The Warriors beat the Nets by a score of 93-86, and the score accurately portrays how well they played defensively. One of the guys who contributed quite a bit on both ends was Draymond Green, who started tonight in place of David Lee (flu).

Draymond Green WarriorsGreen had 18 points, 10 rebounds and three steals, along with a powerful dunk that got the crowd going.

After the game he jokingly asked, “I’m real bouncy, huh?”

Green actually bounced back, from a car accident that occurred on his way to Oracle Arena.

“It was more than a fender bender,” Green said.

“But I’m great. It was a blessing that no one was hurt. Both cars were messed up, but at the end of the day materialistic things in life can be replaced. As long as everybody’s okay, nobody’s hurt, everybody’s living, fine.”

Green was more than fine, he was able to play almost 38 minutes — six more than his previous high this season.

Traffic around Oracle Arena was a mess because of a monster truck show at the Coliseum. All of the surrounding parking lots were full, and 880 was jammed up over an hour before the game. Luckily for Green and the Warriors, the accident didn’t cause a delay that lasted too long.

“I actually left the house early, too,” Green said. “I wasn’t even speeding. I was at a standstill.”