I took this photo after the Giants punted to the 49ers in the 4th quarter with a 26-3 lead.

I took this photo after the Giants punted to the 49ers in the 4th quarter with a 26-3 lead.

His own physical welfare? Not as important as dislodging the ball and making ballcarriers think twice before finding a seam between the hashes. His bank account? It’ll work itself out, no time to worry about Roger Goodell’s greedy ginger hand.

Most of us care about finding an income source and milking it for all it’s worth. Most of us experience as much pain from a parking ticket as we would if someone shot us in the arm with a BB gun. Not Dashon Goldson. He thinks nothing of running up $70,000 this year in sock violations. Yes, SOCK VIOLATIONS.*

“Let’s see, should I get a brand new fully loaded BMW M3 or wear shorter white socks than I’m supposed to this season? C’MON SON, GOTTA GET MY SOCKS RIGHT.”

That’s actually inaccurate, according to NFL.com’s Gregg Rosenthal:

This sounded odd, so we checked with the NFL. The league confirmed Goldson has been fined for uniform infractions, but it only happened twice. Both violations were regarding his pants. He was fined $5,250 for the first offense and $10,500 for the second.

The $70,000 number comes from other infractions. Goldson said he also has been fined three separate times for hits, including $21,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez last week. Goldson also was fined $7,875 for an unnecessary roughness penalty and $7,875 for taunting earlier this season.

Goldson also was fined $25,000 for a fight with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Early Doucet last year, according to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. When you put it all together, Goldson actually has racked up $77,500 in league fines.

The point still stands — this is not a man planning for his future retirement. Although he probably believes there’s no possible way he’ll go through another off-season without finally receiving that lucrative multi-yeard deal he’s been seeking for what seems like a decade now, Goldson is a man who cares only about next Sunday. Destroy Greg Jennings’ season. Make sure Early Wynn gets what’s coming to him. Teach Aaron Hernandez a lesson, get fined $21,000, Instagram said fine.

Cover punts. Repeat.

Goldson isn’t a dirty player, he isn’t a Cortland Finnegan. His game is about physics, not petty crime. And he’s willing to let the NFL take a couple percent off the top, because toning down his game would mean making little to no money at all.

Forget Tyrann Mathieu, Goldson is football’s true honey badger. He doesn’t care, because that’s what his career niche requires.

The socks anecdote is just lighter-side-of-life proof of something that should be absolutely clear to everyone: Goldson is not a sane person, at least not by the standards of most civilians. He’s a millionaire Marine without high-powered weaponry or ballistics expertise; his shoulder, some pads, a helmet, momentum and timing are his tools for destruction. His currency isn’t green and papery, it’s quantified in alligator arms and drops from the sure-handed.

Goldson isn’t very big by NFL standards. He’s more like an angry version of Robert Griffin III. Patrick Willis once mentioned how during Goldson’s rookie season he saw a little guy hitting like a linebacker. Goldson and Willis are still teammates five years later, and he’s only hitting harder. Talk about upsets.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in missed tackles and avoidable penalties that instantly becomes known as a personality flaws. Collateral damage comes with safeties who don’t care about their own lifespans. That’s why Goldson’s still looking for his first long-term contract.

* I wore socks with holes in both heels the other day. Not because I didn’t have other socks, but because this was the last time I was going to wear one of my go-to pairs of socks. A proper sendoff, exactly what this pair of 2008 Balega running socks deserved. This is the opposite of what Dashon is doing, but I still feel a kinship.

Onto the picks, because I’m just so darned good at this!

Atlanta Falcons (-4) @ Detroit Lions
Bay Area Sports Guy: Falcons
East Bay Sports Guy: Falcons
Bay Area Stats Guy: Lions
Ruthless Sports Guy: Falcons
Bay Area Duck Guy: Falcons

San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets (-1)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Chargers
East Bay Sports Guy: Chargers
Bay Area Stats Guy: Jets
Ruthless Sports Guy: Chargers
Bay Area Duck Guy: Jets

Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans (-9)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Vikings
East Bay Sports Guy: Vikings
Bay Area Stats Guy: Vikings
Ruthless Sports Guy: Vikings
Bay Area Duck Guy: Texans

St. Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Rams
East Bay Sports Guy: Rams
Bay Area Stats Guy: Rams
Ruthless Sports GuyBuccaneers
Bay Area Duck Guy: Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys (-1)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Cowboys
East Bay Sports Guy: Saints
Bay Area Stats Guy: Saints
Ruthless Sports Guy: Saints
Bay Area Duck Guy: Cowboys

Washington Redskins (-7) @ Philadelphia Eagles
Bay Area Sports Guy: Redskins
East Bay Sports Guy: Eagles
Bay Area Stats Guy: Eagles
Ruthless Sports Guy: Eagles
Bay Area Duck Guy: Redskins

Indianapolis Colts (-7.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs
Bay Area Sports Guy: Colts
East Bay Sports Guy: Colts
Bay Area Stats Guy: Chiefs
Ruthless Sports Guy: Colts
Bay Area Duck Guy: Colts

New England Patriots (-15.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Bay Area Sports Guy: Patriots
East Bay Sports Guy: Patriots
Bay Area Stats Guy: Patriots
Ruthless Sports Guy: Jaguars
Bay Area Duck Guy: Patriots

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins (-4.5)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Dolphins
East Bay Sports Guy: Dolphins
Bay Area Stats Guy: Dolphins
Ruthless Sports Guy: Dolphins
Bay Area Duck Guy: Dolphins 

Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers (-14)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Packers
East Bay Sports Guy: Packers
Bay Area Stats Guy: Titans
Ruthless Sports Guy: Packers
Bay Area Duck Guy: Packers 

Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos (-14)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Broncos
East Bay Sports Guy: Broncos
Bay Area Stats Guy: Browns
Ruthless Sports Guy: Browns
Bay Area Duck Guy: Broncos 

New York Giants (-1.5) @ Baltimore Ravens
Bay Area Sports Guy: Giants
East Bay Sports Guy: Giants
Bay Area Stats Guy: Ravens
Ruthless Sports Guy: Giants
Bay Area Duck Guy: Ravens 

Chicago Bears (-5.5) @ Arizona Cardinals
Bay Area Sports Guy: Bears
East Bay Sports Guy: Bears
Bay Area Stats Guy: Bears
Ruthless Sports Guy: Bears
Bay Area Duck Guy: Cardinals 


Oakland Raiders @ Carolina Panthers (-9.5)

Bay Area Sports Guy: I was throwing up during the Raiders game last week, so forgive me for not bowing down to Sebastian Janikowski’s tour de force. The fact that the Raiders are already announcing that Terrell Pryor will see significant time this week is fun, mostly because it brings up the idea that Carson Palmer might not be around much longer. Seeing the Raiders start this guy is like seeing your friend date an attractive person with an obvious mouth herpe. Pick: Panthers

East Bay Sports GuyYou know what the read-option takes advantage of? Undisciplined defenses. You know what the Raiders are? That’s right: Undisciplined, especially on the road. In total, the Raiders have won nine straight in the Eastern time zone. Until they prove they can win on the East coast, it is impossible to pick them. Pick: Panthers

Bay Area Stats GuyMy model likes the Panthers by 11 points in this game with the Panthers winning 65% of the time. This game will come down to which team decided to quite less on the season and with the Panthers at home I will favor them in this match up. Pick: Panthers 

Ruthless Sports Guy: The Raiders may have been able to pull a win out by stalling the lowly Chiefs at home last week, but I can’t see them having the same stopping power against Cam Newton and the Panthers’ offense this week. Luckily for Raiders fans, this nightmare season is almost over. Pick: Panthers

Bay Area Duck Guy: Even with Cam Newton at quarterback, nine and a half points is a large spread in any game. But the Raiders have been bad all year, especially on the road. Oakland has been outscored 200-95 in six road contests this season, and Carolina has won three of its last four. Even a spread like this still points towards a Panthers victory at home. Pick: Panthers


San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks (-PK)

