Draymond Green WarriorsIt’s kind of an inside-hoops kind of thing, but anyone who’s watched a good amount of Warriors basketball this year has noticed a few things about Draymond Green beyond “he’s a really smart player whose stat lines don’t accurately portray his impact.”

  • Draymond is much lighter than he was last season.
  • Draymond enjoys going up and grabbing rebounds the Rodman Way (one-handed, legs splayed).
  • More than anything else in the world, Draymond wants to dunk on someone.

Draymond (calling him “Green” seems wrong, at least in this post) tried to go full Dominique on Monday against the Pacers.

I asked Draymond a perfectly diplomatic question about his desire to dunk in traffic this season, and he knew exactly where I was going before I finished the question.

“That one the other night, I don’t know what it quite was. I’m not sure what that was,” Draymond said, as he tried in vain to suppress a smile.

“If you go to the hole with more authority, which I’m learning and figuring out, you get more calls than you don’t get,” he said.

The main problem with that dunk attempt against the Pacers wasn’t where he took off from, but the way that game was called. The officials were letting a lot of contact go on Monday night, and there’s no way they were going to give Draymond the benefit of the doubt against the top defensive team in the NBA.

One could criticize Draymond for being overzealous, but who could blame a guy for testing out his new hops? It’d be like telling someone who just purchased a new Porsche 911 Turbo to keep it under 70 at all times.

“I feel like I can get in there and get up more, as opposed to having so much weight on me,” Draymond said. “I’m just trying to go in there with power. I missed a couple. I’m going to get one of them.”