It was a wild sendoff for a place known for swirling winds, soggy turf and urinal troughs. Really, enough with the urinal troughs. It’s bad enough that as a kid I couldn’t muster up the urinary courage to relieve myself in the same metal communal tub as a bunch of grownups (as an adult I learned that beer makes the entire process far easier), but it became okay to actually post photos of the troughs on social media over the last week.

No toilet photos here, just more GIFs from the 49ers’ 34-24 win. We already showed you a GIF of Donte Whitner’s controversial hit on Steven Jackson, as well as a set of GIFs of NaVorro Bowman intercepting that pass and taking it to the house to finish off the Falcons and send the crowd home happy. If those GIFs weren’t enough — and really, one can never have too many GIFs after games like the one we saw on Monday night — here are six more.

Michael Crabtree’s 47-yard catch

This play led to …

Anquan Boldin’s 10-yard touchdown reception

Colin Kaepernick’s 22-yard run

This play led to …

Kaepernick’s four-yard TD run

Kendall Hunter’s 45-yard run

This play led to two one-yard runs by Frank Gore, the second of which gave the 49ers a touchdown. But one-yard touchdown runs rarely make great GIFs, plus we’ve exhausted our GIF supply. Just one more left, and I couldn’t think of a better way to end this GIF set (besides a GIF of 10 dudes peeing into the same trough … sorry).