If you’re reading this, you are clearly a masochist. In any case, I will keep this short, because if there is anything BASG has taught me, it’s that no one wants to read a 1,000 word story on a loss.

It seemed like things could not get worse after our horrendous trip to Cincinnati. Rain. 0-for-12803128397213 at bats. Couldn’t score a run to save our lives. It was rough.

Against all odds, I was hopeful. Matt Cain. AT&T Park. Rock bottom. Yes. We can win ONE measly game, can’t we?

The first inning was awesome. Matt Cain threw a SEVEN PITCH INNING. We scored A RUN. FIRST. BEFORE THE OTHER TEAM.

And that was the long and short of any fun for the rest of the evening. The only thing we had left was sadness and projectile vomiting. Matt Cain threw 75 pitches in 2.1 innings giving up 6 hits and 8 runs. Seems as though Cain didn’t have any of his pitches working for him … and it didn’t help that the strike zone was the size of a Tic-Tac tonight.

And that my friends, is how you end up with a 10-2 game.

Stolen GamerBabes (or whatever BASG and RSG use) 

- Pablo Sandoval finally got a hit! He hasn’t had one since June. 

- Juan Uribe is officially dead to me. He was one single short of the cycle and had 7 RBIs tonight to tie his career high. Go away, Jazz Hands. You miserable Dominos-playing traitor.

- In case you are boycotting all Giants games (smart move) and somehow missed this, Cole Gillespie was called up today and Juan Perez was sent back to Fresno. He made me feel feelings today by sending out this tweet:

Perez Tweet

Gillespie went 0-for-4 but was absolutely robbed of a hit by an amazing play by Carl Crawford in left field. Crawford was originally not scheduled to play but came to play left field after Matt Kemp left with an injury. Speaking of…

- Matt Kemp left the game early after swinging through on a pitch. As reported by Dodgers’ beat writer Dylan Hernandez, Kemp irritated his left shoulder AC joint (not the same part he had surgery on).

- Perhaps Yasiel Puig got the jitters in front of his potential ASG coach because he only had one hit and looked silly in the outfield. I mean, I’m just impressed he didn’t run into the wall:

- Brandon Belt got a hit. Not particularly notable but had to say it because he’s my #1 guy. Speaking of Brandons, the Crawford variety got his first knock tonight ending a 0-for-23 hitless streak.

- Suffice to say, the bullpen was used pretty aggressively tonight. Jake Dunning had another nice outing and Mike Kickham made this impressive defensive play:

- Andres Torres left the game early because of a cramp in his right calf. Didn’t sound serious but only time will tell.

- Santiago Casilla pitched well tonight in San Jose and closed out another victory for the Baby Giants.

- This game sucked. Just like the last few games we’ve watched.

- The Giants did a mini-pre-game-huddle as they did during the postseason last year (sans sunflower seeds) but didn’t seem to help much…

Last piece of business is a bit of self-promotion. If you’re around tomorrow and would like to hear me on the radio, I’ll be on with Marty Lurie at around 1:00-ish. I’ll be joining the show from the patio of Public House so if you’re in the area and want to say hi, please stop by!

Oh, and just because BASG is out and I want to use any excuse to post a cat video, here’s how I felt tonight: