a great asset to this team. We support him 100% with what he’s doing. We hope to have him back soon.

Is it good to have a quick turnaround when the team is struggling?


Keeping in touch with WR Michael Crabtree, seeing what he’s doing out there, how he’s progressing?

I’m always checking in with our receivers.

Are you impressed by how quickly he’s able to come back from that very serious injury?

He’s a worker. He comes in and works every day. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

What’s the message in the locker room this week?

We have to win.