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I tallied up all of the votes from this week, but before we get into the results let’s announce the contest winners:


Peter OppenheimerCongratulations to Dwang and Peter, who each get a 10-person pizza party from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria!

The Results

After adding up your responses from over 150 comments from the four posts, it’s clear that winning a World Series helps out in popularity contests such as these. First, let’s check out the results from Monday’s poll question:

1. What’s the best Warriors uniform of all time?

  • 1966-71 (“The City”): 30%
  • 1988-97 (Diagonal WARRIORS): 30%
  • 1971-75 (Golden State title unis): 20%
  • 1962-64 (SAN FRANCISCO): 5%
  • 1964-66 (just plain “WARRIORS”): 5%
  • 1986-88 (it’s getting harder to describe these): 5%
  • Current (but not with sleeves): 5%

It looks like the iconic “City” logo had some competition from the uniforms many of us grew up with. Not surprisingly, the lightning bolt uniforms that went away from the traditional color scheme from 1997-2010 garnered a grand total of zero votes.

2. What’s the best looking CURRENT uniform in the Bay Area?

 Instead of separating this out into specific uniforms for each team, I just added up all the votes for each team. Because I’m lazy and good for nothing.

  • San Francisco Giants: 36%
  • Oakland Raiders: 20%
  • San Jose Sharks: 16%
  • San Francisco 49ers: 12%
  • Oakland A’s: 12%
  • Golden State Warriors: 4%

I wonder if the 49ers would have fared better if they had beaten the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. People seem to really like the Sharks’ black jerseys.

3. Who’s the best play-by-play announcer in the Bay Area?

  • Jon Miller: 50%
  • Duane Kuiper: 16%
  • Ken Korach: 13%
  • Randy Hahn: 6%
  • Dave Flemming: 6%
  • Dan Rusanowsky: 3%
  • Ted Robinson: 3%
  • Pat Olson: 3%

The Giants’ three play-by-play guys combined for almost three-quarters of the vote, which shows both the power of KNBR and how much respect those guys have, both in the Bay Area and nationally. I was surprised that Greg Papa didn’t receive one vote. I’d also like to give a little shoutout to Tim Roye — I couldn’t imagine calling NBA action as it happens, and he does a really good job of conveying what’s going on in real time.

4. Who is the best color commentator in the Bay Area?

  • Mike Krukow: 48%
  • Drew Remenda: 20%
  • Jim Barnett: 16%
  • Eric Davis: 8%
  • Ray Fosse: 4%
  • Todd Husak: 4%

Krukow is a polarizing figure, with several people expressing their dislike for the former hurler in the comments section. However, he also dominated when it came to people listing their favorites. Eliciting strong opinions is key for TV personalities, so Krukow is definitely doing something right. Working for the world champs helps, too.