Bay Area Sports GuyWith Justin Smith not practicing on Wednesday and Thursday, picking this game becomes a statement on what you think about Ricky Jean Francois. He looked pretty not-Justin-Smith-like in the first few plays he was in there, then he registered the most surprising sack of the year in the Patriots second-to-last possession. Aldon Smith’s sack record gets a lot of attention, but stopping Marshawn Lynch is going to be extremely difficult if Justin Smith can’t play. Luckily the 49ers aren’t just one player. I refuse to believe Justin Smith, while an incredible force, is irreplaceable on a defense with Ray McDonald, Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman. I expect the Seahawks to jump out to an early lead, but I see Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick leading a strong comeback and winning another exciting Sunday Nighter. Pick: 49ers

East Bay Sports GuyWere it not for the Seahawks being without Brandon Browner, Jason Jones, and likely Richard Sherman, I would have picked them to win. But I simply don’t they can compete without both starting corners. Colin Kaepernick has proven too accurate and too willing to exploit weakness. Plus, Harbaugh is 5-1 lifetime against Pete Carroll. I’m not the type to buck tradition. I don’t think the 49ers win big, but I do think they win. Pick: 49ers

Bay Area Stats GuyI have the Seahawks favored by 1 point but the 49ers actually winning this match-up more often when it is simulated. My gut feeling is that the Seahawks will win this game but I am naturally pessimistic about the sports teams that I root for and often expect the worst. I hope that my gut is wrong and my simulation is correct. Pick: 49ers

Ruthless Sports GuyHere’s where we find out just how for real the Seahawks are. I’ve been saying all week that their recent dominance is a result of just how bad the Cardinals and Bills are. One thing we know for sure: the 49ers are playing on an entirely different level and they should win this game handily. Pick: 49ers

Bay Area Duck Guy: To be honest, heading into this week’s BASGcast, I wasn’t sure who to pick in this ballgame. Last week, I went with the safe and pessimistic option, the Patriots. That didn’t work out, thankfully. This week, I’m going optimistic and saying San Francisco’s defense is just as strong as it was last time these two teams met and the 49ers’ offense picks apart the weak and depleted Seattle secondary. Frank Gore will get his yards, but the game will come down to Colin Kaepernick. Will he be up to the challenge of winning on the road in perhaps the loudest stadium in the NFL? I’m betting yes. Pick: 49ers


Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

Bay Area Sports GuyThe deterioration I thought we’d see in Pittsburgh took an extra year to fester, but it’s here. Ben Roethlisberger putting his offensive coordinator on blast was a bad sign. The Bengals are a team these days, no longer the NFL’s reincarnation of the Jail Blazers. The Steelers won’t change head coaches anytime soon — nor should they — but they need a minor rebuild. Then again, my picks have been horrible all year so what do I know. Pick: Bengals

East Bay Sports GuySince their Week 8 bye, the Bengals have won five of seven. A big reason for this has been their defense, which has 17 turnovers in that time. They’ve allowed an average of just 283 yards per game. In sum, there has been perhaps no better defense than Cincinnati’s in recent weeks. Pittsburgh is certainly formidable, but I think the Bengals’ defense wins this matchup. Pick: Bengals

Bay Area Stats GuyI have the Steelers favored by 1 point in this game winning just over half of the time. I really don’t think the Steelers are that good of a team this year but their history of being good is what is driving this line in their favor. That being said my track record this season picking games leaves something to be desired so I wouldn’t put much stock into what I say. Pick: Bengals

Ruthless Sports Guy: I think the Bengals steal this game and take a big step towards getting over the AFC North mountain. Pittsburgh isn’t playing nearly the same kind of dominant football that they have in the past. Meanwhile, the Bengals’ defense is coming up big and their offense has shown signs of explosion. This game rests on whether or not Cincinnati can break their long tenured habit of failing in important moments. They get it done on Sunday. Pick: Bengals

Bay Area Duck Guy: The Bengals have put together a great season with Andy Dalton at the helm. The offense is solid, and the defense gets the job done. But when it all comes down to it, the Steelers will win this game. Pittsburgh is more experienced and is playing at home. Big Ben will get the job done and the defense will be good enough against A.J. Green to sneak into the playoffs (barely). Pick: Steelers

BASG picks

Bay Area Sports Guy: 102-116-5 (46.8%)
East Bay Sports Guy: 112-106-5 (51.4%)
Bay Area Stats Guy102-116-5 (46.8%)
Ruthless Sports Guy: 108-110-5 (49.5%)
Bay Area Duck Guy: 105-113-5 (48.2%)