Jim Tomsula

Fart Back Friday: Jim Tomsula (probably) broke wind during a press conference

Jim Tomsula press conferences are already the stuff of legend, starting with the rambling tour de force that introduced “Joan in payroll” to the world. The 49ers head coach didn’t say much on Wednesday that was all that interesting or enlightening, but he still made noise that resonated.

      It’s the squint he does afterward that takes this from an ordinary fart Vine to the upper echelon of flatulence videos. As Grant Cohn starts his question about quarterbacks, Tomsula rips one that would’ve caused the late Rodney Dangerfield to ask if somebody stepped on a duck.  

I’ve heard the 49ers are insisting that this extremely fart-like sound came from a chair. Yeah, I’m not buying it. I’ve sat in the cushioned chairs in that press conference room. They’re in rows attached to the floor (like movie theater or lecture hall seats), and they’re too new to emit a noise like this.

This isn’t the first time someone’s air biscuit was caught by a press conference microphone. Former San Diego Padres manager Bud Black nearly split the back seam of his uniform pants at the beginning of this video.

Besides, it’s nothing to fret over. This just adds another juicy wrinkle to Tomsula’s guy next door, folksy persona! He seems like a man who doesn’t let a day go by without eating at least one hoagie, and it’s already well known that he resembles Carl from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” Plus, it’s great that Tomsula seems so comfortable in his own skin, just three games into the season. However, if he ever starts a press conference or a team meeting by saying, “I need to clear the air,” any nearby reporters or players might want to evacuate the area.

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