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Colin Kaepernick press conference: 49ers QB (sort of) explains why he shoved a camera away at halftime

Another weird sidelight to the 49ers’ most pathetic loss in years: Colin Kaepernick made contact with a KPIX (CBS) camera person (or perhaps just his camera) on his way to the locker room during halftime.

After denying that anything happened, Kaepernick later explained why he had to “move out of the way.” That’s included near the end of another press conference where Kaepernick appeared sullen and shellshocked. He was slightly wordier on Sunday evening than he was during Wednesday’s press conference, however.


Q: (inaudible)

Kap: We have to win.

Q: What do you think has gone wrong?

Kap: We haven’t played well.

Q: It seemed like the Raiders were trying to bait you into things after plays. Do you see that as well? Has that been happening throughout the season (inaudible).

Kap: I don’t worry about things like that.

Q: Did it happen?

Kap: Little bit.

Q: You had your first pass intercepted. Did that leave you in a state of just disbelief? How did that affect you the rest of the game?

Kap: It didn’t. You leave that play behind.

Q: What happened (on that interception)?

Kap: Just trying to make a play to Crab. Safety came over the top.

Q: You seem frustrated. Do you feel like you’ve been giving your best?

Kap: I’m giving everything I have every time I step on that field.

Q: Colin, is there any chance you overlooked this team? They’d only won one game and got throttled last week.

Kap: I don’t think so.

Q: You in particular don’t seem to be playing at your usual level over the last several games. Do you understand why, aside from not executing?

Kap: I have to play better.

Q: I’m sorry?

Kap: I have to play better.

Q: I understand that. Do you understand why you’re not playing better?

Kap: I haven’t been playing well.

Response: OK, we saw that.

Q: You had a a couple runs today that you haven’t seemed to have had in the last couple of months. Did you know you were going to be doing more running today?

Kap: There were going to be opportunities.

Q: What happened on the Woodson interception?

Kap: Just trying to squeeze something in at the end, make a play.

Q: Colin, did something happen with a cameraman at halftime?

Kap: No.

Q: You guys were walking off, a camera kind of got close and you pushed him away. Was that just instinct?

Kap: If I put something real close to your face, you’re going to try to move out of the way, too.

Q: Is that something you want to do moving forward (run more)?

Kap: I want to do anything I can to help this team win.

Q: Playoff hopes are dimming. What do you see in the locker room?

Kap: We have to work.

Q: Colin, there’s been so much noise off the field. Has that infiltrated the locker room?

Kap: No one outside the locker room is going to change this team’s mindset.

Q: What’s different this year?

Kap: We’re not executing at the same level.

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