Eric Reid talked to reporters in front of his locker today, and he had nothing but good news to share. First, he’s still symptom-free after the concussion he sustained when hitting Sidney Rice on Sunday night.

“All the post-concussion tests were good, passed all the baseline tests. I think I have to go back to get released for Sunday, but I should be fine,” Reid said. You can see his comments in this video, where the interview is interrupted by Anthony Dixon loudly chanting the lyrics to a song called “Hannah Montana” by Migos.

He also never had a concussion at LSU, which bodes as well as anything could in this situation. Guys who get concussed tend to get concussed more easily and/or frequently in future games, so hopefully for Reid this is just a freak incident.

“After watching it on film, it didn’t look like a bad hit at all. I don’t know what happened,” said Reid, who briefly forgot the play that led to his exit from the game.

“I didn’t for a little bit, but it came back to me after they took me to the locker room. That’s what they said they had to diagnose me with the concussion. Actually didn’t have a headache at all, I felt totally normal. I wanted to go back and play but they hid my helmet somewhere,” Reid said.