Is the NFC Championship Game old news? Hopefully not, or this post is behind the times.

I got a chance to speak with Delanie Walker for a minute in the locker room this afternoon, the last day of media availability before the San Francisco 49ers head to New Orleans. This was before practice, but Walker looked like he had just finished working out. After facing the perfunctory questions about what it’ll be like to play in the Super Bowl for the first time, I asked him about something he said the week before.

When asked last Friday about if the Falcons had a chance of stopping he and Vernon Davis — considering how Zach Miller torched them for eight catches, 142 yards and a touchdown the week before — Walker said that teams defend the 49ers’ tight ends differently.

With Davis as wide open as we’ve seen all year in Atlanta, I asked Walker if he was surprised.

“I think they used all their stuff early,” Walker said. “Once we got to see what they were doing, we got some good offensive coordinators. We started putting the gameplan together on the sideline, and Vernon had some great catches.”

I then asked Walker how Kaepernick solved Atlanta’s defense after the first two series went three and out, as well as whether he sees himself and Davis vs. the Ravens’ linebackers as an advantage for the 49ers.

See? At least the whole post wasn’t all about me bringing up old stuff. Got to talk up that HarBowl!

(Video length – 1:01)