Colin Kaepernick came out after practice and spoke for a few minutes with reporters on Tuesday, and the words “comfort” and “comfortable” were often used. Most of the time he was talking about a deeper understanding of the offense and working with the team’s receivers (including Randy Moss), but he also touched on what he’s working on mechanically.

Kaepernick’s session lasted a little over four minutes, and in this post I broke out the important pieces into four small videos that last between 24 and 38 seconds apiece. Like the Brandon Jacobs video I posted yesterday, here’s a partial transcript for each video that includes a key quote.

1. How he’s feeling in practice and in general

“I feel like I’m leaps and bounds ahead of where I was last year, as far as my comfort, being comfortable with this offense and being able to execute. Everything’s coming so much more naturally now.”

2. What it’s like to work with Randy Moss

“One thing about Randy is a lot of times he can make you look good no matter where you throw the ball.”

3. Mechanics

“I think every quarterback’s different. So I don’t think you can say ‘are his mechanics sound versus his.’ Some people have quicker releases, some people don’t. I’m trying to quicken my release up, yes, but I think it depends on the quarterback,” said Kaepernick. “Just trying to get the ball out quicker is something I’m trying to correct right now.”

4. The question I asked:

Being that it was so rushed last year, did you ever feel comfortable with the playbook last season, and do you right now?

“I think last year I was comfortable with it. It was just, some things I didn’t understand why we were doing them. I just knew this is what we’re doing, this is what we want to do. Now I understand why we want to do that and what we’re trying to get from the defense when we’re calling certain plays. So it’s just a better understanding of what we’re doing, I guess.”