"Little help?"

“Little help, guys?”

It was the kind of series that makes everyone angry, including the guys pressing the buttons and pulling the levers. Buster Posey hit two home runs and the Giants had the tying run either on base or at the plate in the ninth inning each night, but the Giants still got swept by the Dodgers. San Francisco’s record is now 38-40 … 9-15 in June.

We know Bruce Bochy was angry. He removed Tim Lincecum from the game mid-batter after a wild pitch to Skip Schumaker in the sixth. The pitch was nearly impossible to block, but Hector Sanchez had already made his mark earlier in the inning in the worst way possible as the Dodgers ran wild. Lincecum threw to first twice, but Sanchez couldn’t even venture a throw when Ramirez broke for second immediately afterward. Then Andre Ethier took off for second (with one of the worst jumps you’ll ever see), and Sanchez threw a one-hopper that forced Brandon Crawford to lunge toward the first base side of the bag.

Sanchez was double-switched an inning later in favor of Guillermo Quiroz. Bochy was angry.

Bochy is pretty patient compared to Brian Sabean. After watching Sabean work for so many years, patterns emerge. The Giants have lost six of seven to the Marlins and Dodgers and have an off day tomorrow. A trade seems unlikely since the prices generally stay sky-high until the last few days of July, but the Giants need a boost and there are things that can be done.

For one, there is no need for three catchers. My apologies in advance to those who don’t follow the NFL, but screw it — how many people really want to read about the Giants after a game like this anyway. While every NFL team carries three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, during games teams can only keep 45 guys active. And teams almost never carry more than two quarterbacks.

Catcher is undoubtedly the most strenuous baseball position. My knees couldn’t handle more than three innings, and I’ve never torn a ligament. However, there isn’t a person on the planet who’d argue that playing catcher is as dangerous as playing quarterback.

In Sanchez’s previous 10 at-bats coming into Wednesday night’s game, he had collected four hits. But he has regressed quite a bit from last season. Whether it’s the shoulder injury he dealt with in Spring Training or that injury keeping him from getting into a rhythm, he’s been pretty bad defensively since March.

Stolen BASGs

— Don’t mind me, Sanchez will keep getting chances and Brandon Belt will continue to star in sad Celine Dion videos every five days.

— Lincecum deserved better! Or did he? He gave up 10 hits in 5.1 innings. Remember back in 2011, when Lincecum went against Kershaw four times and the Giants lost three times by a score of 2-1 and the other time they lost 1-0? Kershaw was only slightly better than Lincecum two years ago. Now, the gap is wider than the canyon Barry Zito and Brian Wilson used to play long-toss across.

— The Giants haven’t had the 3-4-5 part of their lineup humming in who knows how long. Posey’s back after an off series against Miami, but Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence combined to go 0-for-8 with three strikeouts. To make things even more fun, Sandoval isn’t a very dependable third baseman right now and Posey’s defense at first base has been below average season. Posey’s going to be a third baseman someday.

— Fun with numberz:

Pence in 2012

  • No one on base: .232/.293/.377
  • Men on base: .273/.343/.470

Pence in 2013

  • No one on base: .333/.372/.599
  • Men on base: .238/.288/.367