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Game called due to incompetence of Cubs grounds crew, Giants will probably protest

Jon Miller Cubs Giants rain-shortened game angry Mike Krukow

The above picture shows my favorite part of Tuesday/Wednesday’s debacle: Mike Krukow looking angry enough to declaw a lion with his own teeth, while the grounds crew effortlessly drags the tarp across the entire infield.

In our last post, I quoted Krukow as he incredulously watched the Wrigley Field crew yank tarps of varying sizes around a soupy field, not unlike a kid spreading his food to different areas of the plate to look like he ate his vegetables. Later on during the rain delay, Krukow retracted his comments about the lousy groundskeeping being “premeditated.”

One has to imagine some/all of the Giants agree with what Krukow said the first time.

Let’s put it this way. If you’re reading this on your phone while walking around Wrigleyville tonight, and you see Brian Sabean or Bruce Bochy walk toward you, run. If you can’t run, hide.

The Giants lost 2-0 to the Cubs in a rain-shortened game. The rain lasted all of 20 minutes, but just about all of it landed on the field, and all the Turface or Diamond Dry in the world wasn’t going to make it playable.

As for the game, Ryan Vogelsong gave up a mammoth two-run home run to Anthony Rizzo in the first inning. Hundreds of Giants fans immediately typed “ballgame” and hit return, filling the internet with half-serious snark. Only in this case it came true, as the Giants were once again unable to score runs against an unfamiliar pitcher (Ysuyoshi Wada) and were deprived of 12 outs they still believe are rightfully theirs.

There were rumors from fans at the ballpark that Bochy would’ve packed up the bus and taken this game over to new Comiskey, but the Cubs never would’ve agreed to such a thing when the alternative was so much sweeter.

Only baseball. Only baseball would allow a bunch of guys dragging a tarp to affect how a game is played. Only baseball would see a four hour and 34 minute delay followed by a decision that could’ve been made four hours earlier. Only baseball would call a game “official” after only 53% of the game had been played. Only baseball would see one of the most memorable games of a regular season look like THAT.

The nonsense and the protests don’t matter in the long run. The Dodgers, Cardinals, Braves and Marlins won, and the Giants lost. Nothing left to do but head back to the park tomorrow and do it all over again … and check out Mike Krukow’s radio segment tomorrow this morning at 7:30.

Extra BASGs

— The Cubs are worth well over a billion dollars. Wrigley Field is getting a $500 million renovation. MLB is a multi-billion dollar business. A bunch of dudes pulling a piece of plastic along the ground is their solution for torrential downpours, a phenomenon that occurs on a weekly basis in the midwest, give or take. Sometimes you hear about humans finding cures for crazy diseases, or prodigies playing musical instruments at an expert level by the age of four, and you think, “Man, humans are amazing.” Then stuff like what happened at Wrigley Field fills up the rest of your day.

— There’s probably a joke about visiting the DMV in here somewhere, but I’m too tired.

— Joaquin Arias got two hits! The first was a “doink double,” according to Duane Kuiper. The second was a roller to Starlin Castro that the shortstop couldn’t handle.

— Tarp jokes were all the rage throughout the rain delay, meaning there were A LOT of jokes. Here’s my favorite:

If it got stuck in my head for 15 minutes, it’s getting stuck in your head as well. Sorry, them’s the rules. And sweet dreams.

— Don’t forget to keep your schedule open for Amici’s “Dine and Donate” day with Bruce and Kim Bochy. Proceeds of all sales from 3-10 pm from both San Francisco locations will go to the Homeless Prenatal Program. It’s on Thursday, Aug. 28, and Bochy will drop by both locations after the Giants play the Rockies that afternoon — hopefully he’ll have gotten over losing a rain-shortened game to the Cubs by then.

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