Jim Harbaugh let us all in on why Colin Kaepernick has switched from wearing a red or white jersey to a black one with a red No. 7.

“There was a play the day before where we were going against our one’s, and felt like as the defense was running a stunt that Ahmad (Brooks) came free and was a little too close to Colin. So, as a way to reemphasize to stay away from Colin Kaepernick, so we don’t get anything ‘freakish’ happen in practice.”

No truth to the rumor that Kaepernick put himself in danger by playing keep-away with Brooks’ car keys.

Kaepernick was available in the 49ers’ locker room today, and I asked him about the non-contact jersey and here’s how it went:

Head coach Jim Harbaugh said you’re wearing the non-contact jersey now in practice. Is that something you’ve had to do before and do you see the defense change the way they play when you wear that?

“I don’t worry about that. I’m out there to practice on my game.”

How close was the scare with LB Ahmad Brooks coming in the other day?

“Didn’t scare me at all.”

I was going to say you seem like the type of guy that maybe prefers the contact than the non-contact.

“I’m not a fan of the jersey.”

Are you 100 percent right now?

“100 percent.”

Sure you’re not 110?

“No such thing.”

Kaepernick probably doesn’t like wearing the jersey because it means facing dumb questions about it from guys like me. But I can see this look becoming popular as an “alternate” jersey — maybe not for the team itself (although I wouldn’t put it past the 49ers to make a few extra bucks by wearing black jerseys like these once or twice a year), but for fans to purchase.

Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick 49ers black jersey

Colin Kaepernick 49ers black non-contact jersey