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Some of you may have noticed that this website went through a pretty big makeover this week. It got hair extensions, a smart new outfit, and an expert from Bravo TV came and did the site’s color palette. Apparently is an autumn, in case you were wondering.

Not only is the website looking hot and enjoying a nice boost of confidence, it’s also a lot more interactive. Not only can you subscribe via email or RSS feed, the most exciting change is you can comment on any posts from me or our guest sports guys and girls. Whether positive or negative, I want to hear what you guys think, not only about the posts but about other readers’ comments too. Also, feel free to email me at

To celebrate this whole commenting thing, here are a few of my own:

At the Civic Center BART Station I saw an ad for Northstar at Tahoe with a picture of a snowboarder that read “A good day is … Parks. Pipes. The Stash.” What, no hacky sack?

Is anybody else hoping Denny Green becomes the next Raiders coach just for the chance to watch a joint press conference starring him and Al Davis at the same time? I would have to at least think about skipping work and sneaking in to the press room next to Ann Killion and Ray Ratto, just like those guys in the Coors Light commercials.

It was sad when Bill Walsh died for several reasons that were far more important, but is anybody else sad that his Coors Light commercials can no longer be shown? I don’t know what was funnier, when he said “12 and 4, that’s pretty good” or his frown after being told that he just answered a trick question.

After the release of Lebron’s new signature Nikes with Yankee pinstripes, here’s the question: were the shoes a statement on how much Lebron wishes he was in New York, or how badly Nike wants him out of Cleveland?

What are the odds of Lebron staying with the Cavs his entire career? 30 million-to-one?

The Patriots are the best villains in years. If any other star quarterback were pictured wearing a walking boot, would his team ever be suspected of promoting a fake injury as quickly as New England?

Maybe the Pats aren’t the only ones; I think Giants coach Tom Coughlin’s first move after the Green Bay win was to walk in the locker room and peel off that red facemask he was wearing during the game. Fake rosacia could really change the way Bill Belichick prepares for the G-men.

Barry Bonds public image: Cheater, no endorsements, previously certain Hall of Fame induction now in doubt.

Roger Clemens: Ditto.

Lance Armstrong: Several years after his last meaningful competition, we’re seeing huge new marketing pushes for his Livestrong brand through Oakley and Nike, even though Armstrong’s career was clouded with no fewer allegations of performance-enhancing drug use than either bloated baseballer.

Politically Correct people, please skip this: So do Bonds or Clemens need to get cancer to gain a free pass from the public, or is it just that nobody in the United States cares about competitive cycling?

Why I need high definition TV, Exhibit 287: Watching Jimmy Johnson’s face during halftime of the Giants/Packers game at Lambeau was maybe the first time I’ve felt facial sympathy pains from watching sports.

You’d think Brian Sabean would be worried about being called out on Capitol Hill. Nope, his biggest concern is the health of Juan Encarnacion. Remember, he’s a National League outfielder who’s killed the Giants for years, and he’s going to miss all of 2008 with a broken eye socket, an injury that may end his career.

Good news for Sabes: Encarnacion’s only 31, so he has four years to get healthy and play for another NL team before Sabean will start sniffing.

During last Thursday’s Suns/Lakers game, Marv Albert said “Here’s Nash…Nash, with a pop-shot from the angle.” At least Nash didn’t bite Jordan Farmar’s back afterwards, right Marv?

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