Colin Kaepernick’s press conferences are generally newsworthy in terms of how little he says, although over the past couple weeks he’s clearly made more of an effort to open up. Today he appeared to be having a little fun. Perhaps he was having fun with us, or maybe at our expense.

But when Matt Maiocco asked him about the “foot” problem that has kept him on the injury report for several weeks, he may have set an all-time record for press conference smirks.

Here’s a transcript, including facial expressions (you could always just watch the video, though).

Colin Kaepernick 49ers Beats headphonesWhat’s the injury?

“Hangnail.” (smirk)

So it hasn’t impacted you?

“No.” (almost smile)

So it just hurts?

“A little bit.” (smirk)

Can we ask what toe you have your hangnail on?

“Um, pinkie toe.” (double smirk)

Which foot?

“Both.” (smile/smirk combo)

Should we believe Kaepernick has hangnails on both pinkie toes? And if so, should he get some wider shoes? The plot thickens …