Colin Kaepernick has been busy making waves this offseason. First, it was the leaked photo of Kaepernick’s Miami Dolphins hat and his subsequent response on Instagram. The story went uber-viral, to the point that ESPN turned it into a Tebow-esque topic du jour.

Now the 49ers’ quarterback is making news again, except this time it’s for what he’s not wearing.

Kaepernick posted a sneak preview of his feature in ESPN The Magazine’s ” The Body Issue,” which hits shelves today. It features some of sports’ biggest stars in the buff, and Kaepernick is among those showing the goods. His Instagram pictures (which he also linked to Twitter) caused quite a stir.

kap instagram



kap instagram 2














Gee, I can’t imagine why.

In a sporting universe featuring traditionalist football writers quick to jump on quarterbacks with tattoos, this is yet another extremely bold move by Kaepernick. He stirred the pot a bit in February after posting shirtless pictures showing off his new ink, so needless to say he’s broken the scales of propriety with this photo shoot.

David Whitley may not like it, but the response has been for the most part overwhelmingly … err… positive? His Instagram pictures have netted 80,000 likes (and counting) and over 6,000 extremely entertaining comments.

49ers training camp will open shortly and preseason is less than a month away. Until then, this is the kind of news you’ll need to get used to, 49ers fans.