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Yesterday we posted six audio clips from the San Francisco 49ers’ win over the Green Bay Packers. They highlights came from ESPN Deportes 860, and they were in Spanish. A commenter asked about where one could find similar clips from the 49ers’ broadcast announced by Ted Robinson (a former Golden Domer who is probably having a rough day after hearing the news about the downfall of Manti Te’o) and Eric Davis. I’m not exactly sure, but it got me thinking.

Today we’re giving out another Large pizza (any toppings) from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, and the rules for entry are the same as usual. Answer a question in the comments and you’re entered to win. Earlier today I notified Sunset Boy that he won for answering our question about when (or if) you started believing in Colin Kaepernick.

The question today is this:

Who is your favorite football announcer?

Really threw a curveball with that one, huh? Bet you never could’ve guessed that was coming.

For your answers, you can name anyone you like. Radio broadcasters or TV announcers. Play-by-play or color. Active or retired. Who is the one person who, if you had one football game to watch and/or listen to in your life, you’d want calling the action?

Just one thing: any of you who name Joe Theismann (another Notre Dame guy) will be disqualified from winning a free pizza now and forever. He’s awful, and you cannot convince me otherwise.