Michael Crabtree

Did the Jets tamper with that “idiot” Michael Crabtree?

All kinds of fun Michael Crabtree news to go over today, which is pretty surprising since the guy seems no closer to signing with the 49ers than he was when he caught that ridiculous touchdown against the University of Texas (the one he figured would make him a lock to be picked in the top-5 of the NFL Draft)…

— The 49ers are accusing the Jets of tampering with Crabtree according to the New York Daily News, a claim that Rex Ryan refuted in a completely childish and defensive way this morning on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” when he said this:

We’ll let the NFL figure that one out … I think it’s ridiculous, personally. . . . I wish we were playing them (the 49ers).”

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but since the 49ers have Frank Gore and the Patriots are counting on the decaying corpse of Fred Taylor to run the ball … bring it on, Rex Ryan. You may act tough when it comes to talking trash to Bill Belichick, but I’d love to see you run your obese mouth in front of Mike Singletary. And yes, I just effectively called the 2009 49ers better than the 2009 Patriots. We’ll see how that one turns out.

— This comes on the heels of Deion Sanders intimating that two different NFL teams have contacted Crabtree and his agent to let them know they’d beat the 49ers’ offer of 5 years and $20 million. No word yet on who the other team could be.

Rodney Harrison went off on Crabtree in an interview with ESPN Radio in Philadelphia. Check this out, it makes me like Harrison about 50 times more than I did before:

“He’s the biggest idiot I’ve ever see in the National Football League. I would have to put Ryan Leaf (Harrison’s former teammate) and him as the two biggest idiots that ever played in the NFL… How could you turn down close to $20 million guaranteed?”

And Harrison wasn’t done, there. Nice to see that Hall-of-Fame football players feel the same way about this situation as the fans do:

“Trust me, brother, you’re going to get blackballed. You’re going to get less. You’re going to be a second/third-round pick and you’re gonna kick your butt.”

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