Delanie Walker 49ersBREAKING: Delanie Walker has dropped too many passes this year. You know it, the 49ers know it, and he knows it. He talked in front of his locker about catching around 500 balls this week from the Jugs machine, which he and A.J. Jenkins had turned all the way up to simulate game conditions — for 49ers receivers, anyway.

“It really felt like Kap was throwing the ball.”

Walker was drafted as a receiver, and Matt Barrows asked whether a bigger physique has made it tougher to catch the ball. While the tight end allowed that focusing more on blocking may have hindered his pass-catching ability, he thought the drops stemmed more from a lapse in concentration.

I mentioned how sometimes his focus seems to be outstanding, usually when the degree of difficulty is at its highest. Walker agreed:

“It’s funny, because I’ll catch the hard passes and drop the easy ones. And that’s where I think I’m losing my focus because I’m like, ‘This is easy,’ and I’m ready to catch the ball and make a play, and I drop it. But then the deep 20-yard, need the catch to get the first down, catch it. So I don’t know what it is. I think it’s just a lack of concentration on the easy balls, so I just got to get my focus up when I catch easier passes.”

Here’s the whole interview, in which Walker also said that Jenkins could be “a key factor” in Sunday’s game. Did Walker drop a hint about the offensive gameplan?

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